Key Takeaways

  • The world’s population is aging rapidly and society needs to learn how to adapt. 

  • By 2050, Bradley Schurman suggests, the “Super Age” will have arrived: one in six people worldwide will be over 65 years old.

  • Register for our webinar, where we'll discuss Schurman's new book The Super Age: Decoding our Demographic Destiny, including his call for antidiscrimination policies that factor in ageism.

By 2050, one in six people worldwide will be over 65 years old, and societies will have to reckon with a growing need for eldercare and a shortage of workers. The world is experiencing a new-found gift of longevity—but there’s work to be done as a society to maximize the ability for all to age well. 

Join a lively discussion of The Super Age, a new book from Bradley Schurman that provides leaders with the data, insights, and tangible solutions needed to tap into the moral, economic, and societal benefits of truly embracing our new demographic reality.

BONUS: The first 250 individuals to register for this webinar will receive a free printed copy of The Super Age via mail.