Key Takeaways

  • Latino older adults may come from very different backgrounds, but often share cultural and social practices.

  • This webinar offers tips for working with older Latino/Hispanic populations.

This webinar will focus on general characteristics of Latino older adults. We will explore how this non-homogeneous Latino population still shares a lot of common cultural and social practices. Most importantly, we will offer pearls of wisdom regarding cultural practices, beliefs, and attitudes towards health and social issues.

This is the second webinar in a series covering cultural humility and diverse populations. Visit the previous webinar, Approaching Clients with Cultural Humility.

Presenter: Francisco J. Ronquillo, MA, PA has worked in the education and public health sector for more than 20 years and is dedicated to tackling the social determinants of health and the needs of marginalized populations. His multi-sector collaborators are community health workers/representatives, health council coordinators, community leaders, public and private school personnel, faith-based organizations and other health advocates in the southern and central areas of New Mexico.

Currently, his health equity efforts are aimed at building capacity between academic health centers and communities. As a bilingual educator and trained as physician assistant, he applies popular education approaches in his trainings with Latino, immigrant, and border communities on cultural humility, medical terminology, mental health first aid, and other community/public health topics. He is an advocate and proponent of identifying the strengths and assets within the community to promote social and systemic change that strives for equity.