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Modernizing Senior Centers Resource Center for Professionals

Senior centers nationwide are at a critical juncture and stand to benefit collectively from NCOA’s newly funded Modernizing Senior Centers Resource Center. Gain the tools and resources necessary to develop and implement programs and services that meet the ever-changing needs of older adults.

Three senior women are exercising indoors together.

Tell Your Senior Center Story

Whether you're a senior center employee, a caregiver who depends on a senior center for a loved one's health care delivery, or an older adult who relies on the vital community services that senior centers offer to help keep you healthy and independent—you have a story to tell. Share it with NCOA so we can learn from one another and raise our voices in advocacy efforts that frequently overlook us.

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A senior woman and other older adults are playing a group activity, exercising together in a senior center.

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Healthcare workers assist an elderly couple, disabled husband and wife, as they enter the senior center.

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What Is a Community Health Worker and How Do They Support Evidence-Based Programming?

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How to Collect Powerful Testimonials from Program Participants

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Making Your Senior Center More Comfortable for Those with Visual Impairments

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Senior Centers Reach the Hard-to-Reach

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Senior Center Accreditation - FAQs

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Senior Center Accreditation Standards Overview

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A group of seniors are doing exercises while seated at a senior center.

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Building Excellence: Senior Center Self-Assessment National Accreditation Manual

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Volunteer Beverly Gorman delivering Meals on Wheels to John Whitney, June 2020.

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Creating New Protocols to Serve Seniors During the Pandemic

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Seven older adults wearing masks in community center.

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Business Acumen “Office Hour”: Revising Your Value Proposition During COVID-19

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Developing Your Value Proposition: How-To Guide and Worksheet

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 A group of female seniors are doing crafts at a local senior center.

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Facts and Benefits About Senior Centers You Probably Didn't Know

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A group of seniors are doing stretch band exercises together at a senior center.

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Improving Health in Senior Centers

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A healthcare professional is in an online meeting while working from home during the pandemic.

Aug 13, 2020

Pilot Sites Selected for Virtual NISC Senior Center Accreditation Process

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A mid adult woman gives a box of food to a car that's pulling in line during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Vermont's Guidance for Senior Centers Planning to Re-Open

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An older Black woman spends time at her computer learning during a virtual educational session.

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Virtual Classes for Older Adults: Here to Stay

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A group of seniors are enjoying their breakfast together in a senior center.

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Guidance for Resuming On-Site Senior Center Operations

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Two women spaced six feet apart are delivering groceries to a senior's home during the pandemic.

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'Senior Centers Connect' During the Pandemic

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Two older senior center professionals work together to get food distributed into bins for delivery to clients.

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Key Resources About COVID-19 for Senior Centers

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A mid-aged woman wearing a mask steps outside in Seattle's public market.

Mar 5, 2020

Seattle AAA's Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

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The new 7,200-square-foot, $1.7 million Elder Center and dedicated it as the “Eunice Stick Gathering Place.”

Aug 9, 2018

Building a Place of Gathering and Connection

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A senior Caucasian man is holding two puppies near his face, smiling with joy.

May 21, 2018

Animal Programming at Senior Centers

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Two senior women sit together at a table enjoying coffee together.

Jun 1, 2017

5 Ways for Senior Centers to Improve Outreach to LGBT Older Adults

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A group of senior women are having fun, holding up mustache/various masks while posing for a photo together.

Sep 1, 2016

Senior Center Success Stories

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