Webinar: What You Need to Know about the Medicaid Health Home Benefit

Community-Integrated Health Care Webinar Series, Part 2. The Medicaid Health Home benefit under the Affordable Care Act provides reimbursement for comprehensive care management services to coordinate the physical, behavioral, and social services needs of individuals with two or more chronic conditions. Join us for a webinar to learn how chronic disease self-management education can be used to fulfill the requirements of Health Home services benefit.

Tai Chi for Falls Prevention

This document provides basic information about Tai Chi programs, including program elements, requirements, and instructor training.

Finding Medicare Answers When You Need Them

This webinar recording from January 2016 discusses the different Medicare authority resources, and how to search for answers to complex questions related to benefits coverage and payments.

Webinar: Honing Your Business Acumen Skills to Partner with the Health Care Sector

Community-Integrated Health Care Webinar Series, Part 1. In the new world of health care reform, there are many opportunities to incorporate evidence-based programs, but how do you get started? This webinar will feature business acumen skills that are necessary for partnering with the health care sector to offer chronic disease self-management education and other evidence-based programs. Learn the key elements of a business model, how to develop your value proposition, and strategies to position your organization for a competitive advantage in the health care marketplace.