Saatva Mattress Review for 2024: Expert Tested

May 28, 2024
Fact Checked
Saatva mattresses and adjustable beds offer a variety of benefits. We compared the costs and features of its models to help you decide if they're right for you.
Written by: LaKeisha Fleming
Medical Reviewer: Suzanne Gorovoy, PhD

We spend about a third of our life sleeping—or at least trying to get a good night’s sleep. Anyone who lacks quality sleep at night can face the day irritable and groggy, have a hard time focusing, and struggle to remember things. [1] Yale School of Medicine. Sleep’s Crucial Role in Preserving Memory. May 10, 2022. As we age, the consequences of sleep deprivation can be even more heightened, leading to long-term health problems and a greater risk of falls or accidents. Anything that can help with sleep can make a positive difference, whether it’s changing habits, diet, or upgrading your mattress.

“The ‘right’ mattress can set you up for healthy sleep by providing proper support (in the form of helping you maintain spinal alignment and reducing pressure points) and comfort,” said Jeff Kahn, cofounder and CEO of Rise Science, a sleep technology company based in Chicago, Illinois. “Conversely, the ‘wrong’ mattress—one that has you sleeping too hot, is noisy when you or your partner move around, or has you waking up with aches and pains—can negatively impact sleep quality.”

For some, having a more luxurious sleep experience is one way to get a more restful night’s sleep. A higher quality mattress will have a higher price tag, but for those who are able to buy a good mattress, it’s worth the investment. The importance of mattresses on sleep quality [2] Caggiari, G., et al. What Type of Mattress Should Be Chosen to Avoid Back Pain and Improve Sleep Quality? Review of the Literature. Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology. Dec. 8, 2021 has become a subject of increased study and discussion. In fact, the luxury mattress industry is expected to grow to a $15 billion industry worldwide by 2030. [3] Digital Journal. Luxury Mattress Market Survey Report 2023 Along with Statistics, Forecasts Till 2030 | Four Seasons, Saatva Solaire, Casper, Purple. Oct. 10, 2023.

If you’re looking for a luxury sleep experience, Saatva mattresses fit the bill. The best selling mattress from Saatva, the Classic, comes standard with a plush, cushioned pillow-top designed for comfort and pressure relief. It also has responsive Responsiveness describes how much surface bounce a mattress has and how it responds to pressure or the sleeper’s movements, making it easier to move around and change sleeping positions. dual-coil technology made to be durable, lumbar support memory foam, and Spinal Zone Technology, which uses wire support built into the mattress to help correct and maintain healthy spinal alignment.

In my opinion, the Saatva brand is synonymous with luxury. It’s no surprise that the Classic gives you everything you need in a high-end mattress: comfort, support, durability, and that extra touch (in this case, double spring units) that’s hard to find elsewhere

Julia, Saatva mattress tester

Along with sturdy edge support, Saatva mattresses come standard with what are considered perks for other brands. Saatva memory foam materials are certified bya CertiPUR-US This is a certification given to foam bedding materials that are environmentally friendly. to be free of toxic chemicals, and eco-friendly materials like the organic cotton cover, foam made in part from soybeans and corn oils, a plant-based flame barrier, and poly fibers created from recycled plastics make this mattress good for the health of people and the planet. 

Sleep matters at any age, but it can be especially true as we get older and experience changing sleep patterns. We tested Saatva mattresses to learn more about what they have to offer to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Our Saatva Classic mattress experience

Saatva Classic

Saatva Classic

Saatva Classic mattresses are constructed with four different layers, including foam and two layers of coils, plus a surrounding layer of thick foam for edge support. The reinforced edges are stable enough to sleep at the edge of the bed and to sit comfortably to put your shoes on. And the lumbar (lower back) support ensures you won’t sink into the mattress.

While Saatva does have several different models of mattresses, including its Latex Hybrid, Memory Foam Hybrid, Saatva HD mattress for plus-size people, and Saatva RX, which specifically focuses on back and joint pain, the Classic remains the company’s top seller. Our Reviews Team took a look at why this mattress is so popular by testing the key benefits the mattresses are designed to provide to sleepers.

“The Saatva Classic is a hybrid of foam and coils, but the build is a little bit different than other hybrids out there,” said Julia, one of our mattress testers. Others on our testing team agreed that the Saatva Classic hybrid mattress feels soft and pillowy, yet firm and supportive, thanks to its coil-on-coil construction.

Key features
  • Price (queen): $2,095
  • Material: Hybrid (memory foam and coil innerspring)
  • Mattress height: 11.5 inches or 14.5 inches
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Trial period: 365 nights
  • Shipping: Free, includes in-home setup
  • Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, split king, California king, split California king
What we liked and disliked about the Saatva Classic mattress


  • Plush mattress pillow tops give it a luxurious feel
  • Saatva mattresses offer three different levels of firmness to choose from: plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. Plush soft is best for those who want their mattress to have a little sinkage Some sinkage in a mattress provides good contouring and can give the sleeper a feeling of being “hugged” by their mattress, but if a mattress has too much sinkage, it can cause spinal misalignment. Especially for back and stomach sleepers. for pressure point relief and body contouring
  • Dual-coil design and lumbar technology provide a lot of support and comfort
  • 365-night sleep trial period
  • In-home delivery and setup, plus removal of old mattress and foundation, are included in the cost of the mattress


  • Our testers rated it in the middle for motion isolation The ability of a mattress to keep movement on one side of the bed from affecting the other side.
  • The coils can make it feel too bouncy
  • If you want to return your mattress before the end of the trial period, you’ll have to pay a $99 processing fee
Our expert take

Our reviewers were impressed with the two layers of coils. We also love the thick extra layer of supportive foam around the edges of the coil structure. A strong, firm mattress edge offers extra support to help you get out of bed and feel comfortable sleeping close to the edge of the bed. The Saatva Classic has excellent edge support and is stable enough to sit on without sinking or leaning forward.

Saatva Classic mattress cut open to reveal the layers of foam and spring coils inside
We opened the Saatva Classic test mattress and cut through the layer of foam around the edges to get a peek at the inside, where you can see the dual coil technology (the pocketed coils are above the exposed coils).
Additional information

Our recommendation

Who will love it

  • The Saatva Classic is a good option for all sleep positions and body types. Side sleepers should consider the luxury firm or plush soft firmness levels for pressure point relief. The luxury firm and firm have stronger lumbar support and are best for heavier-weight and stomach sleepers.
  • People who are environmentally conscious will appreciate the eco-friendly materials, like the hypoallergenic, organic cotton cover, and the plant-based flame barrier in place of chemical or fiberglass flame retardants.
  • Sleepers with back pain will appreciate the Saatva patented Spinal Zone technology, which uses wire support built into the mattress to help correct and maintain healthy spinal alignment.

Who should avoid it

  • If you sleep hot and feeling cool at night is a priority, this mattress may not be a good choice. One tester noted that the mattress didn’t help her to stay cool throughout the night.
  • People who are easily awakened by the movements of sleeping partners or pets may have problems with this mattress. “You can definitely feel big movements,” one tester told us. “Small shifts are pretty even-keeled, [but] moving from side to back causes big shakes.”
  • Shoppers on a budget. While Saatva has frequent sale discounts, this is still one of the more expensive mattresses our Reviews Team has tested. For advice on mattresses that are more budget-friendly, see our roundup of the best affordable mattresses.

“I (have) to shout out the tons of lumbar support. If you need a mattress that’s got your back, you need the Saatva Classic.

Video: Saatva Classic mattress review

In this video, Nicole Hernandez, physical therapist and mattress reviewer at NCOA, reviews the Luxury Firm Saatva Classic, showing how the Saatva holds up in categories like support and pressure relief. She demonstrates the use of a pressure mat and explains how the Saatva Classic performs for motion isolation, bounce, and edge support. Learn everything you need to know about the Saatva Classic through the video below.

Our Saatva Adjustable Base experience

Saatva Adjustable Base

Adjustable Base

The Saatva Adjustable Base is a simple, adjustable bed with head and foot elevation. A wireless base remote with built-in flashlight is included for changing positions, and adjustable legs allow you to set your height preferences, or you can remove the legs completely for a “zero-clearance” design, so you can install the adjustable base on top of a platform bed base. The motor is quiet, though it has an audible low hum when adjusting from one position to another.

The basic adjustable base doesn’t come with under-bed lighting, massage options, or preset capabilities, but the Adjustable Base Plus does have those options. The Saatva Adjustable Base comes in five size options: twin XL, queen, king, California king, and split king.

Key features
  • Price: $1,045–$2,090 (does not include mattress)
  • Base height: Adjustable from 13″–18″ (without mattress)
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Shipping: Free, includes in-home setup
  • Trial period: No
  • Returns: No
What we liked and disliked about the Saatva Adjustable Base


  • Removable legs for a zero-clearance design
  • Wireless remote control with built-in flashlight
  • 10-year warranty


  • No trial period
  • No massage option
  • No preset options
Our expert take

The Saatva Adjustable Base is a good choice if you’re looking for a simple adjustable bed with head and foot elevation. For people who share a bed and want their own customized settings, a split king base allows for each sleeper to position their mattress according to their unique needs. The split king base uses two twin XL sized mattresses that can be fully customized to each sleeper’s preferences.

We compared the Saatva twin adjustable bed to others on the market. Read our best twin adjustable beds review to see how it performed against other adjustable bed brands.

One of the features our Reviews Team liked about the Saatva Adjustable Base was the removable legs, which allows you to install the adjustable base on a platform bed frame. The base is compatible with all Saatva bed frames except for the Sydney solid platform bed frame, Halle Storage Bed, and Halle Storage Platform. If you want to use the Saatva Adjustable Base with your own non-Saatva bed frame, contact the manufacturer of your platform bed to see if it’s compatible with an adjustable-base.

If you choose to keep the legs on the bed, you can adjust them in half-inch increments for bed height options of 13–18 inches to help you get in and out of bed safely and comfortably.

Saatva Adjustable Base Plus

Adjustable Base Plus

The Adjustable Base Plus is a big step-up from the basic model. It has the same adjustable and removable legs that allow it to be installed on a platform bed base, and a wireless remote control with built-in flashlight, but the Plus outshines the basic base with its full body massage capabilities, under-bed lighting, presets for anti-snore A position that elevates the head by 30-60 degrees to overcome the throat relaxation effect and keep the airways open. and zero-gravity The zero-gravity preset was developed by NASA to mimic a state of weightlessness, which is achieved by creating a 120-degree angle between the torso and knees. , and the option to add customized presets.

The Plus comes in 10 size options, ranging from twin to split California king. Like the Adjustable Base model, it has a split version for its king and California king-size bases. Our Reviews Team named the Saatva Adjustable Base Plus “Best Overall” in our review of the best split king adjustable beds.

Key features
  • Price: $1,249–$2,598 (does not include mattress)
  • Base height: Adjustable from 13″–18″ (without mattress)
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Shipping: Free, includes in-home setup
  • Trial period: No
  • Returns: No
What we liked and disliked about the Saatva Adjustable Base Plus


  • Full-body massaging feature
  • Anti-snore, zero-gravity, and other custom preset positions
  • Under-bed lighting
  • Removable legs and zero-clearance design
  • Wireless remote control
  • 25-year warranty


  • Upper-Flex option is the same price as a split king but has fewer features
  • No trial period
Our expert take

The Saatva Adjustable Base Plus offers more features than the basic Saatva Adjustable Base. It comes with a full-body massage feature, with separate settings for head, body, and foot and leg massage, each section with three vibration intensities to choose from. The wireless remote is also upgraded, with the ability to add customized presets based on your unique sleep position preferences.

The presets built into the Adjustable Base Plus model may be helpful for those who snore or experience back pain while sleeping. The anti-snore preset elevates the head, which can relax the throat muscles to make it easier to breathe through the nose and prevent snoring.

The zero-gravity preset elevates the head and knees slightly as it raises the feet to the same level as the heart and distributes body weight more evenly. According to Saatva, this setting is designed to benefit people with back pain or circulation issues.

Saatva Adjustable Base Plus in showroom with head and foot of the bed elevated
A Saatva Adjustable Base Plus with the head and foot of the bed elevated to keep the head close to the headboard.

The Adjustable Base Plus has a wall-hugging design that moves the mattress back when elevating the head. This keeps the position of your head relative to the wall the same as if you were lying down. Adjustable beds that lack this feature move your head forward and away from the wall when elevating the head of the bed, meaning you have to reach behind you to access your nightstand or bedside table.

Optional Upper-Flex models
The Saatva Adjustable Base Plus has an additional Upper-Flex option for its queen- and king-size bases, but it’s important to note that the Upper-Flex base is only compatible with the Saatva Solaire Upper-Flex mattress, which is split at the head of the mattress to allow for separate positioning.

Upper-Flex models give sleepers on each side of the bed the freedom to raise the head of their side of the bed independently, similar to how you can elevate the head of each side of a split king bed. But unlike a split king base, which uses two twin XL bases side by side, the Upper-Flex base is one base divided only at the head of the bed.

Saatva Adjustable Base Plus Upper-Flex Split Queen Adjustable Bed
Queen size Saatva Adjustable Base Plus Upper Flex model.

The cost of the king-size Upper-Flex base is the same as the cost of a split king plus, yet it doesn’t offer as many benefits. For example, the Upper-Flex lacks the wall-hugging design of the standard plus model. And while you can raise the head of the bed separately on each side, since the bottom half of the bed is completely intact, you can’t raise or lower the foot of one side without raising or lowering the other.

Compare Saatva mattresses, as of April 2024

Saatva ClassicSaatva SolaireSaatva Latex HybridSaatva RxSaatva Memory Foam Hybrid
*Queen cost$2,095$4,495$2,195$3,295$1,795
FirmnessPlush Soft, Firm, and Luxury FirmOffers 50 firmness settings on mattressFive firmness zones to provide supportSupportive plushMedium-firm
Thickness11.5 inches and 14.5 inches13 inches12 inches15 inches11.5 inches
MaterialsDual coil units, memory foamLatex, memory foamLatex, pocketed coil unitMemory foam, micro coilsMemory foam, comfort coils

 *Cost of mattress excluding promotions, discounts, and shipping charges.

Saatva contact and payment information

Customer service

You can contact Saatva customer service by:

Payment options

Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Google Pay, and PayPal. Saatva also offers financing options through Affirm.

Saatva offers special discounts for verified military, first responders, health care workers, government employees, teachers, college students, and seniors age 65 and older.

White-glove delivery and in-home setup are included in the cost of the mattress and bed base, but If you want to return your mattress within the 365-night trial window, there is a $99 processing fee to cover the pickup.

Bottom line

Ultimately, weighing factors like cost, firmness levels, trial periods, and the sleep position you favor will be critical when shopping for a mattress. In each of these areas, the Saatva Classic met our Reviews Team’s high standards. Buying a mattress is an investment in your long-term physical and mental health, and based on our testers’ ratings, we believe Saatva mattresses are worth the cost. After evaluating and testing the features of both the Saatva Adjustable Base and Adjustable Base Plus, our team agreed that luxury perks like full body massages and custom presets make the Saatva Adjustable Base Plus the better value. 

For people who share a bed and want separate controls for each side, we took a look at the Upper-Flex base models. We feel the king size Upper-Flex is at a disadvantage when compared to the split-king model. They share the same cost, but the split king is adjustable on each side at both the head and foot and is compatible with several of Saatva’s mattress models, while the Upper-Flex king is only adjustable on each side at the head, and only one model of Saatva mattress is compatible with it. (The queen size Upper-Flex does not have a comparable split-queen base model.)

Frequently asked questions

Yes. We found the features and overall luxury of the Saatva mattress were worth the additional cost. In addition, Saatva includes in-home delivery and setup in the cost, which typically is an extra charge with most other mattress companies. Saatva sets its Classic mattress apart with coil-on-coil construction for support and durability, extra lumbar support, and a cushioned pillow top. Most mattresses can’t truly accommodate all types of sleepers, but our mattress testers said this one does.

The Saatva Classic mattress comes with the Saatva patented Spinal Zone Technology and lumbar support memory foam. The goal is to support good spinal alignment, no matter what position you sleep in. The dual-coil design also helps eliminate a sagging mattress, keeping stress and tension off your lower back.

This mattress works well for lightweight sleepers. Our testers recommend the mattress for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers, and for both lightweight and heavyweight sleepers. Many of our lighter-weight testers said they prefer a softer feel that allows for some sinkage around pressure points like the shoulders and hips. With three firmness levels—plush soft, firm, and luxury firm—lightweight sleepers can select an option that isn’t too firm.

Yes. The ability to choose plush soft, firm, or luxury firm allows it to appeal to sleepers of all sizes.

The Saatva Classic supports up to 600 pounds (300 lbs on each side). For heavier-weight people, the Saatva HD is designed to hold up to 1,000 pounds (500 lbs on each side). The coil-on-coil construction helps keep the mattresses sturdy, durable, and secure, and provides the support plus-size sleepers need for ideal spine alignment.

Saatva mattresses are manufactured in the United States.

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