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The 7 Best Adjustable Beds in 2023

We selected our top adjustable beds based on price, comfort, and other features.
Jan 31, 2023

By Ayla Girouard, LPN
Medically Reviewed by Brittany Ferri, PhD, OTR/L
Reviewed by Kathleen Cameron, BSPharm, MPH, Senior Director, NCOA Center for Healthy Aging
Fact checked

Best Adjustable Beds: Key Takeaways

  • Adjustable beds may improve sleep quality by adjusting your sleep position for optimum comfort and pain relief.
  • Adjustable beds range from basic to technologically advanced, with some offering head and foot adjustability, voice control, and smart home compatibility.
  • The cost of an adjustable bed varies, and it does not include the price of a compatible mattress, but there are affordable options that offer desirable functionality and features.
  • It is important to understand warranty coverage, return policy or trial period, and delivery options.

Adjustable beds have come a long way since the loud and unattractive hospital beds of the past. Modern adjustable beds are quiet and loaded with features like massage settings, sleep coaching, and built-in USB ports. Many of these features and functions are standard across most brands and models.

In our Reviews Team’s survey of 600 adjustable bed users, respondents reported their primary motivation for purchasing an adjustable bed was increased comfort and pain relief.1 This isn’t surprising, considering that back pain affects eight out of 10 people at some point in their lives.2 Reducing pain and discomfort is crucial for improving sleep quality, which plays a vital role in overall health and well-being. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, sleep helps people reduce stress, maintain a healthy weight, and think more clearly.3 The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute even credits poor sleep with increasing the risk of conditions like coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, and hormonal imbalances.4

For older adults specifically, an adjustable bed may improve quality of life. Adjustable beds are also potentially beneficial for sleep apnea and other respiratory conditions, poor circulation, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). “If an adjustable bed provides a better quality of life in their current environment then it may be worth the investment,” said Erin Blakely, a licensed nursing home administrator with a master’s degree in Social Work specializing in Gerontology. “The costs of an adjustable bed may be offset by being able to stay living independently longer.”

Check out our Reviews Team’s top picks for adjustable beds to find one that fits your needs and budget.

A quick look at the best adjustable beds

Why you can trust our Reviews Team’s adjustable bed reviews

Our Reviews Team recommends products and services we believe provide value in the lives of our readers. We’ve spent more than 550 hours carrying out in-depth research on adjustable beds to give you the most accurate review. To make our selections, we:

  • Surveyed 600 adjustable bed users for first-person insights
  • Interviewed two industry experts
  • Researched 30 different models across the category
  • Read real reviews from verified customers on trusted third-party sites, including the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot

How we chose the best adjustable beds

Based on our expert consultations and research, we determined the following factors to be important for our readers when shopping for an adjustable bed:

  • Comfort
  • Price
  • Trial period
  • Delivery and setup
  • Warranty
  • Brand reputation
  • Special features
  • Number of size options

We had all of our selections medically reviewed by an expert in the field to ensure each brand and model is appropriate for NCOA readers’ needs.

Table 1 Compare the best adjustable beds of 2023

ModelPrice (queen)Trial periodWarrantySizes AvailableDelivery and Assembly
Saatva Adjustable Base Plus$1,599 No25 yearsTwin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, split king, split king CaliforniaIn-home delivery and setup, free removal of old mattress and foundation
Casper Adjustable Base Max$2,195 30 days10 yearsTwin XL, queen, split king, split California kingIn-home delivery and setup, old mattress removal for an additional fee
Zoma Adjustable Bed$1,500 No10 yearsTwin XL, queen, split king, split California kingStandard curbside delivery
Tempur-Pedic Ergo Extend Smart Base$2,549 No25 yearsTwin long, queen, king, split king, California king, split California kingIn-home delivery and setup, old mattress removal only available with purchase of a new mattress
Puffy Adjustable Base$1,399 101 daysLifetimeTwin XL, full, queen, split kingStandard curbside delivery
Reverie Adjustable Power Base R450HT$1,699 No20 yearsTwin XL, full, queen, split California kingStandard curbside delivery
Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame$1,498 50 days3 yearsTwin XL, full, queen, split kingIn-home delivery and setup, old mattress removal only available with purchase of a new mattress

Best Adjustable Beds in 2023

Best Overall: Saatva Adjustable Base Plus

Saatva Adjustable Base Plus

Pros Free mattress removal with white glove delivery Excellent company reviews Discount available for age 65 and older
Cons No returns on adjustable bases

Price: $1,599 (does not include price of mattress)

Trial period: No

Sizes available: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, split king, split California king

Warranty: 25 years

Of all the adjustable beds our Reviews Team compared, the Saatva Adjustable Base Plus stood out as a great all-around pick. This base is competitively priced and offers most of the features available on more expensive adjustable beds.

With built-in massage functions, you can set your massage zone to head, legs, or full body. You can also choose from three speed options. Other features include:

  • An anti-snore position: This slightly raises the head to relieve pressure on the airway and reduce snoring.
  • Zero gravity presets: The “Zero-G” position raises both the head and the legs, creating a cradled position for a weightless feeling.
  • Under bed lighting: Lighting illuminates underneath and around the edge of the bed, allowing you to safely walk around and get into or out of bed in the dark.
  • A wireless remote control: A wireless remote gives you freedom to keep the controls wherever is most convenient, like a bedside table.
  • Quiet operation: Quiet motors reduce the risk of disrupting your sleep or a partner’s sleep.

One downside is that the Saatva Adjustable Base Plus is a final sale item with no trial period. With its versatility, though, this Saatva adjustable bed is a good choice for a wide range of sleepers.

The 25-year warranty offers excellent coverage in the event of material or mechanical malfunction. If you’re planning to purchase a new mattress and need to get rid of your current one, Saatva offers white glove delivery that comes with free mattress removal. Saatva even offers a discount for select groups: Older adults (age 65 and older), active duty and retired military personnel, teachers, health care workers, first responders, government employees, and students can receive $225 off of their purchase of more than $1,000.

Compatible mattresses

If you want to use your current mattress with the Saatva Adjustable Base Plus, the company recommends checking with your mattress manufacturer to confirm compatibility with adjustable bases. The following Saatva mattresses are compatible with the Saatva Adjustable Base Plus.

Table 2 Mattresses compatible with the Saatva Adjustable Base Plus

MattressPrice (queen)Trial periodWarrantyFirmness
Saatva Classic Luxury Hybrid Innerspring (11.5-inch)$1,995 365 nightsLifetimePlush soft, luxury firm, firm
Loom & Leaf Ultra-Premium Memory Foam$2,395 365 nightsLifetimeRelaxed firm, firm
Saatva Latex Hybrid$2,195 365 nightsLifetime5-zone support and pressure relief 
Zenhaven Latex$2,745 365 nightsLifetime5-zone support and pressure relief 
Solaire Adjustable$3,145 365 nightsLifetimeAdjustable firmness with 50 settings
Memory Foam Hybrid$1,495 365 nightsLifetimeMedium firm

Customer service

  • Phone (1-844-619-0826) available 24/7
  • Email (
  • 24/7 chat line on website

Customer reviews

Saatva is accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating, as well as an impressive 4.76 out of 5-star average from more than 1,500 customer reviews. It has a similar rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on more than 1,000 reviews on Trustpilot. Reviewers from both sites rave about the quality of the mattresses, the customer service, and the delivery process. Negative reviews mention confusion about the company’s return policy and feeling that the prices are too high.

Learn more in our dedicated Saatva Mattress review.

Best for Older Adults: Casper Adjustable Base Max

Casper Adjustable Base Max

Pros Wall-aligning movement Neck and foot tilt features Customizable preset positions
Cons Only available in four sizes Delivery, setup, and old mattress removal costs $199

Price: $2,195 (does not include price of mattress)

Trial period: 30 days

Sizes available: Twin XL, queen, split king, split California king

Warranty: 10 years

The Casper Adjustable Base Max includes many standard adjustable bed features as well as unique features that could help older adults in particular. It has four-zone massage, position presets for anti-snore, zero gravity, and flat sleeping, and two user-programmable memory buttons to save your favorite positions. This bed base can also be set at one of three height options, five inches, seven inches, or 12 inches. While it is not required, the adjustable can fit within most bed frames if you want it to match your existing bedroom furniture. It also features a built-in USB port to charge your tablet or smartphone, and under-bed lighting to make it easier to navigate your bedroom in the dark.

For older adults who may experience reduced flexibility and range of motion, the wall-hugging feature, which keeps you in the same position relative to things around you, keeps your bedside items accessible. The neck and foot tilt features also help position the bed to make it easier to get into and out of bed, which reduces the risk of injury. These finer adjustments can also help with repositioning for comfort and pressure relief while in bed.

Compatible mattresses

The Casper Adjustable Base Max is compatible with five of Casper’s six mattress models.

Table 3 Mattresses compatible with the Casper Adjustable Base Max

MattressPrice (queen)Trial periodWarrantyFirmness
Element Pro$995 100 nights10 yearsDual foam support
Original$1,295 100 nights10 yearsSoft around shoulders, firmer support around hips, waist, and lower back
Original Hybrid$1,695 100 nights10 years3-zone ergonomic support
Nova Hybrid$2,295 100 nights10 years7-zone ergonomic support, soft upper foam
Wave Hybrid$2,895 100 nights10 yearsContinuous ergonomic support, soft upper foam

Customer service

  • Phone (1-888-498-0003) available 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET, Saturday and Sunday
  • Contact form and chat on website ( available 24/7

Customer reviews

Casper is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating, although they have an average customer review score of 1.09 out of 5 stars based on over 30 reviews. On Trustpilot, Casper has a 4 out 5 star rating based on over 6,000 reviews. Positive reviews mention satisfaction with the comfort of the beds and that the mattresses can help with back pain. The negative reviews mention problems with delivery times and poor customer service.

Best for Couples: Zoma Adjustable Bed

Zoma Adjustable Bed

Pros Adjustable leg height Customizable preset positions Ultra-quiet operation
Cons No white glove delivery or old mattress removal

Price: $1,500 (does not include price of mattress)

Trial period: No

Sizes Available: Twin XL, queen, split king, split California king

Warranty: 10 years

The Zoma Adjustable Bed includes several upgraded features at a relatively affordable price for a good night’s sleep. You’ll have dual massage zones—perfect for couples—and three power levels. Under-bed lighting, built-in USB ports, and adjustable legs that can raise your bed to 6, 9, or 12 inches off the ground are also included.

The remote includes zero gravity (called Zero-G), flat (lays the bed flat) and anti-snore (slightly raises the head) positions. You and your sleep partner can also create custom presets to save your favorite positions.

What our Reviews Team liked most about the Zoma Adjustable Bed for couples was its ultra-quiet motors for quiet operation. Some adjustable beds sound mechanical, and can disrupt a sleeping partner during position adjustment or when you use other features. With the quiet motors of this Zoma adjustable bed, you can sleep soundly while your partner adjusts to the most comfortable and suitable bed position.

Compatible Mattresses

While Zoma suggests that your existing foam mattress is likely to work with its adjustable base, the company recommends contacting the manufacturer to be sure. The brand advises against using an innerspring mattress with its adjustable base due to the coils limiting the mattress’ ability to flex. The following Zoma mattresses are compatible with the company’s adjustable base.

Table 4 Mattresses compatible with the Zoma adjustable bed


Price (queen)

Trial period



Zoma Start


100 nights

10 years


Zoma Hybrid


100 nights

10 years


Customer service

  • Phone (1-888-400-8856) available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT, Monday through Friday
  • Email (
  • Contact form on website (

The most notable downside of Zoma’s customer service is the lack of a white glove delivery option. When you order the adjustable bed base, it will be delivered to your home with standard curbside delivery. Make sure you have help to bring the bed inside and assemble it.

Customer reviews

Zoma is a newer company and does not currently have a profile on the BBB or on Trustpilot.

Best for Advanced Features: Tempur-Pedic Ergo Extend Smart Base

Tempur-Pedic Ergo Extend Smart Base

Pros Automatic snore response 25-year warranty period Well-known business established in 1992
Cons Mobile app and sleep insights may be overwhelming Expensive

Price: $2,549 (does not include price of mattress)

Trial period: No

Sizes available: Twin long, queen, king, split king, California king, split California king

Warranty: 25 years

Tempur-Pedic is one of the most recognizable names in bedding, and its Ergo-Extend Smart Base impressed our Reviews Team with its advanced features and smart capabilities. This bed is designed to automate and upgrade your sleep experience, offering sleep coaching and automatic snore detection. Tempur-Pedic’s Sleep Tracker-AI technology and companion app allows you to view sleep insights and patterns, set custom positions and alarms, and monitor your sleep habits to improve your overall sleep quality.

The Ergo-Extend Smart Base has head and foot adjustability with a zero gravity preset position, four-zone massage, under-bed lighting, built-in USB ports, and a wireless remote. This Tempur-Pedic adjustable bed can also connect to smart home devices like Amazon Alexa and Google devices so you can adjust the bed with your voice.

While all of these advanced features are impressive, this adjustable bed could feel complicated to use if you are not comfortable using mobile apps and smart devices. This is also one of the most expensive adjustable beds on our list.

Compatible mattresses

There’s no mention of mattress compatibility on Tempur-Pedic’s adjustable base product pages, but the online chat feature confirmed to our Reviews Team that the Ergo Extend Smart Base is compatible with any Tempur-Pedic mattress. It also mentioned that any mattress compatible with an adjustable base is compatible with the Ergo Extend Smart Base, so check with your mattress’ manufacturer for adjustable base compatibility if you plan to use your current mattress. Keep in mind that Tempur-Pedic only offers old mattress disposal with delivery of your adjustable base if you purchase a new Tempur-Pedic mattress.

Table 5 Mattresses compatible with the Tempur-Pedic Ergo Extend Smart Base

MattressPrice (queen)Trial periodWarrantyFirmness
TEMPUR-Cloud$1,999 90 nights10 yearsMedium, medium hybrid
TEMPUR-Adapt$2,199–$2,49990 nights10 yearsMedium, medium hybrid
TEMPUR-ProAdapt$3,399 90 nights10 yearsSoft, medium, medium hybrid, firm
TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt$4,199 90 nights10 yearsSoft, firm
TEMPUR-PRObreeze$4,499 90 nights10 yearsMedium, medium hybrid
TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze$5,499 90 nights10 yearsSoft, firm

Customer service

  • Phone (1-888-811-5053) available 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET, Saturday and Sunday
  • Contact form on website
  • 24/7 chat line on website

Customer reviews

Tempur-Pedic is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating, but it has a customer review score of 1.04 out of 5 stars based on more than 120 reviews. It has a Trustpilot score of 1.3 out of 5 stars based on more than 100 reviews. Positive reviews mentioned great experiences with the adjustable bed base features and comfortable mattresses, while negative reviews cited frustration with return policies, customer service, and warranty coverage.

Longest Trial Period: Puffy Adjustable Base

Puffy Adjustable Base

Pros Compatible with most mattresses Lifetime warranty Made in the U.S.
Cons No in-home delivery and setup

Price: $1,399 (does not include price of mattress)

Trial period: 101 days

Sizes available: Twin XL, full, queen, split king

Warranty: Lifetime

This Puffy adjustable base features dual massage zones with three intensity settings that can aid in relaxation while reducing pain and stress. The adjustable base fits into your existing sleep environment by working with any modern foam or hybrid mattress. Puffy’s universal headboard attachment allows you to customize your adjustable bed by easily attaching a headboard of your choice. It comes with dual USB charging ports, height-adjustable legs, under-bed LED lighting, and a one-touch preset to easily adjust to a zero gravity position.

Puffy offers the longest trial period—101 nights—of all the adjustable beds on our list. The trial period and return window lets you sleep on the Puffy Adjustable Base for more than three months to decide if you want to keep it. This allows you to experience your typical sleep patterns over a longer period of time and determine whether or not the adjustable base offers the benefit or improvement you are looking for. It also comes with a lifetime warranty that covers defects in workmanship and materials for as long as you own the adjustable bed base.

Compatible mattresses

Puffy’s website states any mattress can be used on an adjustable bed. Contrary to what most other adjustable mattress manufacturers recommend about sticking with foam or hybrid mattresses, a Puffy FAQ page states, “adjustable bases don’t ruin the quality of your mattress. They can be used with innerspring, memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses.” This may or may not be the case with all mattresses, and our Reviews Team recommends checking with the manufacturer of your current mattress if you plan to use it on an adjustable base. All of Puffy’s mattresses are compatible options for this base.

Table 6 Mattresses compatible with the Puffy Adjustable Base

MattressPrice (queen)Trial periodWarrantyFirmness
Puffy Mattress$1,799 101 nightsLifetimeMedium-firm
Puffy Lux Mattress$2,249 101 nightsLifetimeMedium-plush
Puffy Royal Mattress$3,149 101 nightsLifetimeUltra-plush

Customer service

  • Phone (1-800-430-8380) available 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT, Saturday and Sunday
  • Email (
  • Contact form on website

Customer reviews

Puffy is not BBB accredited, but it does have an A+ rating and a customer review score of 2.06 out of 5 stars based on more than 50 reviews. It has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot based on more than 70 reviews. Positive reviews point to good experiences with customer service, including returns, and satisfaction with the bed itself. Negative reviews focus on delayed deliveries and products arriving damaged.

Learn more in our full Puffy Mattress review.

Best for Back Pain: Reverie Adjustable Power Base R450HT

Reverie Adjustable Power Base R450HT

Pros Head tilt feature reduces neck strain Adjustable leg height Massage feature has 10 intensity levels
Cons Delivery can take up to three weeks

Price: $1,699 (does not include price of mattress)

Trial period: No

Sizes available: Twin XL, queen, king, California king, split king, split California king

Warranty: 20 years

If you’re in the market for an adjustable bed to soothe back pain for more restful sleep, the Reverie Adjustable Power Base R450HT is an excellent choice. To combat back pain and relieve muscle tension, this base’s massage feature has an impressive 10 intensity levels with four wave modes. Wave massage promotes circulation with a rolling, wave-like motion as opposed to a tapping or kneading massage. Its unique head tilt feature offers an adjustable section at the very top of the base. This adjustability can help you comfortably read or watch TV without contributing to neck strain, and supports the head and neck in a more upright position.

This model has zero gravity, anti-snore, and flat position presets, as well as two programmable preset buttons. Under-bed lighting and quiet motors allow you to move around the bed and adjust your position without disruptive overhead lights or sound. Plus, the Reverie R450HT is Bluetooth-equipped to connect to the Reverie Nightstand app, giving you access to even more features like a raise-to-wake alarm.

Compatible mattresses

Reverie recommends using one of its mattresses due to their ability to flex with all of the base’s movements. Reverie mattresses are custom-constructed with foam springs and allow each sleeper to select their desired mattress firmness. This makes the mattresses ideal if you and your sleep partner prefer a different mattress firmness.

Table 7 Mattresses compatible with the Reverie Adjustable Power Base R450HT


Price (queen)

Trial period



Dream Supreme II Natural



10 years

Soft, medium, firm

Dream Supreme II Hybrid



10 years

Soft, medium, firm

Customer service

  • Phone (1-888-888-5990) available 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday
  • Contact form on website (

Customer reviews

Reverie has an A+ rating from the BBB, though it is not accredited, and a customer review score of 1.21 out of 5 stars based on more than 30 reviews. It does not have a profile or any reviews on Trustpilot. Negative reviews mention issues with customer service and issues with the motor and remote control of the adjustable bed.

Best Value: Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame

Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame

Pros Adjustable leg height In-home delivery and setup Affordable pricing
Cons Limited features

Price: $1,498

Trial period: 50 days

Sizes available: Twin XL, full, queen, split king

Warranty: 3 years

The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame is our Reviews Team pick for best value because it offers basic features, quality construction, and a generous trial period—50 days—at a reasonable price. This frame is equipped with preset buttons for anti-snore and zero gravity positions, adjustable legs, USB ports on both sides of the base, and two customizable memory buttons to save and return to your favorite sleeping or lounging positions. It also offers two-zone massage (head and foot can be operated together or separately) with three intensity settings.

Though this base doesn’t have as many advanced features as some of its competitors, we love that it comes with a 50-day trial period. It’s less expensive than several other adjustable beds on our list, yet it still offers buyers the opportunity to try it out and decide whether it’s worth the investment. A trial period is a huge benefit for anyone who may be hesitant to spend hundreds or thousands on an adjustable bed. This model also comes with a three-year warranty, which is shorter than most, but it is enough coverage to ensure buyers that any major structural or mechanical issues will be covered while the bed is still new and expected to function properly.

Compatible mattresses

The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame works with any mattress that is compatible with an adjustable bed frame. In general, that includes most foam and hybrid mattresses, but check with the manufacturer of your current mattress if you want to use it on the Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame. All of Nectar’s mattresses are compatible with this base and come with a one-year trial period and a lifetime warranty.

Table 8 Mattresses compatible with the Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame

MattressPrice (queen)Trial periodWarrantyFirmness
The Nectar Mattress$1,549–$1,699365 nightsLifetimeMedium firm
Premier Mattress$1,999–$2,299365 nightsLifetimeMedium firm
Nectar Premier Copper$2,449–$2,749365 nightsLifetimeMedium firm

Customer service

  • Phone (1-888-863-2827) available 24/7
  • Email (
  • 24/7 chat line on website

Customer reviews

Nectar Sleep is not rated or accredited by the BBB, but it does have a customer review score of 1.44 out of 5 stars based on more than 300 reviews. Reviews on Trustpilot are much more positive, with Nectar getting a score of 4.3 out of 5 stars based on more than 12,000 reviews.

Positive customer reviews say that the mattresses are comfortable and describe positive experiences with both delivery and customer service. Most customer service complaints state issues with the trial period for Nectar mattresses. While the brand had more than 1,000 complaints in the past three years, they have a 100% response rate to complaints, showing that they make a good effort to address customer issues.

What is the difference between adjustable beds and adjustable mattresses?

If you want a bed you can adjust to your perfect sleeping position, it’s important to understand the difference between adjustable beds and adjustable mattresses. Many adjustable sleep setups include both an adjustable bed base and compatible mattress, but sometimes one can be used without the other.

Adjustable beds

Adjustable beds, in most cases, are mechanical bed bases. These metal bases are used in place of a traditional bed frame and allow you to adjust your sleeping position. Adjustable beds are typically sold without a mattress, and a compatible mattress will be an additional purchase. Some adjustable beds are compatible with a limited selection of mattresses, while others are compatible with most existing foam or hybrid mattresses.

Adjustable mattresses

The term “adjustable mattress” may refer to either a mattress made for an adjustable base, or a mattress that has its own adjustable features. Typically mattress adjustability refers to firmness, meaning you can customize how soft or firm your sleep surface is according to your preference.

A mattress made for an adjustable base may not be much different from a regular mattress. Typically, it’s a mattress made by the same brand as an adjustable base, ensuring a proper fit and the right construction to withstand regular flexing with the movement of the base. Another example of a mattress made for an adjustable bed is a split-top mattress. These are typically king size or California king size, and have a separated top half to accommodate single-side adjustment with a split adjustable base.

What to consider when buying an adjustable bed

Here are the most important factors to consider when purchasing an adjustable bed.


Adjustable bed base prices can range from around $1,400 to more than $5,000 for the most advanced models. The price of an adjustable bed depends on many factors, like the number and type of features included and the reputation of the brand. Even the least expensive adjustable bed models are a significant investment. Before shopping for an adjustable bed, it’s important to decide whether or not you will also need a new mattress. Keep in mind that the price of an adjustable base does not include the cost of a new or compatible mattress. Purchasing a mattress along with your adjustable base can easily double the cost of your new bed.


Adjustable beds offer some similar features, like USB ports and preset positions, but you may want to consider which features are most important to you before comparing models. Some adjustable beds may only include basic functionality, like head and foot adjustment, while others may include smart home compatibility, sleep coaching apps, multiple massage functions, and automatic adjustments. Some of the most commonly offered features include:

Massage: Massage functionality is great for comfort and relaxation, but it also has medical benefits. Massage can improve circulation throughout the body, and relieve pain from sore or stiff areas. The style and intensity of massage features will vary from model to model.

Lighting: Many adjustable beds come equipped with under-bed LED lighting. For those who get in and out or move around their bed in the dark, this lighting offers both convenience and safety. It illuminates the area under and around the edge of the bed, helping you to spot clutter or loose cords, potentially reducing the risk of falling at night. Lighting can also help outline the bed perimeter at night.

USB ports: USB ports built into the adjustable bed frame offer a power source for charging devices without having to reach or get out of bed. Most modern devices, like a smartphone or tablet, can be charged with a compatible USB cord. Built-in power outlets eliminate cords piling up on the floor and free up wall outlets.

Preset positions: Adjustable bed models may come with one-touch preset positions, meaning you can press one button on the remote and the bed adjusts to the preset position you prefer. The most common preset adjustable bed positions are anti-snore and zero gravity. An anti-snore position elevates the head of the bed slightly, which relieves airway and sinus pressure to reduce or prevent snoring.

A zero gravity position raises both the head and leg portions of the bed, slightly bending the knees and resulting in a cradled, weightless feeling. Beyond these two common preset positions, many adjustable beds offer customizable one-touch positions, meaning you can program your favorite positions for sleeping, watching TV, or reading.

Mattress compatibility

Before purchasing an adjustable bed, you’ll want to decide whether you plan to buy a new mattress or keep your current one. This decision will affect your overall budget, as a new mattress can cost as much (if not more) than the adjustable bed base itself. If you plan to purchase a new mattress with your adjustable base, check which mattresses are compatible with each model. Most adjustable bed brands will recommend one of their mattresses to ensure proper fit.

If you want to use your current mattress, many adjustable bed models state they can work with most modern foam or hybrid mattresses. Innerspring mattresses are generally not recommended for use with adjustable bed bases. Due to their construction, the metal springs are not designed to withstand the flexing and bending of an adjustable base.

Weight limit

The stated weight capacity of an adjustable base is related to the ability of the mechanical parts to move the mattress with weight on top of it. While a bed in a flat position can likely support the stated weight limit (or more), the motors and parts involved in raising and lowering portions of the bed can get overloaded and break or malfunction under more than the stated weight limit. The adjustable bed bases featured in this review have weight limits between 400–1,000 pounds. The Puffy Adjustable Base supports the least weight while the Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame supports the most weight.

Note: If you sleep with a partner and are looking to purchase a split model, the weight limit refers to each side of the split bed base. This is because, with split models, each side individually operates with a separate motor and separate mechanical components. For example, if the stated weight limit of a split king adjustable bed is 650 pounds, that means the split base can accommodate 650 pounds on each side.

Trial period

A trial period refers to the return window, or period of time you can use your adjustable bed and decide to either keep it or return it. If you are unsure if you will enjoy an adjustable bed, you may want to select an adjustable bed with a longer trial period. If you choose to return your adjustable bed within the trial period, you will likely be responsible for disassembly and return shipping costs. Since adjustable bed frames are made of mostly solid metal, shipping costs can be high. In most cases, original shipping fees and any add-on fees, like white glove delivery or mattress removal, will not be refunded in the event of a return.


Warranty coverage for adjustable beds varies from no warranty coverage up to a full lifetime warranty. The wording of warranty policies can be confusing, so it’s helpful to understand the warranty before purchasing your adjustable bed. Most warranties will cover original workmanship and materials for a certain period of time. This means the manufacturer only guarantees the integrity of the bed’s construction and materials with normal use. For example, if an adjustable bed offers a five-year warranty, the manufacturer expects the materials and assembly to remain intact and functional for at least five years of normal use.

Warranties may or may not cover electrical components, and typically adjustable bed warranties do not offer coverage for any damage caused by improper use, like exceeding the weight limit or water damage. Also pay attention to whether or not the warranty covers any labor or shipping costs. If a part is covered under warranty but the shipping and labor aren’t, you will be responsible for the shipping cost and either replacing the part yourself or hiring someone to do it for you.

Delivery and assembly

Delivery and assembly options are important factors to consider when buying an adjustable bed, especially for older adults or those with physical limitations. Many adjustable bed brands offer the option of “white glove delivery,” which means delivery and setup of the adjustable bed in your home. When you choose white glove delivery, the bed typically ships from the manufacturer to a third-party delivery company near you. The delivery company will schedule a day and time to deliver the bed to your home and assemble it in the room of your choice. Once assembly and delivery is complete, the delivery team will remove all shipping and packing materials, leaving you with a new bed and nothing to clean up.

Some adjustable beds include free white glove delivery, while others offer the service at an additional cost. Many adjustable bed companies offering white glove delivery also offer old mattress removal, meaning they’ll set up your new bed and dispose of your old mattress and bed frame. Mattress removal generally costs extra, but not always.

If you decide against white glove delivery, or choose to buy a model that doesn’t offer it, you will be responsible for assembling the bed yourself. With standard curbside delivery, you will have to carry the boxed adjustable bed into your home and into the desired room before opening it for assembly. This can sometimes be difficult as metal adjustable bed bases can be quite heavy. Choosing white glove delivery where possible (and when affordable) can prevent unnecessary stress, or even injury from lifting and assembling heavy parts.

Sleeping alone vs. with a partner

When you consider the features you’d like to have in an adjustable bed, you also need to consider your partner’s needs and preferences when making your selection. This can be as simple as choosing a split base so you and your partner can adjust your positions independently, but there are additional considerations. For example, if either of you are a light sleeper, you may want to find a bed that has a quiet motor when it adjusts. If you and your partner have different massage preferences, you may want to select a bed with independent massage zones. Unless you choose a split base with either separate mattresses or a split-top mattress, things like automatic snore adjustment (detects snoring and responds by raising the head of your bed) could disrupt you or your partner while sleeping.

Best Adjustable Beds: Bottom Line

If you’re considering an adjustable bed for enhanced comfort, pain relief, or overall better sleep, there are many options available to suit your needs. Whether your primary concern is budget, advanced features, or peace of mind from a trial period and warranty, you can find the best adjustable bed and be on your way to more comfortable and more restful sleep.

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