Key Takeaways

NISC Programs of Excellence 

  • Year Awarded: 2021 (see all 2021 Programs of Excellence Winners)
  • Programs of Excellence Name: Caring Calabasas
  • Hosting Organization: CIty of Calabasas Senior Center, Calabasas, California (West)
  • Calabasas Population: 24,000
  • Senior Center Members: 2,500-3,000

About Caring Calabasas

For this community outreach program in the southwestern region of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County, California, older adults and the community at large craft items or collect and donate goods. 

The program's goal: for people to contribute time and talent, resulting in meaningful multigenerational social interaction and new connections in the community. 

As a result of media coverage in a local paper and magazine, there was heightened awareness of the Calabasas Senior Center and the community outreach the center is capable of accomplishing. Positive publicity was created for the city that illustrated that Calabasas is a caring and compassionate place to live. New leaders emerged who could be called upon and encouraged to take leadership positions within the senior center. Finally, the City awarded the Club funds to continue their activities. 

Key takeaways from Caring Calabasas

  • Keeping the spirit of community and caring alive, seniors became influencers rather than bystanders even during the pandemic.
  • Engaging community members of all ages in the projects fostered intergenerational social interaction and attracted new members to the senior center.
  • Activities reflected positively on the City and Caring Calabasas Club, by accomplishing meaningful outcomes such as the significant number of items donated
  • Partnering with 501(c)(3) organizations ensured the donated and handmade goods were easily and appropriately received, and forged deeper collaboration with charitable groups.
  • Opportunities for participants were generated to learn additional skills and engage in creative activities, as new leaders for each project emerged.

About the City of Calabasas Senior Center

The Calabasas Senior Center provides a gathering place for adults 50 years and older where they can enjoy activities that contribute to continued learning and enrichment, socialization, and participation in recreational programs that promote healthy lifestyles. In this comfortable and inviting environment, older adults can enjoy special interest clubs, seasonal events, and gain valuable information from the popular and diverse classes and lectures provided by the Savvy Senior program.