NCOA uses the rigorous Standards of Excellence as the basis for guiding our partnerships. To meet the Standards, partners undergo a detailed documentation review and training process to ensure that you receive the highest quality, unbiased service available. These standards will continue to be reviewed on a regular cadence with the partner firm and NCOA.

NCOA is committed to ensuring our partners continue to meet these Standards, which fall under 7 key areas:

Financial Professional Training and Quality Assurance

Consumers are assisted by financial professionals who are highly trained and continually monitored for excellent performance.

Compensation and Protections Against Steering

Consumers will not be inappropriately “steered” to buy products because of higher compensation received by financial professionals and/or the partner firm. Consumers will not be unduly pressured to purchase products.

Manufacturer Representation

Consumers can choose from a broad range of diverse options available.

Consumer Education and Decision Support (via websites and telephone)

Consumers are presented with information about options that is logical, clear, consumer-focused, unbiased, and based on individual needs, preferences, and circumstances.

Customer Service and Support

Consumers receive excellent service throughout their interactions with the partner.

Regulatory Compliance for Partner Firm

Partner agencies comply with all applicable federal, state, local and other applicable regulations.

Additional Value-Added Services Offered by the Partner

Consumers will be offered advocacy and referral for assistance with accessing public benefits, where appropriate.