Key Takeaways

  • Did you know you can have fun playing bingo, improve your health, and socialize with your friends and family all at the same time?

  • Bingocize® is fun way to improve your physical and mental health, as well as learning helpful falls prevention tips and nutrition information.

  • Play together in a group or from anywhere using the Bingocize® app. 

Like millions of people around the world, there is a good chance you enjoy playing the popular game of bingo with your friends and family. Well, now you can have fun playing bingo, improve your health, and socialize with your friends and family all at the same time. Seems too good to be true, right? It is true. You can get all these great benefits by signing up for a Bingocize® program.  

What is Bingocize®? 

As you probably guessed, Bingocize® is a strategic combination of exercise and bingo with some important health information presented during the game. You attend two sessions per week for 10 weeks. Each session is led by a trained facilitator and takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete, but it goes by fast because you are having so much fun playing bingo and winning prizes. Yes, there are prizes too!

But the best part is how much it can help you maintain or improve your health, so you can stay independent, mobile, and enjoying life. 

What are some of the potential benefits of Bingocize®? 

  • Better lower and upper body strength, balance, and range of motion
  • Better mental abilities
  • More social engagement 
  • Learn some health improving information like how to prevent falls and eat better
  • More confidence to manage your own health care

Where can I play Bingocize®? 

One of the best things about Bingocize®, besides playing bingo, is you play with other people in a group. You can socialize, laugh, and just have a good time. The program is offered in lots of different places, but there is a good chance your local senior center is offering Bingocize®. We understand you may be worried about getting back together in groups due to COVID-19. No problem. We already used our Bingocize® app during face-to-face sessions in many places, so when combined with a video conference platform like Zoom, the app was the perfect solution!  You can play remotely by logging into the app or use paper cards while still seeing and taking with the facilitator and other players. Imagine playing Bingocize® with family and friends who live across town or across the country!