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COVID-19 Resources for Older Adults & Caregivers

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Staying Healthy, Safe, and Connected

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Protecting Yourself from Poor Air Quality

As people age, their bodies are less able to handle the effects of environmental hazards. Reducing exposure to bad air and smoke is important for your health.

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Women: Put yourself first in planning for financial freedom in retirement

It’s 2020, but a woman’s path to a secure retirement continues to be filled with obstacles. It’s time for equity in aging.

Report: 8 Ideas to Expand Funding for Evidence-Based Health Programs

Community-based health programs have a long track record of keeping older adults healthy. What they often don’t have is sustainable funding.

Finding Affordable Food

Social distancing means older adults are struggling to safely get and afford food. Here are some options to help.

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Key COVID-19 Resources

Find links to key resources with information for older adults and caregivers.