Key Takeaways

  • Medicare buy-in programs allow people who delayed Parts A or B to enroll outside of regular enrollment periods.

  • Get answers to how buy-ins work in this FAQ and slide deck developed for us by the Medicare Rights Center.

The Medicare buy-in programs are processes that allow qualifying individuals who delayed enrollment into either Medicare Part A or Part B to enroll outside regular enrollment periods. Beneficiaries enroll via the Part A Buy-in or Part B buy-in by applying for the Medicare Savings Program (MSP) in their state. There are separate eligibility requirements for the Part A and Part B buy-in programs. Every state has a Part B buy-in program, but the Part A buy-in is only available in certain states.

This frequently asked questions document, developed for us by the Medicare Rights Center, explains the buy-in programs and process. Learn about:

  • Traditional enrollment windows for people to get Medicare
  • Eligibility requirements to receive premium-free Part A
  • The Medicare Savings Programs and their eligibility criteria
  • How to help beneficiaries apply for the Part A and/or Part B buy-in program

This tip sheet offers suggestions for how to use the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) program to buy into Part A.

The accompanying slide deck can be used to train staff/volunteers about buy-in programs in your state.