Key Takeaways

  • Data collection through the Healthy Aging Programs Integrated Database (HAPI-D) has informed peer-reviewed research and presentations to advance the field of community health education.


Data Highlights, Demographics, and Health Outcomes

Peer-Reviewed Publications


Gilchrist, C., Eagen, T., Herrera-Venson, A. (2019) Data Trends, Publications, and Implications from the National CDSME and Falls Prevention Databases

Herrera-Venson, A., Mendez-Luck, C. A., Waterman, G., Montoya, C. N., Davis, D., Zuke, K. (2018) Engaging Latinos in the Diabetes Self-Management Program & Programa de Manejo Personal de la Diabetes

Eagen, T. (2018) Participation in Evidence-Based Falls Prevention Programs Among Tribal Communities: Results and Lessons Learned

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Herrera-Venson, A., Smith, M. L., Cameron, K. (2018) Disease Diagnoses and Racial/Ethnic Variation in Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs

Zuercher, H. S., Wilson, M. G., DeJoy, D. M., Padilla, H., Ory, M. G., Smith, M. L.. (November 2017) Evaluation of Chronic Disease Self-Management Program in the Workplace: Implications for Increasing Intervention Dose to Improve Employee Health

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Smith, M. L., Wilson, M. G., Robertson, M. M., Padilla, H. B., Zuercher, H., Vandenberg, R., Corso, P. S., Lorig, K., DeJoy, D. M. (2018) Impact of a Disease Self-Management Program on Employee and Work Performance: Introducing Workplace Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

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Smith, M. L., Washington, T. R., Mingo, C. A., Towne Jr., S. D., Cameron, K., Herrera-Venson, A., Ory, M. G., Kulinski, K. P. (2018) Caregiver Participation in Chronic Disease Self-Management Education Programs: Findings from a National Study

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Requesting Data for Research

Interested in partnering to analyze information from the National CDSME Database? Review the Center for Healthy Aging Data Use Agreement.


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