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CDSME & Falls Prevention National Resource Centers Annual Meeting


We support the expansion and sustainability of evidence-based health promotion and disease prevention programs in the community and online through collaboration with national, state, and community partners. Our goal is to help older adults live longer and healthier lives.


Resources for the 2016 CDSME and Falls Prevention National Resource Centers Meeting

View the agenda, download power point slides, and find resources for the 2016 annual meeting.

Download tip sheet on handling common objections to community-based DSME

It is not uncommon for health care systems to object to having a community-based organization provide the Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT) benefit. Learn how to handle these objections to increase access to and use of this important benefit.

View the 2015 FPAD Compendium of Activities

On Falls Prevention Awareness Day 2015, nearly 2 million individuals were reached through education, awareness, and advocacy efforts, as well as fall prevention programs and fall-risk screenings. Read our summary of state and national activities and get ideas to celebrate this year!