How Much Does a CPAP Machine Cost?

May 03, 2024
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A breakdown of CPAP therapy costs, including average prices for a CPAP machine and necessary supplies.

Key Takeaways

If you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, your doctor may prescribe a CPAP machine to improve your sleep quality and reduce your risk for health issues that may arise from not getting enough oxygen. Getting input from your care team and considering your budget can help you choose which CPAP machine to buy. The overall cost of a CPAP machine includes the cost of components like replacement and cleaning supplies and the right CPAP mask for your needs and preferences. CPAP therapy can be costly, but there are ways to save money while getting what you need.

CPAP machine costs in 2024

The cost of a CPAP machine varies from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. CPAP prices are determined by what type of therapy it provides, what features are included (like touch screen or Wi-Fi connectivity), and what supplies or accessories the machine requires. CPAP machine costs also vary between retailers, so compare prices online to ensure you get the best deal.

CPAP vs. BiPAP vs. APAP machine costs

Costs for CPAP vs. BiPAP vs. APAP machines vary. CPAP machines maintain continuous airway pressure at one level, while BiPAP machines have separate pressure settings for inhalation and exhalation. The enhanced capability of BiPAP machines means they’re typically more expensive than CPAP machines. In our review of the best CPAP machines, the prices range from $649–$989, while BiPAP machines typically cost double that amount. For example, the ResMed AirCurve 10 costs $1,816 from For auto-adjusting positive airway pressure (APAP) machines, prices range from $400 to $1200, depending on the features you’re after.

It’s important to remember that more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better—the right machine for you will depend on your prescription and type of sleep apnea.

Cost of new vs. older or discontinued models

Like most technology, CPAP machine models get updates every few years. When a new model replaces an existing model, the old model’s price typically goes down. For example, the ResMed AirSense 11 costs $1,342.99 on when not on sale, while the ResMed AirSense 10 costs $833.99. Looking at older models can be a great way to find a lower-cost CPAP machine.

When a new model is introduced, manufacturers often discontinue the old model. In this case, while the older model is less expensive, it is also likely to be a final sale with no returns allowed.

CPAP machine rental costs

CPAP equipment rental is available through many CPAP retailers. You usually pay a monthly fee to keep and use the equipment during the rental period. You’ll return it to your supplier when you no longer need it or decide to purchase your own.

When to consider renting a CPAP machine for sleep apnea

Many people prefer to own their equipment when possible, but there are a few situations when renting may be preferable over buying:

Cost of a CPAP machine with insurance

Using insurance to buy or rent your CPAP therapy equipment can significantly reduce the amount you’ll have to pay out of pocket. CPAP machines and supplies are considered durable medical equipment, or DME. DME is eligible for coverage by private insurance providers and Medicare, but specific coverage will depend on your needs and plan.

Does private insurance cover CPAP machines and supplies?

Most insurance plans, including Medicare, offer at least some coverage for CPAP machines and supplies. [1]American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Does insurance cover my CPAP machine? May 8, 2019. Found on the internet at Specific coverage terms will depend on your insurance plan. Some private insurance plans cover rentals, while some may cover the full purchase of a CPAP machine and related equipment.

How to get a CPAP machine covered by insurance

For your CPAP device to qualify for insurance coverage, you must submit a proper diagnosis to your insurance provider to prove that your CPAP machine is medically necessary. Diagnosis requires an overnight sleep study, followed by a doctor’s official diagnosis of sleep apnea and a prescription for CPAP use.

Your insurance provider will require proof that you’re using the machine as prescribed to maintain coverage. To do this, the supplier that provided your machine collects usage information from the device and shares it with your insurance provider. As long as you use your CPAP machine regularly and as prescribed, you will not risk losing coverage.

How much does a CPAP machine cost with Medicare?

Medicare clearly defines its coverage of CPAP equipment. [2]Medicare. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices, accessories, & therapy. Found on the internet at Like all other insurers, Medicare will first require that you have a proper diagnosis and prescription for CPAP therapy. Medicare covers the rental of a CPAP machine and necessary equipment, starting with a three-month trial period. After the trial period, Medicare will need documentation from your doctor that CPAP therapy is helping to maintain or improve your condition.

With original Medicare, you must meet your deductible before coverage begins. After you meet your deductible, you’ll be responsible for paying 20% of the Medicare-approved cost of your machine rental and supplies.

If you use it properly and consistently, Medicare will pay for 13 months of equipment rental. After 13 months, you will own your machine.

If you use Medicare, it is important to ensure you get your CPAP therapy equipment and supplies from a Medicare-enrolled supplier. [3] Search for medical equipment & suppliers. Found on the internet at A supplier that’s not part of the Medicare program does not have to comply with its coverage terms, and you may have to pay for your machine and supplies out of pocket.

How much do CPAP supplies cost?

The basic components for proper and effective CPAP therapy include the machine, a mask, water chambers for heaters, tubing, and filters. Masks range from basic to advanced with extra comfort features. Optional upgrades from basic tubing include heated and antimicrobial tubing. For supplies, you can expect to spend the following:

Cost of CPAP cleaning supplies

Cleaning your CPAP machine, including all attachments, is essential for preventing bacteria growth and maintaining the integrity of each component. Bacteria thrive in closed, moist environments, so CPAP masks, humidified tubing, and water chambers are ideal for bacterial growth. To keep your CPAP machine and parts clean, they must be disinfected regularly and allowed to dry thoroughly.

You can buy most mask wipes, cleaning solution, and tube cleaning brushes for less than $20. Sanitizing machines can range from $80–$350 depending on the features, size, and brand. A lower-cost solution is to use vinegar and water to disinfect CPAP parts. [4]Capital Health. CPAP Equipment Maintenance. Found on the internet at

Cost of CPAP accessories

Depending on your machine, various accessories may be available to enhance your CPAP therapy experience. Options include extra comfort items, add-on functions, or adapters for different power and charging sources. Remember that some accessories are specific to one model or brand, so check your machine to see what’s compatible.

A few common accessories to consider include:

What to do if you can’t afford a CPAP machine

If you have difficulty affording a CPAP machine, look for CPAP assistance or credit programs. Alternatively, you can consider purchasing a used or refurbished device to keep CPAP prices down.

CPAP assistance programs

CPAP assistance programs exist nationally and locally to help people get necessary CPAP equipment. You can search for nearby CPAP assistance programs online or check out a national organization like the American Sleep Apnea Association. If you qualify for its assistance program, you can get a year’s worth of supplies—including masks, filters, and tubes—for $100 or less. [5]American Sleep Apnea Association. CPAP Assistance Program. Found on the internet at


CareCredit is a credit card program designated for health-related purchases. [6]CareCredit. CPAP Machine Cost and Financing. Found on the internet at You’ll need to be eligible for the card to be approved, and eligibility depends on your credit score. CPAP machines, devices, and related supplies are considered qualifying purchases if you buy them from a CareCredit-authorized retailer. Some retailers may also offer their own credit or financing options, allowing you to pay for your CPAP machine in monthly installments instead of in full upfront.

Used or refurbished equipment

If a new machine isn’t affordable, you may be able to find a used or refurbished CPAP device from a CPAP supplier. Many retailers offer refurbished devices but may not readily advertise them in-store or online. It is always worth asking your CPAP supplier if it carries any pre-owned equipment. Some retailers, like Second Wind CPAP, specialize in pre-owned equipment, offering various used and refurbished devices. Always purchase from a reputable retailer to ensure your CPAP machine delivers the exact level of air pressure you need to keep airways open, as prescribed by your doctor.

5 ways to improve your sleep

Your sleep quality affects so many areas of your life that it’s vital to get enough sleep to restore your body and mind. Yet, despite your best efforts, you may still find it challenging to fall or stay asleep. Sleep hygiene, or the behaviors you engage in to support your sleep, is a key factor in improving your sleep quality and quantity. Five ways to improve your sleep include:

1. Your sleep environment

Your bedroom should be a peaceful, relaxing place that promotes quieting your mind and resting your body. Blocking out extra light, using a white noise machine to drown out disruptive sounds, and setting your bedroom temperature to a comfortable 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit can all support your sleep hygiene. Additionally, if you still find it difficult to find rest in your room, consider if it’s time for a new mattress. Finding the best mattress to support your body’s changing needs can significantly improve your sleep. 

2. Plan your day for better rest at night

Many aspects of your daily routine can affect how you sleep at night. Waking at the same time every morning and limiting naps to 20 minutes or less allow your body to stay in a routine that automatically signals it’s time for sleep. Exposing yourself to natural light for at least 30 minutes a day can help support your body’s circadian rhythm, and daily exercise can help you settle down before going to bed. 

3. Address issues hindering your sleep 

Sleep apnea and other sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, or pain can all affect your body’s ability to restore itself through quality sleep. It’s important to visit your health care professional to address these concerns and receive the help you need to feel better all day and night. If you find yourself tossing and turning due to chronic aches and pains, you may want to look into a mattress designed to support your body better. The best mattresses for back pain provide lumbar support to maintain spinal alignment, while a mattress for hip pain will offer more cushioning for your joints.

4. Consider your diet

If falling and staying asleep have become difficult, it may be time to examine your diet. Eating a big meal, or a meal full of spicy or fatty foods can disrupt your sleep. Additionally, if you enjoy an evening cup of coffee, it’s worth switching to decaf after 2 pm, so its lingering effects don’t leave you wide awake past your designated sleep time. Lastly, while alcohol may make you drowsy, it can lower your sleep quality enough to have you still feeling tired even after a full night of sleep.

5. Sleep position matters

Multiple studies examining the effects of sleep position on obstructive sleep apnea show that symptoms are often significantly reduced when sleeping on your side or stomach. [7] Cartwright R. D. (1984). Effect of sleep position on sleep apnea severity. Sleep, 7(2), 110–114. While it can be challenging to shift your sleep position, choosing one of the best mattresses for side sleepers can help you find the same comfort on your side that you would on your back.  

Bottom line

Getting the device that best fits your needs and prescription is important and can increase the likelihood of sticking to a nightly CPAP routine. Cost can be a major factor in purchasing or renting a CPAP machine and accessories. Before purchasing a CPAP setup, use all available resources and programs to get the best pricing on your supplies.

Frequently asked questions

The average cost of a CPAP machine varies greatly depending on the device. A discontinued CPAP model or refurbished unit can cost as little as $200, while a new BiPAP machine can cost close to $2,000 or more.

Yes, a person can buy their own CPAP machine. You can pay out of pocket for devices and supplies, but a proper prescription and proof of a sleep study is still required to make the purchase.

CPAP machines are considered durable medical equipment, or DME. Most insurance policies provide at least five years of coverage for DME, but the exact amount of coverage will depend on your policy.

You will likely need to make monthly payments if you rent, use credit, use insurance, or finance your CPAP machine. Paying in full for your machine is possible if you pay out of pocket or use private insurance.

No. Authorized and reputable CPAP retailers cannot sell CPAP machines without a prescription, which requires a sleep study to diagnose sleep apnea. Purchasing any CPAP devices or supplies from retailers that do not require documentation is not advisable.

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