Key Takeaways

  • Organizations funded by the Administration for Community Living for chronic disease self-management education are required to complete semi-annual, final, and financial reports.

  • Download reporting calendars by grant cohort, as well as financial and semi-annual reporting templates. 

  • Watch instructions for preparing Appendix A of the semi-annual report.

Reporting Calendars

Grantee Cohort Reporting Calendar
2022-2025 Link to PDF
2021-2024  Link to PDF
2020-2023 Link to PDF
2019-2022 Link to PDF
2018-2021 Link to PDF

Prepare for Your Semi-Annual Administration for Community Living Grant Reports

Financial Status Form SF-425

  • Visit ACL's Managing a Grant page
  • Under report requirements, click link for the SF-425
  • Download the SF-425
  • if you see a page that says, "Please wait…", use the download arrow in the upper right corner. Once downloaded, open the PDF file in Adobe to view the form.

Guidelines for Preparing Reports 

Preparing Appendix A of the Semi-Annual Report

Administration for Community Living Chronic Disease Self-Management Education (CDSME) Grantees submit progress reports on a semi-annual schedule. Each semi-annual report requires inclusion of “Appendix A,” a chart showing the participants and completers entered into the National CDSME Database. As of January 2022, the process for developing Appendix A, detailing quantitative data, for your semi-annual report has changed. 

Follow the instructions below to create “Appendix A” from Power BI for the current 6 month reporting period and the cumulative grant period.

Note: If your organization has multiple CDSME grants from the Administration for Community Living, contact Kenneth Rosenkranz ( for a data table allocated by grant year. This cannot be generated from Power BI.

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