Key Takeaways

  • Boost Your Budget Week is an opportunity every April to help low-income older adults and adults with disabilities get support to improve their health and economic security.

  • Our webinar will help prepare you to participate in Boost Your Budget Week 2024, which is April 15-19.

  • Every year, older adults are missing out on $30 billion in benefits. Learn how to help change that.

The pandemic and rising inflation have left many older adults struggling to make ends meet. Boost Your Budget Week®: Find Your Benefits to Age Well is an NCOA-led campaign NCOA that unites groups with a common mission—to help low-income older adults and adults with disabilities access critical supports to improve their economic security and health.

The campaign aims to connect more individuals to community and online tools that can help them learn about, screen, and apply for money-saving benefits. Sadly, older adults miss out on $30 billion in benefits each year, often because they don't know they're eligible or how to apply.

What you'll learn

Webinar participants will be empowered to:

  • Raise awareness of key benefits for older adults
  • Access local community agencies or to help link people with available assistance


  • Jessalyn Cali, Program Associate, NCOA Center for Economic Well-Being (Moderator)
  • Darren Hotton, NCOA Associate Director of Community Health and Benefits

Check out our Boost Your Budget Week toolkit for logos, shareable social media graphics and sample posts, promotional posters, and more.

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