7 Best Split King Adjustable Beds of 2024: Our Expert Picks

May 03, 2024
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We researched the top brands to find the best split king adjustable beds for different preferences and sleep positions.
Best Overall
Saatva Adjustable Base Plus
Saatva Adjustable Base Plus
Free delivery, setup, and mattress removal
Discounts available for customers 65+
Price: $2,598
Best Overall
Best Value
Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame
Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame
In-home delivery and setup available
50-night sleep trial
Price: $3,596
Longest Trial Period
Puffy Adjustable Base
Puffy Adjustable Base
Lifetime warranty
101-night sleep trial
Price: $2,099

A split king adjustable bed, where each side may be adjusted independently, is a popular option for couples who have different sleep preferences and different wind-down routines when it comes to sleeping, reading, working, watching TV, or eating.

Most manufacturers sell split adjustable beds in two sizes: king and California king. The main difference is the size: A California king is typically 4 inches longer and wider than a king mattress at 84 inches by 72 inches.

Because there are two separate mattresses, split king beds tend to provide less sleep interruption with a sleep partner. Our Reviews Team narrowed our top picks, taking into account the value, features, sleeping positions, ease of use, and more to help you choose the best split king adjustable bed for your needs. You can also read our review of the best adjustable bed frames for more options.

The best split king adjustable beds of 2024

Comparison of the best split king adjustable beds

Saatva Adjustable Base Plus Visit Site
Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame Visit Site
Puffy Adjustable Base Visit Site
Sealy Ease Power Base Visit Site
Tempur-Pedic Ergo Smart Base Visit Site
Purple Premium Plus Smart Base Visit Site
Sleep Number FlexFit 1 Smart Base† Visit Site
Trial period None 50 nights 101 nights None None None None
Warranty 25 years 3 years Lifetime 25 years 25 years 10 years 15 years
Mobile app No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Price $2,598 $3,596 $2,099 $1,798 $3,798 $3,190 $2,199

* Data as of May 2024

Best Split King Adjustable Beds

Saatva Adjustable Base Plus
Best Overall
Free delivery and setup
Free mattress removal
Why We Chose

After taking into consideration price, features, delivery, warranty, manufacturer reputation, and customer reviews, our Reviews Team gave the Saatva Adjustable Base Plus the designation of “Best Overall” in split king adjustable beds.

Pros and Cons
Pros Excellent company reviews Free white-glove delivery California split king option Wall-hugging feature Adjustable legs Higher weight capacity than competitors Cons No app No trial period

Price: $2,598

Payment options: American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, Google PayPayPal, and Affirm

Trial period: None

Warranty: 25-year

Dimensions: 80 inches long by 76 inches wide

Weight capacity: 850 pounds for each twin XL base, including the weight of the mattress (Saatva twin XL mattresses weigh between 62–95 pounds)

Compatible mattresses

When choosing a split king adjustable bed frame, you will need two twin XL adjustable-bed-compatible mattresses.

If you want to use a non-Saatva mattress with your Saatva adjustable base, contact the manufacturer to verify whether the mattress is compatible with an adjustable base.

Additional Information

It comes in a regular king size or a California king size, to suit taller sleepers. Each side functions independently and includes all of the following features:

  • Five preset buttons: zero-gravity, anti-snore, flat, maximum head height position, and custom
  • Safety lock
  • Wall-hugging feature that keeps nightstands within reach
  • Full-body, head, or leg massage with three-speed options and 15-minute timer
  • Under-bed lighting plus a built-in flashlight on the remote

Like many adjustable bed bases, this Saatva base has a zero-gravity setting, which is achieved by lying on your back and raising your legs and head just above the level of your heart. It places your body in a position that mimics the state of complete weightlessness and gives you the sensation of floating.


Adjustable bed presets commonly found on a remote control
You can find preset buttons on most adjustable base remote controllers, although they may differ between brands and models.


The Saatva split king adjustable base has a zero-clearance design that allows the base to be used either without legs on a platform bed frame or with adjustable legs. If used with adjustable legs, you can adjust the base height from 13–18 inches.

The Adjustable Base Plus has a weight capacity of 850 pounds per side of the bed, which is the highest weight capacity among the adjustable beds we mention in this article.

Saatva provides free white-glove delivery, meaning its team members will deliver and set up the bed for you. They will remove the packaging and even remove your old mattress and box spring free of charge. The 25-year warranty consists of a 5-year full warranty followed by another 20 years of limited warranty. Saatva does not accept returns on adjustable bed frames, so all sales are final.

Customer service and reviews

Saatva has an A+ rating and a score of 4.75 out of 5 stars based on more than 1,500 reviews with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The few complaints that have been made relate to delays in delivery times, difficulties with returns, and the quality of Saatva mattresses. Most of the reviews are not specific to split king adjustable bed frames. Saatva has 4.5 out of 5 stars based on more than 1,000 reviews with Trustpilot. Overall, customers are happy with its 24/7 customer service, as Saatva has the highest customer satisfaction rating of any company in our review.

If you need help choosing a bed frame or mattress, or if you have questions about your order, you can contact Saatva by:

  • Phone: (877-672-2882) available 24/7
  • Email: (info@saatva.com)
  • 24/7 live chat on the Saatva website

If you want to see a Saatva adjustable base in person, your options are limited to eight viewing rooms across the United States.

Read more in our full Saatva review.

Best Overall
Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame
Best Value
In-home delivery and setup available
50-day trial period
Why We Chose

The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame offers great value if you’re looking for a basic, customizable solution alongside your sleeping partner. It comes with several programmable and preset positions, including zero gravity, anti-snore, and TV mode. Plus, you can also enhance your bedtime relaxation routine with dual head and foot massage.

Additionally, you can control the bed with the included wireless remote as well as the Nectar app, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. Each side of the bed has two USB ports per side, allowing you and your loved one to charge smart devices, like phones and tablets, while in bed and as you sleep.

Pros and Cons
Pros 50-night trial Adjustable legs Frequent sales and promotional pricing Cons In-home delivery and setup for an extra fee Only three-year warranty

Price: $3,596

Payment options: Master, Discover, American Express, VISA, PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Afirm, Splitit, and Acima

Leasing Trial Period: 50 nights

Warranty: Three years Dimensions: 80 inches long by 78 inches wide Weight capacity: 750 pounds on each side

Compatible mattresses

The split-king style Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame is only compatible with two Nectar twin XL mattresses, or any other brand offering twin XL mattresses designed to be compatible with adjustable bases.

Additional Information

The structure also features zero clearance, which means it can be used on an existing bed’s platform or placed directly on the floor. The adjustable legs help you customize your setup even more, so you can have your bed at a height that allows your feet to touch the floor when you’re getting into and out of bed. The downsides to this split king adjustable bed frame are the $199 added fee for in-home delivery and setup and the three-year warranty, which is extremely short compared to Puffy, which offers lifetime warranties on adjustable bases. In addition, you can’t attach a headboard or footboard to the Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame, as they could damage the material and void your warranty—though you may still be able to fit the Nectar bed frame inside a panel bed frame.

Customer service and reviews

Nectar has 4.2 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot with more than 13,000 reviews. Recent customers praise the smooth purchase and delivery process. Negative reviews pertain to low quality upon delivery, but the Nectar team regularly addresses consumer concerns.

If you need help or have questions about Nectar bed frames or mattresses, you can contact the Nectar care team by:

Phone: (888-863-2827) available 24/7

Email: support@nectarsleep.com

Live chat available on the bottom right corner of the Nectar website 24/7

Read more in our Nectar review.

Puffy Adjustable Base
Longest Trial Period
Lifetime warranty
101-night sleep trial and risk-free return
Why We Chose

If you are unsure about which bed to choose or about owning a split king box spring in general, consider the Puffy Adjustable Base, as it comes with a 101-night free trial period and lifetime full warranty. If you are not happy with the adjustable bed for any reason within 101 days, Puffy will pick up the bed, donate it to charity, and provide a full refund. The Puffy warranty covers any defects due to faulty workmanship or materials that may arise as long as you own the Puffy adjustable base.

Pros and Cons
Pros 101-night trial period Lifetime warranty Low price Adjustable legs Cons No white-glove delivery No app Lower weight capacity than competitors

Price: $2,099

Payment options: American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, PayPalKlarna

Trial Period: 101-night

Warranty: Lifetime

Dimensions:80 inches long by 76 inches wide

Weight capacity: 400 pounds for each twin XL base, including the weight of the mattress (Puffy twin XL mattresses weigh between 30–61 pounds)

Compatible mattresses

Puffy states that its adjustable bases may be used with any mattress.

Additional Information

Some noteworthy features of the Puffy split king adjustable base include:

  • Four USB charging ports
  • Dual-zone massage with three speeds and a timer
  • Universal headboard attachment
  • Adjustable legs
  • LED under-bed lighting
  • Zero-gravity, flat, and two custom-programmable presets
  • Wireless remote control with a built-in flashlight

The adjustable legs provide five different options for adjusting the height of the base within a range of 2–11.5 inches above the ground.

Two drawbacks of the Puffy split king adjustable bed are that there is no mobile phone app, and you must assemble the bed base yourself. With free two-to-five day delivery, you’ll receive a large box at your door, and the rest is up to you. Make sure you have help to get the adjustable base moved into your home and assembled.

Customer service and reviews

Puffy has an A+ rating and 2.06 out of 5 stars with the BBB, but it is not accredited. Most customer complaints involve delivery delays and damaged items and are from 2021, which may be related to pandemic supply chain issues. There were very few complaints in 2022. Puffy fares slightly better on Trustpilot with 3.7 out of 5 stars out of more than 70 reviews. Most customer complaints reference the comfort and quality of the mattresses. Positive reviews mention excellent customer service and confirmation that the company honors the generous return policy as advertised.

If you need help choosing a bed frame or mattress, or if you have questions about your order, you can contact Puffy by:

  • Phone: (800-430-8380) available 6:30 a.m. to 8 pm PT, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT, Saturday and Sunday
  • Email: (support@puffy.com)
  • Contact form on its website

If you want to test a Puffy bed in person, you can use its online store locator to locate the nearest Puffy retailer.

Read more in our dedicated Puffy Mattress review.

Sealy Ease Power Base
Simplest Design
Free delivery and setup
Mattress removal available
Why We Chose

The Sealy Ease Power Base is a good choice for those who want a simple design and aren’t interested in high-tech features.

Pros and Cons
Pros Basic, easy-to-use remote Free delivery and in-home setup Discount when buying bed base and mattress together Cons No massage feature No trial period

Price: $1,798

Payment options: American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and financing through Sealy Credit

Trial period: None

Warranty: 25 years

Dimensions: 79.5 inches long by 75 inches wide

Weight capacity: 650 pounds for each twin XL base, including the weight of the mattress, or 250 pounds per person

Compatible mattresses

All Sealy mattresses are compatible with the Ease Power Base. The mattresses come with a 90-night trial and a 10-year warranty.

If you purchase a Sealy mattress along with an Ease Power Base, you can get a discount of $200 off your total purchase.

Additional Information

The split king size comes with two remote controls that allow you to adjust the head and foot of each base. The Ease Power Base doesn’t have massage capabilities, but it does include the following features:

  • Head and foot position adjustments
  • Wireless remote
  • Two preset buttons: Zero-gravity and flat
  • Adjustable height legs

The Ease Power Base has a simple wireless remote with preset, head adjustment and foot adjustment buttons.


Sealy Ease Power Base adjustable bed remote
The Ease Power Base remote has simple controls with preset buttons for flat and Zero-G positions.


Sealy offers free in-home delivery and setup, along with a “one-to-one” policy for removal. This means that if you purchase an adjustable bed frame, it will remove your old bed frame. If you purchase an adjustable bed frame along with a mattress, it will remove your old bed frame and mattress.

There’s no trial period for this adjustable bed, but it does come with a 25-year warranty.

Customer service and reviews

Sealy reviews on BBB and Trustpilot are listed under its parent company, Tempur Sealy International Inc. On BBB, it is an accredited business with a grade of A+, but it received a rating of 1.03 out of 5 stars from an average of 148 customer reviews at the time this article was written. On Trustpilot, it had three reviews with a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. There aren’t many reviews from Sealy customers specifically, but one reviewer mentioned that customer service was slow to respond to their return requests.

If you need help choosing a bed frame or mattress or have questions about your order, you can contact Sealy by:

  • Phone: (888-400-8856), available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday; 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET Saturday; and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET Sunday
  • Email: (consumersupport@sealy.com)
  • Contact form on its website

Sealy has retailers that have adjustable beds on display for you to view and test out. For more information, check out our in depth Sealy review.

Tempur-Pedic Ergo Smart Base
Most Advanced
Free delivery and setup
Free mattress removal
Why We Chose

Tempur-Pedic’s TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Base comes in a regular split king size or a California split king size for the same price. In addition to all of the features found in the Saatva base, the Ergo Smart Base also includes:

  • Two USB ports on each side
  • Sleeptracker technology and a mobile phone app that provides sleep monitoring and coaching
  • Automatic snore response that elevates your head 12 degrees if it hears you begin to snore
  • Smart home compatibility with connections to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa so you may use voice commands
  • Adjustable legs that let you choose the height of the base in 3-inch increments, from 4–16 inches
Pros and Cons
Pros Advanced technology features and mobile app Free white-glove delivery California split king option Adjustable legs Cons High price Poor customer service reviews No trial period

Price: $3,798

Payment options: American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and Tempur-Pedic credit cards

Trial Period: None

Warranty: 25-year

Dimensions: 79.5 inches long by 77 inches wide

Weight capacity: 650 pounds for each twin XL base, including the weight of the mattress (Tempur-Pedic twin XL mattresses weigh between 39.3–77 pounds)

Compatible mattresses

All three models of Tempur-Pedic mattresses work with its adjustable bases.

Additional Information

To use the Tempur-Pedic app, you need to download it from the Apple app store or Google Play store, place the Sleeptracker sensors that come with the bed below your mattress, and follow the instructions provided by the app. The app and sensors let you see how you slept and provide customized sleep coaching tips to help you sleep better over time. And since the app is compatible with Alexa and Google smart devices, you can use voice commands to operate your bed and even ask how you slept last night. It will give you a report and make suggestions for improvements.


A smartphone showing the Tempur-Pedic adjustable bed app with an Amazon smart home device and instructions to "Just ask Alexa."
You can use the Tempur-Pedic app to control your adjustable base or ask your Amazon or Google smart home device to do it for you.


Tempur-Pedic provides free white-glove delivery and removal of the packaging and your old mattress. All Tempur-Pedic adjustable beds have a 25-year limited warranty. There is no trial period with any Tempur-Pedic adjustable bed.

Customer service and reviews

Tempur-Pedic has an A+ rating but a score of 1.04 out of 5 stars with the BBB, with nearly 700 complaints on file. Most of the reviews are not specific to split king adjustable bed frames but are about poor customer service in general. Tempur-Pedic has low scores on Trustpilot as well, with 1.3 out of 5 stars. Common complaints involve difficulties with returns and warranty issues not being settled in a timely fashion.

If you need help choosing a bed frame or mattress, you can contact a Tempur-Pedic sleep expert by clicking the Live Chat button on its Customer Support page or by phone and email.

  • Phone: (888-811-5053) available 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET, Saturday and Sunday
  • Contact form on the Tempur-Pedic website
  • 24/7 chat option indicated by a question mark on the bottom right corner of the Tempur-Pedic website

If you want to see a Tempur-Pedic adjustable base in person, you can use its online store locator to find a retailer near you.

Purple Premium Plus Smart Base
Most Customizable
In-home delivery available with mattress purchase
10 year warranty
Why We Chose

The Purple Premium Plus Smart Base has a split king version that allows you to adjust the position of your upper body, neck, and feet. You can also fine-tune the amount of lumbar support it provides to reduce tension in your lower back. Each side of the split king base comes with its own remote, which has three custom presets that you and your partner can set independently. Consider the Premium Plus Smart Base if you want an adjustable bed with more customizable positions and custom presets compared to the other models on our list.

Pros and Cons
Pros Able to adjust upper body, neck, foot positions Able to adjust lumbar support Three custom presets on each remote Cons No trial period In-home delivery and setup only available with purchase of a mattress

Price: $3,190

Payment options: Credit card, PayPalAmazon Pay, and Affirm

Trial Period: None

Warranty: 10-year

Dimensions: 80 inches long by 76 inches wide

Weight capacity: 750 pounds for each twin XL base, including the weight of the mattress (Purple twin XL mattresses weigh between 54–131 pounds each)

Compatible mattresses

All Purple mattresses are compatible with its adjustable bases, but not all mattress models come in twin XL or split king sizes.

Additional Information

In addition to basic head and foot adjustability, the Premium Plus Smart Base comes with the following features:

  • Dual-zone (head and foot) massage function with three levels of intensity and a massage timer
  • Pillow tilt adjustability
  • Lumbar support
  • Anti-snore, zero-gravity, and flat presets
  • Three custom presets
  • Motion-activated under-bed lighting, which can be controlled by remote as well
  • Ability to control the adjustable bed via a mobile app

Purple doesn’t offer a trial period for its adjustable beds. Standard curbside delivery is free. The option for in-home delivery and setup costs an additional $200 and is available only if you purchase a Purple mattress. If you purchase a RestorePlus or RestorePremier mattress, in-home delivery and setup are free. Our Reviews Team confirmed that the in-home delivery team can remove your old mattress if requested.

Customer service and reviews

Purple is rated better on BBB than on Trustpilot. As of this writing, it has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from an average of more than 350 customer reviews on BBB. The company received a rating of 2.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, with 29 reviews.

There were both positive and negative reviews regarding the comfort of Purple’s mattresses and adjustable bases. Positive reviews mentioned good experiences with Purple customer service. Negative reviews cited issues with the return process, for example, having to speak with multiple representatives to start a return.

You can contact Purple customer service by:

  • Phone: (888-848-0248) available 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. MT, Monday through Friday
  • Email: (info@purple.com)
  • Live chat on the bottom right corner of the website, available 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. MT, Monday through Friday
  • Calling or visiting a retail location near you
Sleep Number FlexFit 1 Smart Base
Best for Upper-Body Adjustability
Free delivery and setup
Free mattress removal
Why We Chose

The Sleep Number FlexFit 1 Smart Base is an adjustable bed base that pairs with the brand’s unique adjustable-firmness mattresses. Smart bases come in king and California king sizes, with the option for split and FlexTop versions for both sizes. FlexTop mattresses and bases from Sleep Number are only split at the top half of the bed, allowing for separate movement of the head of the bed. Although the FlexFit 1 Smart Base only offers upper-body adjustability, it still comes with popular adjustable bed features like under-bed lighting and custom preset positions.

Pros and Cons
Pros Controlled via mobile app Free white glove delivery King and California king size options Adjustable-height legs Cons Doesn’t come with a remote No trial period Premium delivery and setup services required

Price: $2,199

Payment options: American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and Sleep Number credit cards

Trial Period: None

Warranty: 15-year

Dimensions: 79.5 inches long by 75.5 inches wide

Weight capacity: 650 pounds per side, including the weight of the mattress (Sleep Number twin XL mattresses weigh between 40–70 pounds.)

Compatible mattresses

All of Sleep Number’s Classic Series, Performance Series, Innovation Series, memory foam, and Climate360 smart mattresses are compatible with its smart adjustable bases.

Additional Information

Compared to the other adjustable bed models from Sleep Number, the FlexFit 1 comes with basic features:

  • Partner Snore preset that raises your partner’s head position to alleviate snoring
  • Under-bed lighting
  • Adjustable-height legs that let you adjust the height of the base from 13.75 to 18.25 inches
  • One custom preset per side of the bed

The FlexFit 2 and FlexFit 3 adjustable beds have additional foot adjustment abilities and zero-gravity presets. The FlexFit 3 Smart Base comes with a foot-warming feature.

Sleep Number adjustable beds don’t come with a remote. To control the adjustable base, you have to pair it with the SleepIQ app. When paired with a Sleep Number smart mattress, the SleepIQ app also tracks your sleep quality through sensors in the mattress. If you prefer a handheld remote to control the adjustable bed and smart mattress, you can purchase one for $49.

Sleep Number requires Premium Delivery and Setup for its adjustable beds. The service costs an additional $249 and includes in-home delivery, old mattress recycling, and packaging removal. Sleep Number will also help you set up your adjustable bed and SleepIQ account as part of the premium service. All Sleep Number adjustable beds have a 15-year limited warranty. There is no trial period for its adjustable beds; they are final sale.

Customer service and reviews

Sleep Number is rated well on BBB but not on Trustpilot. It has an A+ grade and a rating of 4.56 out of 5 stars on BBB. It is a BBB-accredited business and has over 3,700 reviews on its profile. On Trustpilot, the brand has an overall rating of 1.4 out of 5 stars with 137 reviews. Positive reviews praised the comfort of the beds, with one reviewer finding the Partner Snore feature handy to stop their partner’s snoring without waking them up. Negative reviews cited issues with the mattresses. Some reviewers bought the adjustable beds without knowing about the final sale policy.

If you have a question about Sleep Number products before you buy, you can contact the company in the following ways:

  • Customer service agents by phone (888-411-2188), available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT on Saturdays, and 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CT Sundays
  • Sleep professional sales agents by phone (877-795-5805), available 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. Mondays and Fridays, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. CT Tuesday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. CT Saturdays, and 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. CT Sundays
  • 24/7 chat line on the bottom right corner of the website

You can try Sleep Number adjustable beds in person at its retail locations.

What is a split king adjustable bed?

A split king adjustable bed measures out to the same size as a king bed but is split down the middle to allow co-sleepers to customize their individual sleep experience while not disrupting one another. Each independent mattress equals the size of a twin XL mattress: 38 inches by 80 inches.

5 Health benefits of adjustable beds

Adjustable beds allow you to customize your sleep position, which can improve sleep quality and lead to a number of health benefits, including:

1. Improved circulation and blood flow

The massage feature of an adjustable bed can help promote blood flow to improve circulation, especially when paired with elevating the upper or lower body.

2. Upper body elevation

Elevating the head and neck raises the head higher than the rest of the body, can help reduce snoring and alleviate symptoms related to sleep apnea and acid reflux. The raised head position also helps improve digestion while you sleep.

3. Pain relief

By personalizing your position in bed, adjustable beds can help reduce joint pressure and alleviate pain in the back and neck. Adjusting the bed to a 45-degree angle can also help relieve pain caused by arthritis.

4. Improved breathing

The zero-gravity position on adjustable beds can help manage symptoms related to allergies, reducing mucus collection in the nasal passages and throat. As a result, adjustable bed users often report experiencing less post-nasal drip symptoms and easier breathing while sleeping.

5. Reduced swelling

Swollen legs and feet are a common side effect of everything from standing too long to certain medications. Elevating your swollen extremities is a simple and effective way to reduce the swelling and restore comfort to your lower half.

Infographic outlining 6 benefits of adjustable beds

What to consider when buying a split king adjustable bed


Adjustable bed bases can be quite expensive, with costs ranging between $1,798 and $3,798 among the models we chose. If your current mattress is not compatible, you’ll also have to consider the cost of a new mattress in addition to the base. Some companies offer financing options, allowing you a bit of flexibility around price. You may also be able to get a discount for purchasing the split-king adjustable base with the two twin XL mattresses at the same time.


Here are a few of the most important features to consider in more detail:

Infographic of the common features found in split king adjustable bases
Some features are similar to a regular king adjustable base, but a split king offers custom positioning and comfort settings on either side of the bed.

Adjustability: Adjustable legs on the base allow you to position your bed at the right height for ease of entry and exit, reducing the risk of falls or straining. This is especially important for people with mobility issues. Adjustable head and foot functions are also important, especially with the split king, since each side adjusts independently.

Massage capabilities: From targeting specific areas of the body to full body and dual massage, this feature can help relieve stress and pain, as well as relaxing your muscles so you can wind down faster and sleep more soundly. 

Tech features: If you’re tech savvy, you might want a split king adjustable bed that’s supported by a smartphone app. Apps can help you to customize your experience by setting timers for adjustments (an especially helpful feature for people who snore), tracking your restless sleep patterns, and more. If you’re not comfortable using an app to control your bed, you should confirm that two remote controls come with the bed—one for each sleeper.

Other technologically advanced features may include built-in Bluetooth speakers to stream audio from your computer or phone, and USB ports to make device charging easy and convenient. 

Under-bed lighting: This is an important feature to assist with getting in and out of bed safely, especially if you are at an increased risk for falls. Under-bed lighting provides an added safety feature to ensure you have good visibility in your bedroom at night.

Presets: Even if your split king adjustable bed comes with previously programmed settings like anti-snore and zero gravity, it’s also great to have a couple of preset options that are customizable for your needs. You may find that creating your own position will lead to the best quality rest for you.

Weight limit

Adjustable beds have a weight limit, typically between 400 and 850 pounds per twin XL base. Keep in mind that this includes the weight of the mattress as well as anyone sleeping on it. A twin XL mattress typically weighs between 30 and 105 pounds. Before purchasing an adjustable bed, make sure it supports the total combined weight of both the mattress and the user.


Some adjustable bed manufacturers offer white-glove delivery, which means a professional will carry it in and assemble it for you. Without white-glove delivery, it may take multiple people to carry each of the split king bases inside, which may weigh close to 100 lbs each, depending on the brand. Make sure you feel comfortable, or have assistance, moving any heavy boxes and assembling the adjustable base if you order from a brand that doesn’t offer white-glove delivery services.

Warranty and trial period

Most adjustable beds come with a warranty, but they can vary greatly by manufacturer, from as little as three years up to a full lifetime warranty. When shopping for an adjustable bed, read through the warranty to make sure you feel comfortable with the coverage. Consider the return policy, too. Most adjustable beds are final sale, but there are some returnable options, such as the Puffy Adjustable Base, that come with an at-home sleep trial.

Ordering and delivery

Adjustable beds can be ordered in store or online for delivery to your home. Delivery times vary from one manufacturer to the next, but many offer estimates of shipping windows from the date of order. It can be helpful to contact customer service for delivery details before you place your order.

Split king vs. king adjustable beds

Split king adjustable bases are two twin XL beds joined together. They offer separate sleeping surfaces and remote controls for you and your partner.

As a single mattress, the regular king adjustable bed is more suitable for couples with the same sleep preferences. It also allows for one set of sheets and offers a single mattress surface. On the other hand, while even the best split king adjustable bed is great for partners who have different sleep preferences, it does require two sets of sheets and may cause an uncomfortable seam between the two mattresses that couples may not be used to.

King Adjustable BedSplit King Adjustable Bed
BenefitsThere’s no seam since you use one single mattress, and couples can adjust one bed to their joint preferences.Each partner can customize their sleep preferences, from the mattress itself to the position.
ProsMore room without a seam between you.

One set of sheets needed.

Keeps intimacy simple.
Each sleeper can customize their own experience, from bed position to massage, without bothering the other.

A personalized experience can lead to a better sleep routine and higher-quality rest.

The transfer of motion between couples with two individual mattresses is minimal.
ConsSleepers must commit to a single bed position and agree jointly on using all the same features.

The transfer of motion from one partner to the other can be a sleep disrupter.
If the mattresses are not secured properly, it can create a gap between the individual beds.

The potential seam where the mattresses meet can be a hard adjustment.
Comparing king and split king bed sizes
Split king adjustable beds are two twin XL beds joined together.
Infographic displaying the benefits of a split king adjustable base
Split king adjustable bases offer separate sleeping surfaces and remote controls for you and your partner.

Issues with split king adjustable bases

The best split king adjustable beds come with advantages for partnered sleepers, but there are also some issues to note:

How we chose the best split king adjustable beds

Based on our expert consultations and research, we determined the following factors to be important for our readers when shopping for a split king adjustable bed:

We had all of our selections medically reviewed by an expert in the field to ensure that each brand and model is appropriate for NCOA readers’ needs.

Bottom line

For those who are wondering what is a split king or what is a split king mattress, split king adjustable beds are a great option for adults who share a bed with a sleeping partner. They may provide relief from back pain, reduce snoring, and offer a better night’s sleep overall. In addition, a split king bed has two separate mattresses so that sleepers are not as bothered by the movements of their sleep partners.

For an all-around solid choice at a reasonable price, our Reviews Team recommends the Saatva Adjustable Base Plus, which comes with free delivery and assembly. If you’re tech-savvy and prefer a split king adjustable bed with advanced features like smartphone connectivity, consider the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Base. The Purple Premium Plus Smart Base can also connect to smart devices and it offers the most options for customized positioning, along with three programmable presets per side.

Go with the Sealy Ease Power Base if you want the most basic design with an easy-to-use remote. If you’re looking only for upper-body adjustability, consider the Sleep Number FlexFit 1 Smart Base. Lastly, If you want to make sure you like your bed before committing to it, consider the Puffy Adjustable Base, which has a 101-night trial and a lifetime warranty.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Because a split king bed is made up of two mattresses side by side, you will be able to feel the edges and gap in between. But you can purchase a gap filler to remedy the issue. This T-shaped connector works as a small bridge to remove the gap—and any dip—between the split king mattresses. Using a ratchet strap is an alternative method, but it may not fully secure a twin XL sheet set.

Yes, a split king is made up of two twin XL mattresses side by side.

Most adjustable split king bases use metal bars to hold the mattresses in position.

It may be somewhat difficult to put sheets on a split king bed because you are using two sets of twin XL sheets. If the mattresses fit very tightly together, you may have to work a little harder to get the fitted sheets in place.

A standard split king bed uses two sets of twin XL sheets, not a specific type of split king sheet set. You can find twin XL sheets in most department and bedding stores.

Yes, most split king adjustable beds come with optional headboard attachment brackets. Check out our page on headboards for adjustable beds for more information.

It depends on the type of mattress. Although a split adjustable base works with two twin XL mattresses that are adjustable-frame compatible, you can use an adjustable base king-size mattress on a split king base, too.

If you do use a king-size mattress, though, you will want to sync the split king remotes or use a cord to attach the bases so they operate together instead of independently, otherwise the base won’t work as it’s designed to. If you have a foam, latex, or hybrid mattress, check with the existing mattress manufacturer for details on whether the mattress can be used with an adjustable base.

King adjustable beds are 16 inches wider than queen adjustable beds. King beds are 76 inches wide by 80 inches long, while queen beds are 60 inches wide by 80 inches long.

The split king adjustable beds we researched have weight capacities that range from 400 pounds to 850 pounds per side. We found the Saatva Adjustable Base Plus had the highest weight capacity at 850 pounds per side.

A split king adjustable bed is worth it if you sleep with a partner who has different sleep habits or needs than you. Thanks to the split-mattress style, co-sleepers can address separate sleep issues without disrupting one another.

It’s worth it to address back pain and snoring, and to improve overall sleep quality if either (or both) of you are having a hard time sleeping soundly.

The best split king adjustable bed is the one that meets the sleep needs of both you and your partner. Once you have settled on a bed that fits your budget and has all of the offered features you prefer, such as delivery options, warranty, and trial period, we recommend comparing the models in this review. Saatva is our top overall pick because it has great customer reviews, free white glove delivery, and high weight capacity. Nectar offers great value as a more basic model with good programmable and preset options, as well as good tech features and USB charging ports. We also like Puffy’s adjustable legs, 101-night trial period, lifetime warranty, and affordability.

For couples, a split king adjustable bed means both partners can benefit from the firmness level of their preference without compromising. It may also mean less sleep interruption if one partner is moving around at night.

Side sleepers can benefit from the customized sleep positions offered in adjustable beds. Elevating the upper body, even while resting on the side, can help improve circulation, open the airways, and reduce symptoms of acid reflux. Some side sleepers may find that slightly elevating the foot of the bed can help relieve hip pain.

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