Key Takeaways

  • Government-issued and prepaid cards are a popular alternative to traditional credit and debit cards.

  • NCOA's Savvy Saving Seniors financial toolkit helps educate older adults about prepaid cards.

  • Use the guides and accompanying materials to run a workshop for seniors in your community.

Many older adults are looking for ways to better manage and protect their money. Government-issued and prepaid cards are becoming a popular alternative to traditional checking accounts and credit and debit cards. However, consumers should be aware of the fees and downsides associated with using these cards. Their features, benefits, fees, and protections all vary.

With support from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, and in partnership with Money Management International, we developed this toolkit to help professionals educate older adults about using prepaid cards. These tools are part of our Savvy Saving Seniors® financial education workshop series, which include other modules on becoming resource-full and avoiding scams and fraud.

This toolkit covers tips and ideas on how to use, manage, and protect government-issued and prepaid debit cards. Each toolkit comes with all of the marketing, facilitation, participant, and other materials needed to successfully conduct a financial education workshop. Specifically, you’ll get:

  • Marketing materials
  • Training guide for facilitators
  • Presentation slides to use during the workshop
  • Participant handbook for older adults to use during and after the workshop. Handbooks include quizzes, checklists, frequently asked questions, and useful links to more information.
  • Evaluation forms to learn what seniors in your workshop think of the Savvy Saving Seniors® program!