NCOA recognizes that many organizations and grantees already collect evidence-based program data through other data systems. This data can be entered into a third-party vendor’s database or your organization’s in-house data system. 

Permitting data uploads using the Excel template has been a service that has been provided by NCOA for many years but became unsustainable in the long-term. This is not a service mandated by the Administration for Community Living.

For this reason, NCOA ended this service on Dec 31, 2023. Instead, we are offering grantees and partners an alternative for  sending bulk data to NCOA via a new API integration system.

All grantees are invited to work with NCOA to set up a rest API between their preferred vendor and HAPID®. Contact if your organization is interested in this arrangement, so we can coordinate an initial meeting to explain the process. Setting up the API will require grantees to commit resources, technical staff, and time. 

The frequency of data uploads to HAPID is determined by the grantee/client and their vendor and can occur as often as nightly or on another preferred schedule.

Interested grantees and their external vendors are urged to review NCOA’s HAPID API Documentation to understand the data model, built on a Salesforce platform. The documentation expains how a three-legged OAuth process (3LO) is used to grant access to clients’ data.

The current system is a beta version and is subject to ongoing updates as we refine this new process over the next year. The integration is thus available to a limited group of vendors and clients and may require further maintenance by vendors during the course of testing.

NCOA’s technical team will provide you with a Salesforce sandbox for testing and support you with feedback during your testing and set-up phase.

Upon completing this phase, you’ll be asked to test your set-up in our UAT environment against specific certification criteria to validate your test data against a replica of test client data. Once this is completed, NCOA requires that vendors and grantee/clients sign off on a Data Authorization form before being granted access to production (HAPID).