Nectar Adjustable Base Review for 2024

May 09, 2024
Fact Checked
We reviewed the Nectar adjustable base, so you can decide whether it’s right for you.
Costs $1,798–$3,596, depending on size
50-day trial period
Thousands of positive reviews on Trustpilot

Nectar Adjustable Bed: Key Takeaways

When our Reviews Team surveyed 1,000 people who own or care for someone who owns an adjustable bed frame, more than 50% of respondents ages 54 and older reported that the most important purchasing factors were adjustability (78%) and price (60%).1 If you align with our survey results, a Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame may be a good option. The brand only offers one model, but we named it the “Best Value” pick in our roundup of the best adjustable beds. It’s priced lower than comparable models from other brands and offers the essential basic features that allow you to customize your sleeping position.

Our Reviews Team researched Nectar to understand its cost and features, so you can decide whether its adjustable base is worth buying.

Why you can trust our Reviews Team’s Nectar adjustable base review

Our Reviews Team recommends products and services we believe provide value in the lives of our readers. We’ve spent more than 550 hours carrying out in-depth research on adjustable beds to give you the most accurate review. To make our selections, we:


Price: $1,798–$3,596 (Does not include mattress)
Warranty: Three years
Free shipping: Yes
Trial period: 50 days
Sizes: Twin extra long (XL), full, queen, and split king
  • A wireless remote: Save up to three of your favorite sleep settings on your wireless remote by adjusting to your favorite position and holding the memory button down for about five seconds. The next time you press that button, the bed frame will automatically adjust to the saved position.
  • Head and foot adjustability: Use the wireless remote to adjust the head and foot of the bed.
  • Head and foot massage: Choose between three intensities of vibrating massage, targeting your head and your feet. It may help promote relaxation and ease aches, although research shows that relief from massage varies by individual. [2] Miake-Lye I, et al. Massage for Pain: An Evidence Map. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. May 2019. Found on the internet at
  • USB charging ports: Charge your phone at night by plugging your charger into one of the four USB charging outlets, with two ports on either side of the frame.
  • Adjustable leg height: The base comes with 8-inch and 3-inch legs, so you can choose how high off the floor you’d like it to be. It also comes with 2-inch extenders, which can be useful if you need more storage space or if you’re taller and find it more comfortable to sit and stand from a higher position.
Additional information

The Nectar adjustable base comes with three preset modes: TV recline, anti-snore, and zero-gravity. You can switch between modes using your wireless remote.

  • TV recline: Brings the head and torso into a more upright position with slight elevation in the legs, so you’re not straining your neck as you watch television in bed.
  • Anti-snore: Slightly elevates the head of the bed to potentially reduce snoring.
  • Zero-gravity: Raises both the head and legs above the heart, designed to offload stress and pressure from the lower back. It’s important to note that comfort in any position varies from person to person, so if you have low back pain and are looking for a solution, test this setting at a Nectar showroom before purchase.

Nectar no longer offers a king-size adjustable base. It offers split king instead, which is the same size but with two independently adjustable twin XL mattresses side by side. Nectar customer support told our Reviews Team that its split king base could serve as a standard adjustable king base if you opt for one king-sized mattress or connect both twin XL bases together. When you purchase your split king bed, Nectar will provide instructions for syncing both sides of the base so they move as one unit.

Nectar split king adjustable bed frame on display
The Nectar split king adjustable bed frame can function as a standard king adjustable frame if you connect both twin XL bases and sync them so they move as one unit.

If you’d like to see more options for king base sizes, consider Saatva Adjustable Bases. Saatva offers four king sizes: standard king, California king (four inches longer and narrower than a king), split king, and split California king.

Adjustable bed base vs. frame

Nectar uses the words “base” and “frame” interchangeably, but they have separate meanings.

An adjustable base is the mobile component of the bed that supports the mattress. In this case, Nectar refers to it as a frame. A traditional bed frame can also support a mattress, depending on the type of frame, but it isn’t adjustable. There are also decorative panel bed frames, which some people use when they don’t want their mattress or box spring visible.

Unfortunately, you can’t attach headboards and footboards to Nectar adjustable bases. According to customer service, attaching these components to your base may void your warranty as it could damage the material. The Nectar adjustable base fits inside standard panel frames, though, which surround the bed and may already have headboards and footboards attached. Make sure that there is enough clearance for the bed to adjust if there is an attached headboard or footboard.

Nectar adjustable base sits inside a decorative bed frame
You may be able to fit your Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame inside a traditional panel bed frame if you don’t want the adjustable base to be visible.

If you want to attach your existing headboard to your adjustable bed, look into Puffy or Tempur-Pedic. They offer adjustable bases with universal headboard attachment, allowing you to attach any headboard to your bed.

Nectar cost

The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame costs between $1,798 for its smallest size (twin XL and full) and $3,596 for its largest size (split king). Nectar frequently offers promotions and sales, which will affect your final cost. Mattresses are sold separately. Prices do not include delivery and setup.

Table 1 Comparison of Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame sizes and prices, as of May 2024

SizePrice (does not include mattress)Dimensions (width x length x height, in inches)Weight (pounds)
Twin XL*$1,79839 x 80 x 16.2121
Full$1,79854 x 75 x 16.2136
Queen$1,89860 x 80 x 16.2149
Split King$3,59678 x 80 x 16.2210

*Twin XL is 5 inches longer than a standard twin size.


Nectar offers 40% off any mattress or frame for active duty military, first responders, and health care professionals. The discount does not apply to other products.

You must verify your identity to receive your discount code. Each discount page has a “Get Verified” button which opens a pop-up where you can fill out your information.

Pop-up verification form to unlock a military discount on the Nectar website
The military discount verification form asks for your military status, branch of service, name, date of birth, and email address.

Nectar partners with a company called SheerID, which verifies your information before releasing the discount code to your email. You can enter your discount code when you check out.

Compatible mattresses

The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame is compatible with all Nectar mattresses. In fact, it is compatible with any brand’s mattress that works with an adjustable base. A member of our Reviews Team who owns the split king Nectar base uses two twin XL Purple mattresses with the adjustable base.

Most memory foam and hybrid (foam and metal coil) mattresses can flex with an adjustable base when it changes positions. Innerspring mattresses, made primarily of metal coils, are less pliable and not recommended for use with adjustable bases.

Table 2 Quick comparison of Nectar mattresses, as of May 2024

Memory Foam*Hybrid*
The Nectar Mattress$649$799
Premier Mattress$949$1,099
Nectar Premier Copper$1,249$1,399

* Queen mattress pricing

Adjustable Bundle

If you need both a mattress and an adjustable base, you can opt for the Nectar Adjustable Bundle, which can provide up to 50% off the cost of all included materials. With this bundle, you receive the following items (prices shown do not include the bundle discount):

  • A Nectar mattress of your choice ($659–$1,399)
  • The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame ($1,798–$3,596)
  • Two memory foam pillows ($200)
  • A bedding bundle with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two standard-size pillowcases ($200)
  • One waterproof, antimicrobial mattress protector ($99)
  • An extended 10-year insurance plan ($199) for the adjustable base

The discounted price at checkout depends on the current promotion, your mattress size, and your adjustable bed frame size.

Nectar payment options and shipping

Nectar offers several ways to pay. You can use express checkout with PayPal, Google Pay, or Amazon Pay, or you can use a credit card. Nectar accepts MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and VISA. You can also finance your purchase with Affirm, Splitit, or Acima Leasing.


Nectar advertises free shipping in one to two business days.

Some customer reviews report that shipping took significantly longer than promised on the website. Our Reviews Team member reported the same issue with their Nectar adjustable base. Four days after receiving the confirmation email promising a one-to-two-day delivery, they received another email reporting high order volume, disrupting the normal delivery schedule.

Nectar warranty and returns

The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame comes with a three-year warranty from the purchase date. The original purchase is covered for faulty workmanship and material defects. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, soiling, and rental use.

Extend insurance

If you would like additional protection from wear and tear, you may want to consider choosing Extend insurance before checkout. With coverage starting at $138, depending on your product choice and current promotions, you can add 10-year coverage for accidental damage.

A list of damages eligible for coverage under the Extend insurance plan
The Extend insurance option covers more than the manufacturer’s three-year warranty alone.


The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame is eligible for a free return within your 50-day trial period. This is a generous policy, as only two of the six adjustable bases on our list of the best adjustable beds in 2024 offered trial periods: Nectar (50 days) and Puffy (101 days).

Be aware that Nectar mattresses have a different return policy. Mattresses have a 365-night sleep trial, but you must own your Nectar mattress for 30 days before initiating a return, as part of an “adjustment period” to adapt to the new mattress.

You may be asked for pictures of your products before initiating the return to ensure it’s still in good condition. If Nectar approves your return, a local product partner will pick up your products for free.

Nectar customer service

Our Reviews Team found it easy to reach customer service. We never waited longer than five minutes for an online chat response, and we never had hold times when reaching a customer support agent over the phone. Every agent we chatted with seemed knowledgeable about Nectar’s product offerings.

Nectar customer service is easy to reach. You can contact them via online chat, phone, or email:

Nectar adjustable bed reviews

A member of our Reviews Team bought a split king adjustable base from Nectar in April 2020. They said that they liked the simple remote and that the zero-gravity and TV modes were comfortable positions for reading and watching TV. They also said that it was a good value for the price they paid and that their only complaint was that the bed creaks when adjusting the head of the base, although the motor itself is quiet.

At the time this article was written, Nectar Sleep had 1.46 out of 5 stars from an average of 298 BBB reviews. The most recent reviews are one-star and reference Nectar mattresses, stating that products arrived damaged or dirty. One customer referenced a rickety bed frame that is “built to break” and that they had difficulty receiving and returning it. Other customers echoed concerns about shipment times, with some stating that orders were delayed up to a month. Nectar Sleep is very active in responding to customer reviews, which implies that they’re actively resolving complaints.

The BBB also references a $753,000 settlement between the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Nectar’s parent company, Resident Home LLC. According to an FTC press release, Resident Home LLC made false claims that its mattresses were made in the United States back in 2018.3 Samuel Levine, the Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection, gave his statement in the press release. “Unfortunately, we see too many repeat offenders like Resident Home, but thanks to the FTC’s recently finalized Made in USA Labeling Rule, companies that abuse these labels will face civil penalties in addition to other relief,” stated Levine.4 Nectar mattresses are actually made in China.

Nectar reviews on Trustpilot were more positive, with 4.3 out of 5 stars and 72% of 12,893 reviewers giving Nectar five stars. Customers reported some of the same concerns published on BBB, like product quality upon arrival and customer service issues regarding shipping and returns. But positive reviews disagreed, praising Nectar Sleep for its intuitive buying experience and positive customer service interactions. We didn’t see any reviews that reference the bed frames specifically.

What customers have to say about Nectar

“Great mattress and great customer service. The first mattress did not expand to the correct size. Contacted Nectar and a new one was sent with no hassle. Thank you.”


“Absolutely terrible! They falsely advertise on their website they have one to three and three to five-day shipping when, it turns out, they don’t even have any inventory to ship …”


“Excellent informative communication following order placement. Timely delivery with very courteous friendly staff.”


An occupational therapist provides alternatives

You may not need to invest in an adjustable bed to improve your sleep.

We asked Brittany Ferri, an occupational therapist in Rochester, New York, how she advises her patients to position themselves with different conditions. “People who experience back pain in bed can offload pressure from their spine by putting a pillow under their knees while laying on their back,” she said. “Anyone who sleeps on their side or in the fetal position can also avoid back and knee pain by placing a flat pillow in between their knees.”

And if you have heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) ⓘGastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a chronic or long-term form of acid reflux, where acid escapes the stomach and flows toward the mouth., Ferri added that you might benefit from wedging a pillow behind your head and torso to elevate your body. Research agrees that this position uses gravity to keep digestive acids from escaping the stomach, which reduces burning sensations in the chest.5 Elevating your head with a pillow can also help reduce snoring at night, according to some research.6

It’s important to note that finding a good sleeping position takes some trial and error. What works for one person may not work for another, so it’s a good idea to use pillows to test different positions and discover what works for you.

How we research and evaluate adjustable beds

Based on our expert consultations and research, we determined the following factors to be important for our readers when shopping for an adjustable bed:

  • Comfort
  • Price
  • Trial period
  • Delivery
  • Warranty
  • Brand reputation
  • Special features
  • Number of size options

We had all of our selections medically reviewed by an expert in the field to ensure each brand and model is appropriate for NCOA readers’ needs.

To learn more, visit our adjustable beds review methodology page.

Bottom line

The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame is a basic, relatively low-priced option in our list of the best adjustable bases on the market. It offers key features, like a wireless remote and adjustable head and feet, with a 50-day trial period to make sure the base is right for you. You also get a three-year manufacturer’s warranty with the option to extend it to 10 years for an additional fee.

Frequently asked questions

You can use any mattress that is compatible with an adjustable base. Usually, these are foam and hybrid mattresses. All three Nectar mattresses are compatible with its adjustable base: The Nectar Mattress; Nectar Premier; and Nectar Premier Copper.

Nectar does not recommend attaching a headboard to its adjustable base. You may void the warranty if you damage the material. Instead, Nectar recommends using a stand-alone headboard that does not attach to the frame.

A Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame can hold 750 pounds across all sizes except the split king, which can hold 750 pounds on each side.

Some of the downsides of Nectar Adjustable Bed Frames are:

  • Limited features
  • No standard king size
  • Short warranty length
  • Must pay extra for in-home delivery and setup
  • Headboards and footboards are discouraged

Medicare does not cover adjustable beds, as they’re not considered necessary durable medical equipment (DME).7 If you need an adjustable bed covered by insurance, ask your doctor if you qualify for a hospital bed.8 You may be able to get the cost of the hospital bed covered through Medicare Part B.9

The length of time an adjustable base lasts depends on a variety of factors, such as how often you use the motor and how much wear and tear it experiences. Adjustable bases include a three-year warranty, but customers can purchase a 10-year protection plan that starts once the three-year warranty ends and covers failure from normal use. The cost of Extend insurance varies by product.

While Nectar and Lucid both offer adjustable bed bases with head and foot elevation, they differ in features. Nectar’s base offers zero-gravity, snore, TV recline, and massage, as well as Bluetooth technology and USB ports. Lucid offers three different bases with varying features and prices. Depending on the model, Lucid bed bases can include massage settings, Bluetooth syncing, under-bed lighting, anti-snore settings, and USB ports. Both Nectar and Lucid bases can help improve comfort and circulation, but your choice will depend on the features that are most appealing to you.

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