Senior centers are opening again, but it will never be business as usual going forward. During the pandemic, senior centers provided countless hours of support and encouragement to older adults and delivered numerous meals. Many senior centers nationwide created new contactless protocols, sanitation procedures, including Plexiglas barriers to keep food assistance programs going. In each of these efforts, whether you're a senior center employee, a caregiver who depends on a senior center for a loved one's health care delivery, or an older adult who relies on the vital community services that senior centers offer to help keep you healthy and independent—you have a story to tell. 

NCOA is committed to bringing more senior centers into the conversation to enable us to learn from one another, tell our stories, and raise our voices in advocacy efforts that frequently overlook us.

By sharing your story with us, we can tell community-based organizations and policy makers what would really make a difference when supporting senior centers nationwide.

Don't worry! Your information is strictly confidential unless you tell us we can share it.

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