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Ryann Little

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Ryann Little

Director, Business Development, Fidelity Medicare Services

Ryann Little has a passion for providing people with support as they go through the process of choosing Medicare coverage. With long experience in the insurance industry, Little has specialized in Medicare since 2014 and operated an independent Medicare brokerage for several years. As part of Fidelity Medicare Services since 2019, she enjoys helping bring the company’s Medicare advice and planning expertise to all those navigating the complexities of Medicare.

Need Help Understanding Medicare Enrollment?

Timing is critically important when it comes to enrolling in Medicare. If you think you will want Medicare at any point in your life—and you most likely will—you need to understand when you can and should enroll. Use these resources from NCOA to guide you.

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Most Medicare Advantage (MA) plans include Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D). Here’s what you should know when choosing an MA plan.

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