Medicare covers a wide range of medical services. But Medicare is not free – it does not cover everything.

Anyone with Medicare will pay for a portion of their expenses, but what is paid will depend on the type of coverage enrolled in – Parts A & B (Original Medicare), Part C (a private Medicare Advantage plan), a Part D prescription drug plan and/or Medigap (supplemental coverage).

Costs of Medicare include:


This is the amount you pay each month for Part B, your Medicare Advantage plan, Part D, and/or Medigap. Some people who do not have a work history may also have to pay a premium for Part A.


This is the amount you must spend before Medicare pays for your insurance benefit. For example, if you had a hospital stay covered under Part A in 2021, you would have to pay $1,484 before Medicare kicks in.


You may have to pay a portion of the costs of a covered drug or service. This is called a copayment or coinsurance. It is also sometimes called cost-sharing.

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