Casper Adjustable Bed Review: Best for Basics

Oct 01, 2023
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We reviewed Casper Adjustable Beds to help you decide if it’s the right purchase.
Advanced models offer multiple leg heights
Preset and programmable positions
30-day trial period

Key Takeaways

According to our survey of adjustable bed users, 46.6% of Casper customers agreed that their adjustable base helped them to get in and out of bed more easily. [1]NCOA Adviser Adjustable Beds Survey. 1,000 respondents. Conducted using Pollfish. Launched June 2023.

Based on these positive reviews, our Reviews Team decided to delve into the brand, revealing why Casper gets the “Best for Basics” pick in our best adjustable beds for seniors article. Few brands consider user mobility in their design or offer simple models with trial periods, optional in-home setup, and free old bed frame and mattress removal.

Why you can trust our Reviews Team’s Casper adjustable base review

Our Reviews Team recommends products and services we believe provide value in the lives of our readers. We’ve spent more than 550 hours carrying out in-depth research on adjustable beds to give you the most accurate review. To make our selections, we:

Casper pros and cons

30-day trial period
Free mattress removal in California
Compatible with headboards using a universal bracket
Able to remove legs to place on standard frames
Advanced models offer multiple leg heights, massage, and USB ports
Under-bed lighting, wall alignment, and head tilt available with the Max model
White glove delivery costs $199
Relatively short 10-year warranty
Only the basic model offers a full size option

Comparison of Casper adjustable bases, as of August 2023

Twin XL base cost without mattress $795 $995 $1,695
Sizes Twin XL, full, queen, split king, California king Twin XL, queen, split king, California king Twin XL, queen, split king, California king
Preset buttons Zero gravity Zero gravity, anti-snore Zero gravity, anti-snore
Number of custom memory buttons 1 2 2
Adjustable leg height (in inches) Fixed at 12 5, 7, 12 5, 7, 12
Massage None 2-zone 4-zone
USB ports N/A 1 per side 2 per side
Wall-aligning feature No No Yes
Under-bed lighting No No Yes

Casper adjustable beds reviews

Adjustable Base

Price: Start at $795
Warranty: 10-year limited
Free U.S. shipping and returns: Yes, except Hawaii and Alaska
Trial period: 30 nights
Pros and cons
Pros Lowest priced Simple, basic functionality Only model with a full size option Cons Leg height isn’t adjustable No massage Lacks advanced features

The Casper Adjustable Base is the basic model, and is the only option with a full size. It’s priced lower than the other Casper models because it offers simple functionality, including independent head and foot adjustability,  zero-gravity preset The zero-gravity preset was developed by NASA to mimic a state of weightlessness, which is achieved by creating a 120-degree angle between the torso and knees. , and a customizable preset. It lacks more advanced features, though, like massage and USB ports to charge your phone while you sleep.

This is the only Casper model without an adjustable leg height. The legs are fixed at 12 inches, or you can remove them if you place your adjustable base on a standard bed frame. Lacking adjustable legs is a major disadvantage. According to our survey, adjustable legs are the second-most important feature in an adjustable base, behind only adjustable lumbar support. [1] People may prefer a higher or lower bed surface, depending on their mobility needs and personal preference.

This model also lacks the  anti-snore preset A position that elevates the head by 30-60 degrees to overcome the throat relaxation effect and keep the airways open. , which is helpful if your snoring regularly wakes your partner—or you—throughout the night. Undisturbed sleep is important for protecting your health, so if you snore and opt for this adjustable base model, consider setting your customizable preset to an elevated head position that’s comfortable for you to help keep your breathing passages open. [2] But if you’re experiencing snoring with long pauses in breathing while you sleep, you may have sleep apnea, a condition known to have serious side-effects. Talk to your doctor to see if you’d benefit from a CPAP machine. Adjustable beds are not a suitable replacement for medical treatment.

Adjustable Base Pro

Price: Starts at $995
Warranty: 10-year limited
Free U.S. shipping and returns: Yes, except Hawaii and Alaska
Trial period: 30 nights
Pros and cons
Pros Two-zone massage Two custom presets Three adjustable leg heights One USB port on each side Cons No under-bed lighting No wall alignment No full size option

The Casper Adjustable Base Pro starts at $200 higher than the basic model, but it offers several more features. One of the features we liked is the two-zone massage, so you can use the massage function for both your neck and feet at the same time. While massage wasn’t a top priority for our survey participants, adjustable legs were. [1] This base model offers five, seven, and 12-inch levels.

Amanda Weeks, an occupational therapist specializing in older adults at B. Well Health in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, shared tips on choosing the right bed height.

“Determining the correct leg height of the bed can depend on several factors, including your height, strength, or joint mobility,” she said. And don’t forget your mattress will increase the height of the bed by 10–15 inches. “Ideally, find the right balance between being low enough for your feet to be fully supported on the floor when sitting on the edge, but not so low that your hips are lower than your knees, making it difficult to stand up,” Weeks added. “I usually recommend measuring the height of a bed, couch or chair that you find easy to sit and stand from and choose a bed height that is similar to that.”

Unlike the basic model, the Adjustable Base Pro offers both zero-gravity and anti-snore presets, along with two custom presets to program your favorite positions. You also get a convenient USB port on each side to charge electronic devices, like your mobile phone or tablet, overnight.

Adjustable Base Max

Price: Starts at $1,695
Warranty: 10-year limited
Free U.S. shipping and returns: Yes, except Hawaii and Alaska
Trial period: 30 nights
Pros and cons
Pros Neck tilt Four-zone massage Two custom presets Three adjustable leg heights Two USB ports on each side Wall alignment Under-bed lighting Cons Highest priced model No full size option

The Casper Adjustable Base Max is the most expensive model, but it offers the most features. If you enjoy massage, this base targets four zones instead of the Pro’s two, including the neck, shoulders, back, and feet. You also get two USB ports on either side of the bed for added convenience if you charge multiple devices overnight.

One unique feature is the isolated neck tilt, allowing you to fine-tune the positioning of your head. You can tilt this section up to 45 degrees to help support your neck while reading or lounging. According to Weeks, this could make prolonged sitting in bed easier and more comfortable for some people.

This model has two safety features many adjustable bed companies don’t offer together: under-bed lighting and wall alignment. Under-bed lighting illuminates the space around the bottom of the bed, reducing the risk of tripping in the dark when you get up at night. Research has found the bedroom is the most common place for falls in the home, so this feature is a valuable contribution to home safety[3] This adjustable base model also offers wall alignment, which keeps you in place while the base moves. Without wall alignment, elevating the head of the bed will move you away from your nightstand, making it difficult to reach for your alarm clock, lamp, or other bedside items.

Casper Adjustable Base Max without mattress
The Casper Adjustable Base Max allows the head of the bed to slide back as it adjusts, aligning with the wall.

Casper cost

Casper adjustable bed frames range between $795–$3,390 before tax, depending on the model and size. Every base includes a wireless remote (or two remotes when you order a split king base). Headboards, standard bed frames, and mattresses are not included with any Casper adjustable base purchase.

Compare costs between Casper adjustable bed frames, as of August 2023

Adjustable BaseAdjustable Base ProAdjustable Base Max
Twin XL$795$995$1,695
Full$995Not availableNot available
Split king$1,590$1,990$3,390
California king$1,590$1,990$3,390

Additional products and costs

Every adjustable base is compatible with Casper headboards, and with most other types of headboards, but only if you use the Casper headboard brackets. You can purchase the pair of brackets when you make your base purchase, or later on their own, for $45. The brackets are universal, which means they can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to fit different types of headboards.

If you’re using a headboard from a company other than Casper, our Reviews Team recommends checking with your headboard’s manufacturer first to be sure brackets can be attached, or measuring the section of the headboard where the brackets would attach to it to make sure the brackets will reach from the base to the headboard.

Casper adjustable bed headboard bracket

Casper headboard brackets have multiple attachment points to attach your adjustable base to a Casper headboard, or to most other types of headboards.

Casper adjustable bases have adjustable legs (except the basic model, which has fixed 12-inch legs), but the legs are removable, allowing you to “drop” your adjustable base into a standard bed frame. The Casper website states that its adjustable bases are compatible with most bed frames, but recommends its own Casper Repose (starting at $795) and Casper Haven (starting at $1,495) models for this purpose. If you choose or already own a bed frame from a different brand, make sure it’s compatible and strong enough to hold an adjustable base.

Casper adjustable bases don’t include a mattress, but if you’re in the market for one, all seven Casper mattresses are compatible with the bases. Prices range between $595–$3,995, depending on the mattress size and materials. Casper memory foam mattresses cost less than its hybrid material mattresses. All mattresses arrive in a compact box (often termed “bed-in-a-box”) and expand to their full size within a few hours of opening. You can also opt for a foam or hybrid mattress from a different brand, but always check compatibility with the manufacturer. We highlight some favorites in our Best Mattresses roundup.

Casper payment options

Casper accepts all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. You can also use online payment platforms like PayPal or Amazon Pay.

If you’d rather finance your adjustable base, you can apply through Affirm at checkout. Financing options range between 12–24 months, but the annual percentage rate could be as high as 36%.

Casper shipping and delivery

The Casper website says its adjustable bases ship for free within one to two days via standard ground shipping with the United Parcel Service (UPS), with delivery taking about three to nine business days.

Casper offers a white glove delivery service ⓘAnother term for in-home delivery and setup. A delivery service will carry the product into your home and help you set it up. Depending on the brand, this may include old product removal. and mattress removal, but it costs an extra $199 at checkout (unless you live in California, where old mattress removal is free). According to customer service, when you opt-in for the delivery service, your order will be shipped to the company’s delivery partner in your area within one to three days. The delivery partner will then contact you to schedule a time to set up your new adjustable base and remove your old mattress, if applicable. You may also receive a call one or two days before the scheduled delivery to confirm the time window.

Not all companies offer white glove delivery and old product removal, but if you’d like this included with your purchase at no extra cost, check out Saatva adjustable beds.

List of Casper shipping options
You can opt for UPS standard ground shipping and in-home setup and mattress removal at checkout.

Casper warranty and returns

Every purchase of an adjustable base comes with a 10-year limited warranty. This term length is relatively short compared to brands that offer 25-year or lifetime warranties, like Saatva and Tempur-Pedic.

The Casper 10-year warranty covers manufacturer defects on parts, including the metal frame components and hardware, with repair or replacement at no cost. It also fully covers electrical components for the first two years. If you have an electrical malfunction after the first two years, you will be responsible for the replacement, labor, and shipping costs. The warranty does not cover product misuse, normal wear, or damage to the base’s cables or fabric. Mattresses have similar warranty lengths and terms. You can find details on the Casper warranty page.

If you’d like additional coverage for your base, you can opt for the Adjustable Protection Plan. One-time payments range between $109–$399, depending on the model and base size. With the Adjustable Protection Plan you’ll get extended 10-year protection for the electrical components, and you’ll also get coverage for motors, wiring, and the remote controllers.

Casper’s adjustable bed trial period is 30 nights starting when your base is delivered. Many companies don’t offer a trial period for adjustable bases, so this is a nice perk. If you want to return your purchase during the trial period, the company covers pickup costs and will provide a full refund. First, you must contact Casper customer support to arrange a pickup through a charity or recycling service. Then, you’ll receive your refund. The returns process is the same for mattresses, but you’ll get 100 days to try them and can only initiate a return after you’ve used the mattress for 30 days.

Casper customer service

You can reach Casper customer service one of the following ways:

When our Reviews Team spoke with customer service online, we received prompt answers from a live agent. Although the agent didn’t know all the answers to our questions, they would place us on a brief wait while they found out. We also noted that some answers were inconsistent during our research. For example, one agent told us only one remote control comes with split king adjustable bases, while another agent said there were two remotes.

When our Reviews Team used the phone line to contact customer service, we were able to talk to an agent without a hold time.

Casper reviews

Casper has mixed reviews across trusted third-party review websites. When this article was written, the company had a 3.7 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot, with more than 6,000 reviews. Casper also has a 1.1 out of 5 star rating on BBB, with an A+ rating and full accreditation, but only 27 reviews.

Positive reviews praise the company’s comfortable products and great customer service experience. Negative reviews reported longer than promised delivery times, broken products upon arrival, and a difficult returns process.

Only a few reviews mentioned Casper adjustable bases specifically, so we asked the respondents of our adjustable base survey about their experience. About 82% of Casper customers reported good or very good customer service experiences. Only 4.4% said the customer service was poor, while others said their experience was neutral or they didn’t contact customer service at all. [1]NCOA Adviser Adjustable Beds Survey. 1,000 respondents. Conducted using Pollfish. Launched June 2023.

How we research and evaluate adjustable beds

Our Reviews Team extensively scrutinizes adjustable beds to make sure we only recommend those we believe will make a difference to our readers. Together, we’ve researched prominent brands by mystery shopping adjustable beds, understanding the experiences of real customers, and consulting with independent sleep experts to better understand why people seek out adjustable beds. Our method includes testing adjustable beds for ourselves, considering comfort, price, delivery, warranty, brand reputation, and more to gauge whether the adjustable bed is appropriate for NCOA readers’ needs.

Bottom line

Casper adjustable bases range between $795–$3,390 and offer a range of features, depending on the model.

If you’re looking for basic adjustability for a lower cost, or if you need a full-sized bed, the Casper Adjustable Base is the best pick. The Adjustable Base Pro is good for those who prioritize the massage feature and additional customization, like adjustable legs and an added programmable preset. But if you’re looking for ways to age safely at home, opt for the Adjustable Base Max’s wall-alignment function and under-bed lighting.

If you’re unsure what you need, ask your doctor about finding a home evaluator who will assess your living space and personal needs. These professionals are usually rehabilitation specialists, like occupational or physical therapists. They may be able to recommend other money-saving ways to sleep better, move easier, and improve your home’s safety.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Casper Adjustable Beds are compatible with most standard bed frames because the legs are removable. Before purchasing an adjustable bed, call your original frame’s manufacturer to ensure compatibility. Otherwise, you can purchase one of the standard frames Casper offers, like the Casper Repose or the Casper Haven.

Casper adjustable bases range between $795–$3,390 and offer a range of features, depending on the model.

No. Unfortunately, Casper does not offer discounts on its adjustable bases.

Yes, every Casper adjustable base comes with at least one wireless remote, allowing you to adjust the head and foot elevation to your preference.

Saatva consistently earns our top pick in adjustable base reviews because it offers several advanced features, like under-bed lighting and full-body massage, at a competitive price. While the Casper Adjustable Base Max starts at $1,695, the Saatva Adjustable Base Plus starts at $1,099—a price difference of almost $600—and includes free white glove delivery, but no trial period or returns.

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