Key Takeaways

  • Join us September 20-24, 2021 for Falls Prevention Week, a nationwide effort to raise awareness that falls are preventable.

  • Discover the value of collaborating with local emergency medical services (EMS) and fire departments and their role in falls prevention.

  • Share your success stories of your falls prevention efforts to be featured in our impact report. Please help us by completing this short survey on our toolkit by November 1, 2021.

Falls continue to be a national public health concern. That's why we're encouraging you to remind older adults to learn about their falls risk during Falls Prevention Awareness Week. Join us September 20-24, 2021, to help older adults live without fear of falling.

During Falls Prevention Awareness Week, we encourage you to share NCOA's Falls Free CheckUp (English and Spanish versions), a digital tool that provides a personalized overview of falls risk factors and ways to address them. Explore falls prevention strategies and encourage older adults to be falls free and independent by amplifying NCOA's Falls Prevention Awareness Week Promotion Toolkit below.  Our toolkit (download all the campaign assets, ZIP file) offers digital and printable assets you can use to generate engagement, including encouraging friends and family to make falls prevention a team effort. 

Logos and Campaign Banners

NCOA's 2021 Falls Prevention Awareness Week campaign features a new Falls Free CheckUp, a digital screener where older adults can answer 12 simple questions to get their falls risk score and steps to reduce their risk.

Download NCOA's logos and campaign banners in English and Spanish to promote the tool:

Each of the following campaign banners has been formatted for the social media platform you plan on using to promote Falls Free CheckUp. These banners are intended to serve as a cover photo during Falls Prevention Awareness Week. You can find our additional social media assets below within the Social Media Toolkit section.

  Intended Use  Language
Logos Web - Public Awareness  English (PNG)
Spanish (PNG)
ZIP file (both assets)



Facebook - Option 1 English (JPG)
Facebook - Option 2 English (JPG)
Facebook - Option 3 English (JPG)
LinkedIn - Option 1 English (JPG)
LinkedIn - Option 2 English (JPG)
LinkedIn - Option 3 English (JPG)
Twitter - Option 1 English (JPG)
Twitter - Option 2 English (JPG)
Twitter - Option 3 English (JPG)
Download all social media campaign banners (ZIP file)

Flyers, Infographics, and Other Printable Resources

It seems like common sense — everybody falls, no matter what age. However, for many older adults, an unexpected fall can result in a serious and costly injury. The good news is that most falls can be prevented. Below you'll find printable flyers that can be used to talk to an older adult, family members, or health care professionals about creating a falls prevention plan.

Download NCOA's flyers, infographics, and other printable resources made available in various languages:

  Intended Audience  Language
6 Falls Prevention Steps to Help Your Older Loved Ones Caregivers English (PDF)

INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Steps to Prevent a Fall

Older Adults, Caregivers, Professionals English (PDF)
Spanish (PDF)
Portuguese (PDF)
Debunking the Myths of Older Adult Falls: 10 Myths Older Adults, Caregivers English (PDF)
The Role of a Physical Therapist in Healthy Aging  Older Adults, Caregivers English (link to article)
Encouraging Older Adults to Stay Active During COVID-19  Caregivers, Professionals English (link to article)
Falls Prevention Conversation Guide Caregivers English (link to guide)
Medication Record Form Older Adults, Caregivers, Professionals English (PDF)

Customizable Posters

Customize the 2021 Falls Prevention Awareness Week post to promote falls prevention education and to raise awareness about the impact of falls among older adults during your live and virtual events in your community. Add your contact information so you can advertise your screening activities.

Download NCOA's customizable posters:

  Intended Audience  Language
Falls Free Customizable Posters Older Adults English (PDF)
Spanish (PDF)

Social Media Toolkit

These sample social media posts can be adapted and used to promote Falls Prevention Awareness Week during the week of September 20-24, 2021. Accompany your posts with the following digital assets that can be used across your organization's Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Download NCOA's Social Media Toolkit

Download NCOA's four (4) social media assets to share with the sample social media posts in our toolkit:

  Topic Area  Language

Falls Prevention Is A Team Effort

Family & Friends English (JPG)
English (PNG)
Occupational Therapist English (JPG)
English (PNG)
Doctor English (JPG)
English (PNG)
Pharmacist English (JPG)
English (PNG)
Fire Department English (JPG)
English (PNG)
Physical Therapist English (JPG)
English (PNG)
Download all social media illustration assets (ZIP file)

As you're sharing information about how to prevent falls in older adults, take a look at our YouTube playlist and leverage these videos in your posts.

Public Relations/Media Toolkit

Get everything you need to help spread the word about preventing falls, including a planning calendar; a sample calendar announcement, advisory, and press release; and tips and sample scripts to pitch reporters.

Download NCOA's Public Relations/Media Toolkit


Educate your elected officials about how public dollars support evidence-based falls prevention programs for older adults, caregivers, family members, and the community at large. Aging services professionals are well-positioned to explain how limited public investment, along with growing demand, is having a domino effect on programs and services that help older adults remain healthy and independent in their own homes and communities. It’s important that Congress understand how older adults and caregivers are being affected by funding and policy decisions.

Below are links to help guide your falls prevention advocacy efforts:

  • Governor's Proclamation (Template): Edit the downloadable template and yellow highlights as needed for your state. National numbers in the proclamation template are cited. States can add citations for their state-specific data.
  • Senate Hearing (Video, October 2019): Falls Prevention: National, State, and Local Solutions to Better Support Seniors
  • Senate Hearing (Report, October 2019): Falls Prevention: National, State, and Local Solutions to Better Support Seniors
  • FY22 Falls Prevention Funding (House Letter, April 2021): A signed letter to Chair Rosa DeLauro, House Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, requesting strong support for protecting the health, safety, and independence of our nation's older adults with FY22 investments in falls prevention and home modifications.
  • FY22 Falls Prevention Funding (Group Letter, March 2021): A signed group letter to Chair Rosa DeLauro, House Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, requesting a minimum of $10 million for the Administration for Community Living engagement of the aging services network to implement and sustain evidence-based falls prevention programs and $4 million for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Center for Injury Prevention and Control programming and research to prevent older adult falls.
  • NCOA Issue Brief (April 2021): Addressing a Significant Public Health Issue: Funding for Falls Prevention Programs 
  • NCOA Fact Sheet (July 2021): Get the Facts on Falls Prevention

Partnering with EMS and Fire Departments in Your Falls Prevention Efforts

There are numerous ways to work together with your local fire/emergency medical services (EMS) to provide a comprehensive and coordinated approach to education, prevention information, and intervention to reduce falls in your community.

Below are links to help guide you when engaging your local fire/EMS providers:

Falls Prevention Awareness Week is made possible in part by a grant from the U.S. Administration for Community Living.