For many disadvantaged older adults, the path to economic security begins with basic money management. Learning how to budget, avoid scams, apply for benefits, and manage prepaid debit cards can help them stay secure and independent longer.

With support from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, NCOA developed the following toolkits to help professionals educate older adults about good money skills. Use them to hold a Savvy Saving Seniors® financial education workshop in your community!

About the Savvy Saving Seniors® materials

Each Savvy Saving Seniors® toolkit comes with all of the marketing, facilitation, participant, and other materials needed to successfully conduct a financial education workshop. Specifically, you’ll get:

  • Marketing materials: Visit our Resource Library to find sample flyers, calendar listings, and newsletter posts about how to publicize the workshop in your community.
  • Training guides: Get step-by-step instructions on how to host a 90-minute training workshop. The guide includes a script for the full program curriculum, helpful tips for facilitators, frequently asked questions, and additional resources.
  • Presentation slides: Use the PowerPoint presentation during the workshop, and even personalize it using your organization’s name and contact information.
  • Participant handbooks: Each handbook are for older adults to use during and after the workshop. Handbooks include quizzes, checklists, frequently asked questions, and useful links to more information.
  • Evaluation forms: Let us know what you and the seniors in your workshop think of the Savvy Saving Seniors® program! Please download, complete, and return our evaluation forms.

Toolkit 1: Becoming Resource-FULL with the Help of Benefits & Peace of Mind Savings

This toolkit covers budgeting tips, money management tips and tricks, benefits of banking, budget busters to avoid, and how to find and apply for benefits.

Toolkit 2: Steps to Avoiding Scams

This toolkit provides an overview of popular scams targeting seniors, tips for avoiding them, and next steps for victims of financial fraud. It was developed in partnership with the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement.

Toolkit 3: It’s In the Cards

This toolkit covers tips and ideas on how to use, manage, and protect government-issued and prepaid debit cards. It was developed in partnership with Money Management International.