Review Methodology: Adjustable Beds

How we research and test adjustable beds

Our Reviews Team conducts ongoing independent research on adjustable beds and the brands that make them. As of this writing, we’ve spent more than 500 hours conducting in-depth research on more than 60 adjustable bed models.

Adjustable beds research methodology

Our research process involved evaluating adjustable bed frame brands and models in fine detail. This included:

We tested adjustable bed models in showrooms and interacted with brand representatives to understand the benefits of features included in each model. For example, we asked questions such as, “Which models are best for couples sharing a bed?” As a result, we got firsthand experience with some couple-friendly features such as split models and custom position presets. We also noted the comfort, noise level, and functionality of each adjustable bed we tested.

In addition to our own research, we consulted medical experts to learn about the benefits of adjustable beds for sleep quality, pain management, and overall mobility. Among those experts were Chester Wu, MD, a psychiatrist and sleep medicine specialist in Houston, Texas, and Brittany Ferri, PhD, an occupational therapist in Rochester, New York. Together, they helped us understand which features of adjustable beds could be helpful for specific populations.

How we rank and review adjustable beds

Our Reviews Team surveyed 600 individuals who bought or considered an adjustable bed to get real-customer insights. Based on the responses from the survey, we determined a list of factors to consider when buying an adjustable bed. From our survey, we learned that the top five factors considered (aside from adjustability) when purchasing an adjustable bed were:

  1. Price
  2. Features
  3. Compatibility with mattresses
  4. Warranty policies
  5. Company reputation

We developed a scorecard that reflected our findings, weighting categories according to what was most important to our surveyed adjustable bed buyers.

Circle graph of adjustable bed scoring categories and weighting

Our Reviews Team’s adjustable beds scorecard criteria

We scored each adjustable bed model we researched based on the following criteria:

Price (25% of total score): The cost of an adjustable bed without a mattress can range from $425 to $4,798. We scored the adjustable base models based on the list price for a queen size, giving more points to more affordable models.

Features (25% of total score): To gauge value for cost, we awarded points to adjustable beds that included under-bed lighting, height-adjustable legs, zero-gravity presets, custom presets, massage functions, and smart device connectivity ⓘThis is an electronic product, like a smartphone or tablet, that can wirelessly connect to the internet and communicate with other smart devices. connectivity..

Delivery and setup (20% of total score): Adjustable beds can be large and heavy items to transport. In addition, adjustable beds have electrical components to power the motor that may need setup. Our Reviews Team awarded more points to brands offering in-home delivery and setup services that can be more convenient than standard curbside delivery. We also gave preference to companies that included old bed and mattress removal along with delivery, a factor that 84% of our survey respondents indicated was important when considering an adjustable bed purchase.1

Brand reputation (10% of total score): We consulted trusted third-party review sites, including Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot, to read verified customer reviews. We scored companies that rated well on these third-party sites higher than we scored companies that only had website reviews.

Warranty (10% of total score): An adjustable bed has moving parts and electrical components that may need repair or replacement with use. Our Reviews Team preferred models with warranty periods of at least 10 years.

Size options (5% of total score): Adjustable beds come in sizes ranging from twin XL to California king. We preferred brands with models of various sizes, including split versions like split king adjustable beds, to accommodate a range of individual sleeping arrangements.

Trial period (5% of total score): Most adjustable beds are final sale items, meaning there are no trial periods or returns. We preferred brands that offered trial periods, so customers could determine whether investing in an adjustable bed could improve their sleep quality.

How we selected adjustable beds for each review

Our nine best adjustable beds were chosen by our Reviews Team to cover the wide-ranging needs of our readers. For those seeking a specific product, we filtered our research to bring you the best options. Here’s how.

Check the NCOA Advisor adjustable bed page regularly as we continue to research brands and develop reviews.


  1. NCOA Adviser Adjustable Beds Survey. 600 respondents. Conducted using Pollfish. Launched August 5, 2022