Key Takeaways

  • Medicare Part D covers outpatient prescription drugs through a stand-alone plan that works with Original Medicare or as part of the benefits provided by a Medicare Advantage Plan.  

  • Each Part D plan has a formulary, or list of covered drugs, as well as monthly premium and other costs.

  • Our Part D toolkit has information and resources you can use to educate your clients about prescription benefits and train staff and volunteers on Medicare Part D.

The Medicare prescription drug benefit, also known as Part D, provides prescription drug coverage to people with Medicare. This benefit is only available through private insurance companies that contract with Medicare. Part D is offered through private companies either as a stand-alone plan, for those enrolled in Original Medicare, or as a set of benefits included with a Medicare Advantage Plan.  

There are four things people with Medicare should know about Medicare Part D:

  1. What Part D covers
  2. The costs associated with a plan
  3. How to choose a plan
  4. When and how to enroll

The following toolkit is designed to help counselors educate clients about Part D enrollment, costs, and coverage, as well as to train staff/volunteers on this topic.

Resource Audience  Link
Understanding Part D: Frequently Asked Questions Older Adults, Professionals PDF
Understanding Part D: Handout Older Adults PDF
Understanding Part D: Professional Slide Deck Professionals PPT

Our micro-learning video below explains the Part D program in plain language.