Key Takeaways

  • Many falls prevention and chronic disease self-management education grantees are interested in participating in a community-integrated health network but aren't sure how to get started.

  • The third in a four-part webinar series will provide recommendations for sharing data among a coordinated network of community-based organizations.

  • During the April 27 webinar, speakers from New York state will share how they have established systems with service delivery partners to communicate data.

Interested in participating in a community-integrated health network or starting to explore options? Join us for the third in a four-part series of webinars highlighting different components for serving as an effective community-integrated health network partner. The webinar series is designed to help community-based organizations understand the role of network participants/service delivery providers and to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to adhere to contracts managed by community care hubs.

This third webinar focuses on managing patient health information, HIPAA requirements, and interoperability. Learn what it takes to be able to share health care data within a coordinated network of CBOs. The webinar will feature:

  • The importance of looking at data analytics to evaluate need, performance, and opportunities.
  • The Western New York Integrated Care Collaborative, Inc. will share how they work with their service delivery partners to share data.


  • Sharon Williams, Consultant, Williams Jaxon Consulting
  • Nikki Kmicinski, Executive Director, Western New York Integrated Care Collaborative, Inc.

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