Boost Your Budget™ Week Toolkit

Welcome to the Boost Your Budget™ Week Toolkit for 2020!

Boost Your Budget Week: Find Your Benefits to Age Well is an annual campaign coordinated by the National Council on Aging (NCOA) that unites groups with a common mission—connecting low-income Medicare beneficiaries to critical supports to improve their economic security and health—to drive more individuals to community and online tools that can help them learn about, screen, and apply for money-saving benefits. 

The inaugural Boost Your Budget™ Week was originally set to take place April 13-17, 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we ask community partners to hold off on hosting campaign activities until later in the year/when it is safe to do so. You are still welcome to download and use these materials in your remote outreach.

We’re excited to offer you this toolkit to help your organization tap into campaign resources and promote the valuable work you do.

Campaign logo

Download the Boost Your Budget™ logo to use with additional materials you may want to create for your campaign.

Boost Your Budget: Find Your Benefits to Age Well

This logo is also available in Spanish.

Media toolkit

Our media toolkit contains everything you need to get the word out about campaign activities in your area, including:

  • A calendar outlining when to time announcements and pitches
  • Sample calendar announcement
  • Media advisory
  • Tips for pitching reporters, including sample letters and scripts
  • Template press release to tailor with your organization’s local information

Download the media tips and tools (in Word)
Download the media templates in Spanish (in Word)

Getting public officials to take notice

It’s always good practice to educate your elected officials about the good work your organization does to serve their constituents. If you’re hosting an event, you may want to invite members of Congress, your state legislature, mayor, or county officials to attend.

Our public officials toolkit provides more information on how to communicate with your elected officials, including a sample email and proclamation notice for your community.

Download the tools (in Word)

Custom posters

Hosting an event in your community? We’ve created posters for you to customize to advertise your campaign activities. Click on the link below each image to download individual posters; download all posters below the images.

Download all posters (fillable PDF)
Download Spanish posters (fillable PDF)

Social media posts

Use the social media content in this toolkit to promote Boost Your Budget™ Week and emphasize your organization’s capacity to help seniors get what they need. We encourage you to personalize your posts to showcase your organization’s specialties. The tips below can help you maximize engagement and leads:

  1. Always schedule posts on your social channels for times your audience will be online. For Boost Your Budget™ Week, that means matching the schedules of older adults and caregivers. That will mean aiming for 9:00 a.m. or 5:00-7:00 p.m.
  2. Adding images or videos to your posts will increase the number of people who see them. You can still add a URL in the text of your post to help drive traffic to your site.
  3. Only have one call-to-action in each post and make it immediately actionable. In other words, don’t tell people about something they have to wait for.
Sample Facebook graphic from our toolkit

Download the sample posts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (in Word)
Download the sample posts in Spanish (in Word)

Newsletter blurb

Do you have a print or electronic newsletter that goes out to your community? Use our sample blurbs (in English and Spanish; Word document) to advertise campaign activities in your newsletter.


NCOA hosted a webinar on Wednesday, February 19 at 3 pm ET that walked through the campaign and offered tips on how to use the materials.

Access a recording and transcript of this webinar


NCOA thanks the following for their generous support of the Boost Your Budget™ Week campaign:

NCOA also thanks the following for their support of Boost Your Budget™ Week in eastern Kentucky; Houston & San Antonio, TX; and southern California: