Key Takeaways

  • Extra Help can save low-income Medicare beneficiaries thousands of dollars each year on their Part D costs.

  • While some people get Extra Help automatically, others must apply.

  • Learn how to help your clients complete and submit an LIS application.

The Extra Help program, also called the Medicare Low-income Subsidy (LIS), can be very valuable for Medicare beneficiaries, savings thousands of dollars on their Part D prescription drug costs.

This guide offers tips to counselors to complete the Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy (LIS/Extra Help) application with their clients. It walks through:

  • The benefits of the Extra Help program for consumers
  • The different levels (full and partial) of Extra Help and how to qualify for these
  • Tips for completing the application successfully
  • What happens after an application is submitted
  • How to help your clients select a drug plan