Key Takeaways

  • Falls prevention coalitions can bring together organizations and providers that need to collaborate to reduce falls, identify state or community needs, recommend policy changes, and build capacity.

  • Explore the Iowa State Falls Prevention Coalition, including their goals, objectives, and activities, and learn how they educate their community about older adult falls. 

The concept for an Iowa Falls Prevention Coalition grew out of a 2010 work group of representatives from the Iowa Department on Aging, Iowa Department of Public Health, and the area agencies on aging to plan for Falls Prevention Awareness Day. By 2011, the group obtained grant funding to initiate the growth of evidence-based falls prevention programs leading to the establishment of the Iowa Falls Prevention Coalition. Iowa has had their coalition work plans included in other state health initiatives such as the Iowans Fit for Life project. From the beginning, Iowa’s coalition comprised of public health, business, education, community, and aging network partners.

Current goals and objectives for the Iowa Falls Prevention Coalition


  1. Increase awareness and expand knowledge around falls risk and prevention to reduce falls, fall-related injuries, and death in Iowa. 
  2. Increase access to falls prevention programs and support services. 
  3. Increase the percentage of Iowans who live in safe homes and safe communities. 
  4. Sustain the efforts of the Iowa Falls Prevention Coalition. 

Leadership for the Iowa Falls Prevention Coalition

  • CHPcommunity dba “The Iowa Community HUB” (Co-Chair since 2018)
  • Iowa Department of Health and Human Services (Co-Chair since 2023)

Leadership Contact Information

Key Partners for the Iowa Falls Prevention Coalition

  • Iowa Department of Health and Human Services
  • Iowa Department on Aging
  • Area Agencies on Aging + Iowa Association of Area Agencies on Aging
  • MercyOne
  • Happy At Home Consulting
  • Drake University
  • Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa
  • Iowa Pharmacy Association
  • Iowa Hospital Association
  • Sioux City Fire and Rescue
  • Rock Valley Physical Therapy
  • UnityPoint Des Moines
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Telligen QIN QIO
  • Iowa State University
  • Des Moines University
  • University of Northern Iowa
  • Silver Spaces
  • Connect America
  • Tai Chi Iowa
  • Easterseals Iowa
  • AARP
  • Live 2B Healthy

What has the Iowa Falls Prevention Coalition achieved? 

  1. The Coalition is 60 members strong, with many members having been part of the organization since 2012.
  2. The Coalition has an estabilshed charter that helps in recruitment and telling our story.
  3. The Iowa Falls Prevention Sympsosium has been offered yearly for nearly a decade.
  4. Proclamations are supported by the governor yearly.

What are some current challenges for the Iowa State Falls Prevention Coalition?

  1. The Coalition is not set up to receive funding directly.
  2. The Coalition is entirely volunteer-led.
  3. Tracking existing efforts across the state is a challenge. We do our best to learn what and who is doing falls prevention work in Iowa through discovery meetings every two to three years (following new action plan). Our goal is to either support that work, fill gaps, and/or start new initiatives.
  4. Other continued challenges: engaging with our employer base and farmers/agriculture; technology and connectivity gaps in our rural infrastructure; and making health equity and inclusion a priority across our work and within our partnerships. 

What evidence-based falls prevention programs are currently offered by the Iowa State Falls Prevention Coalition?

What outcomes are monitored by the Iowa Falls Prevention Coalition?

  • See IHHS Annual Brief
  • Goals achieved within the 3-Year Action Plan efforts 
  • Working to centralize data collection and reporting through Iowa Community HUB
    • Number of referrals to falls prevention programs
    • Program outcomes (Iowa Community HUB) 
  • Other sources of data to help measure success
    • Iowa Public Health Tracking Portal
    • Healthy Iowans - Iowa’s Health Improvement Plan 
    • National database(s) – NCOA, CDC, ACL, Agency for Healthcare Quality & Research, National Quality Forum

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