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Center for Benefits Access

Assisting professionals with benefits outreach & enrollment for low-income Medicare beneficiaries

Learn about benefits for seniors


We help organizations enroll seniors and younger adults with disabilities with limited means into the benefits programs for which they are eligible so that they can remain healthy and improve the quality of their lives.


Everything Counselors Need for Medicare Open Enrollment

Find a consolidated list of checklists, fact sheets, charts and other tools you can use to help counsel clients during Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period.

Find Recent Center for Benefits Webinars

Download presentations and access recording from recent webinars from NCOA’s Center for Benefits Access.

Stigma report highlights important strategies

In 2015-2016, NCOA conducted in-depth interviews with 40 benefits counselors to better understand the phenomenon of stigma, its many forms, and strategies to counter stigma during the benefits application process.

Upcoming Events

What’s Happening with Medicare in 2017

October 28 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Join us for our annual roundup of what your clients can expect from Medicare in 2017, including changes to costs and coverage.

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