Since no single organization is responsible for addressing all aspects of falls prevention, coalitions can bring together organizations and providers that need to collaborate to reduce falls, identify state or community needs, recommend policy changes, and build capacity.

Finding your state Falls Prevention Coalition

US map showing state falls prevention coalitions

Learn more about your state Falls Prevention Coalition by clicking on one of the website or profile links below. In their profile you'll be able to learn about the state’s action plan, falls prevention programs being offered, and other falls prevention efforts within the state.

Learning more about your state Falls Prevention Coalition

Active Coalitions, In-Development Coalitions, and Inactive Coalitions

In-Development Coalitions
Alabama District of Columbia
Alaska Idaho
Arkansas Louisiana
Colorado Mississippi
Inactive Coalitions
North Dakota South Carolina
Rhode Island West Virginia

If your state or community is interested in forming a falls prevention coalition, be sure to review A Practical Guide to State Coalition Building. Also feel free to contact the National Falls Prevention Resource Center ( for technical assistance, or one of your state coalition leads.