What is AMP?

The Aging Mastery Program® (AMP) is a fun and engaging education and behavior change incentive program for aging well. Central to the AMP philosophy is the belief that modest lifestyle changes can produce big results and that people can be empowered and supported to cultivate health and longevity. Equally important, the program encourages mastery—developing sustainable behaviors across many dimensions that will lead to improved health, stronger financial security, and overall well-being. Each level of mastery is based on consistency and duration, allowing participants to set individual goals. Another key element of the program is the reward system, designed to both motivate and encourage ongoing participation. Download the program overview.

Why is AMP Important?

Life expectancy has increased dramatically over the past 50 years, yet societal expectations of older adults have changed little. Moreover, people are generally unprepared for this increased longevity. AMP offers an innovative approach to guide individuals through this phase of life. The program incorporates evidence-informed materials, expert speakers, group discussion, peer support, and small rewards to give participants the skills and tools they need to achieve measurable improvements in managing their health, remaining economically secure, and contributing actively in society. All program materials and resources align with the goal of helping people enjoy self-sufficient lives.

How Will AMP Grow?

NCOA believes that the Aging Mastery Program® has great potential for nationwide scaling because of the benefits it will produce for older adults and for senior centers and other community-based organizations across the country. A series of pilot tests involving 35 sites across the country are encouraging and demonstrated a strong demand for a program like Aging Mastery®. Most importantly, preliminary results have shown that older adults in the program increased their social connectedness, physical activity, healthy eating habits, understanding of preventive benefits, communication with their health care team, and use of advanced planning.

Where is AMP Currently Offered?

AMP is a nationwide program with a presence in more than 125 sites from Massachusetts to Florida and California to Alaska reaching thousands of baby boomers and older adults. NCOA partners with statewide organizations as well as regional and local partners to promote community-wide adoption of the program. Find AMP locations nationwide.

NCOA also works with foundations and corporations to spread AMP to new communities and to develop elective classes and other program offerings. To explore AMP partnership opportunities, contact us.

What are AMP Results?

Initial pilot projects involving 225 participants were very encouraging and demonstrated a strong demand for the program. Most importantly, results have shown that older adults in the program significantly increased their:

  • Social connectedness
  • Physical activity levels
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Use of advanced planning
  • Participation in evidence-based programs
  • Adoption of several other healthy behaviors

Program graduation and satisfaction data continue to provide support that the program resonates with older adults as both fun and educational. 92% of program participants graduate (take 8 of 10 classes), 86% find the program a lot of fun, and 82% would recommend the program to a friend.

How is AMP Different from Evidence-based Programs?

AMP is an engagement and behavior change program designed to educate, encourage, and support baby boomers and older adults to take actions to improve their health, finances, and general well-being and to contribute more to their communities and society. As of now, AMP does not have a sufficient research base to qualify as an evidence-based program. The NCOA helps community-based organizations implement evidence-based programs that promote healthy lives for older adults. Learn more about those programs and view this chart to learn about the differences between AMP and the Stanford’s Chronic Disease Self-Management Education programs.

What Does the AMP Cost?

AMP is licensed by organization and fees are based on the number of locations hosting classes. The core AMP curriculum is delivered as a “classroom in a box” which includes all participant materials. Local partners may choose to price the program higher to cover their costs of program delivery. Download the current price sheet.

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