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FamilyWize CardNCOA and FamilyWize are partnering to make older adults and their caregivers aware of another option to save on their prescription medications.

The FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card is free to everyone. Even if you have insurance, you can show the FamilyWize card to make sure you get the best price—FamilyWize or insurance.

Take these 4 Steps to Save:

  1. Print the card or download it to your phone
  2. Find a participating pharmacy
  3. Show the card to your pharmacist
  4. Ask for the best price

The FamilyWize card:

  • Covers all FDA-approved prescription medications
  • Is easy to use with no registration, activation, or restrictions due to preexisting conditions
  • Is accepted at pharmacies nationwide and has unlimited use—show it every time you fill a prescription to get the best price

The FamilyWize card is not insurance and is not intended to replace insurance.

If You Have a Medicare Drug Plan (Part D)

The FamilyWize card does not provide savings for prescription drugs covered by your plan under the Medicare Part D program. However, the card may provide savings to you if you need to purchase drugs that do not appear on your Part D plan formulary (or approved drug list).

NCOA and Medicare encourage individuals with Medicare drug coverage to use their Part D drug benefit in their pharmacy network to get the best price on their prescription medications.

If you have Medicare drug coverage and choose to purchase a medication with cash directly, instead of using your Part D insurance (e.g., using the discount card during your deductible period), you are responsible for submitting documentation to your drug plan to determine whether you are eligible for reimbursement and whether the costs will be included toward your true out-of-pocket (TrOOP) and total drug costs for the donut hole (if applicable). It is best to purchase your medications at a pharmacy in your plan’s network to be eligible for reimbursement.