BetterHelp Review 2024: Our Thoughts After Testing the Platform

Feb 29, 2024
Fact Checked
Written by: Savannah Bacon, Kit Smith
Medically Reviewed by: Lauren Masopust, MS, LMFT
BetterHelp Our Top Pick
  • $240–$360 per month without financial aid
  • Offers financial aid for up to 40% off your subscription
  • Includes group therapy sessions, mental health webinars, and unlimited messaging

With online therapy, you can get professional mental health care from the comfort of your home at convenient times to fit your schedule. BetterHelp, one of the biggest and most popular platforms in this space, provides individual therapy from licensed therapists and psychologists for issues such as depression and anxiety. These are two of the most common mental health issues among people 60 and older. [1] World Health Organization. Mental health of older adults. Found on the internet at

While BetterHelp is meant for individual therapy for adults 18 and older, the therapists also support specialty sites for more specific needs, such as ReGain for couples counseling.

Our Reviews Team mystery shopped BetterHelp, talked with company representatives, interacted with its customer service team, explored other customer experiences, and read reviews on BBB and Trustpilot so you can see whether it’s right for you. BetterHelp earned our “Editor’s Pick” in the Reviews Team’s story about the best online therapy overall.

BetterHelp review

Cost per month: $240–$360

Types of therapy: Live video, phone, messaging

Financial aid: Yes

Accepts insurance: No

Prescribes medication: No

BetterHelp is an online therapy platform offering video, audio, and chat therapy to individuals, couples, and teens. Along with weekly therapy sessions, a BetterHelp subscription includes unlimited messaging with your therapist, weekly group therapy sessions, and daily live webinars on mental health topics. And, unlike most online therapy platforms, BetterHelp offers financial aid for up to 40% off membership fees.

BetterHelp has the largest network of therapists of any online therapy platform, with more than 34,000 providers supporting all U.S. states. BetterHelp therapists are licensed psychologists (PhD/PsyD), licensed professional counselors (LPC), licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT), or licensed clinical social workers (LCSW/LICSW). 

Offers financial aid
Can use HSA and FSA dollars
Can wait for a therapist match before paying
Can easily switch therapists
Highly rated app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
Doesn’t accept insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid
Prices vary depending on location, therapist availability, and therapist preferences
Can’t prescribe medication

How does BetterHelp work?

To try BetterHelp therapy, visit the website on your computer or download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

You’ll need to fill out an initial questionnaire to get matched to a therapist. You can expect questions about your relationship status, sexuality, and spirituality, as well as why you are pursuing therapy, such as trauma, anxiety, depression, and grief.

Once you finish the questionnaire and register for an account, you’ll be matched with a therapist within a few hours or days. During sign up, you can indicate the type of therapist you want to be matched with by factors like age range, gender, race or ethnicity, and religious affiliation. You can also express a preference for a therapist who offers LGBTQ+ specialized care. Your membership will start once you’re paired with a therapist and have paid for your subscription.

Finding the right therapist is the key to successful mental health services, so BetterHelp makes it easy to switch therapists if yours isn’t the right fit. From your BetterHelp app, you will fill out a two-question form about your new therapist preferences and what experience you want them to have, similar to the initial sign-up process. Once you submit your request, BetterHelp will begin looking for your new therapist.

Live video sessions

BetterHelp’s live video sessions allow you to virtually meet face-to-face with your counselor (similar to Zoom or Skype). You schedule video sessions ahead of time and log in to the virtual room at your appointment time. 

Live chat sessions

Those who prefer messaging can schedule live chat sessions with a BetterHelp counselor. During live chat sessions, you can expect instant responses from your counselor. Just schedule a live chat appointment and log in at your scheduled time to start the conversation. You can access and re-read the conversation log as long as your BetterHelp subscription is active.

Note that live chat sessions are different than BetterHelp’s unlimited messaging feature. BetterHelp’s non-live messaging functions more like email—it doesn’t require a scheduled appointment. You can send messages anytime, and your counselor will respond at their convenience. You’ll receive an email notification when your therapist responds.

Live phone sessions

BetterHelp also offers live phone therapy sessions via landline or cellphone. Like scheduling chat and video sessions, schedule your appointment and log in to your virtual therapy room at the scheduled time. Your BetterHelp counselor will kickstart the phone session, and the system will request your phone number. Once you answer, the system will call your phone and connect your therapist to start the session.

Group therapy sessions

BetterHelp also offers a variety of virtual group therapy sessions. You can talk to your therapist about adding group therapy to your treatment plan, or you can try group therapy on its own. BetterHelp’s group therapy options change over time; here are common types of group therapy:

BetterHelp webinars

BetterHelp therapists host mental health webinars, also called “Groupinars,” every day on topics such as:

You access them through the Groupinars section of your BetterHelp portal. Every session is capped at 500 attendees.

Eight to 12 sessions are hosted during weekdays, and four are offered every Saturday and Sunday. Depending on the moderator’s preferences, you can either ask questions during the presentation or afterward through chat. If you can’t attend the Groupinar for any reason, BetterHelp will email you a link to the recorded session.

Who should use BetterHelp

BetterHelp may suit your needs if you seek a convenient online therapy solution. BetterHelp counselors treat issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, relationships, parenting, anger, grief, sleeping issues, family conflicts, LGBTQIA+ matters, and more.

Online therapy helps those who can’t or prefer not to commute to an in-person session. It also complements a busy lifestyle when therapy is hard to fit into your schedule. BetterHelp offers flexibility in scheduling appointments, switching therapists and treatment types, and finding the care you need. BetterHelp is not designed for minors, emergency assistance, court-ordered therapy, or medication management, since BetterHelp therapists do not prescribe medication.

Types of online counseling BetterHelp offers

BetterHelp isn’t limited to any particular therapy modality—its counselors offer a variety of specialties and approaches. Your initial sign-up questionnaire helps match you with a therapist meeting your needs. Your therapist will also help assess the best therapy treatment for you. You can switch counselors anytime if your treatment type or counselor isn’t working out. 

Common treatment modalities BetterHelp therapists may use are:

Image of the therapist matching questionnaire.
BetterHelp’s sign-up questionnaire helps match you with a compatible therapist and treatment type.

Can BetterHelp prescribe medication?

BetterHelp therapists cannot prescribe medication. See our review of the best online psychiatrist platforms for online medication management options.

Can BetterHelp diagnose mental health conditions?

No, BetterHelp counselors can’t diagnose mental health conditions on the platform, even if they’re qualified to do so elsewhere. BetterHelp terms and conditions explain that the platform isn’t intended for clinical diagnosis, court-ordered therapy, or emotional support animal (ESA) certification.

How much does BetterHelp cost?

BetterHelp costs $240–$360 per month without financial aid, depending on your location, therapist preferences, and availability. BetterHelp’s pricing varies by location because you are matched with a therapist licensed in your state. With the coupon code “NCOA,” you can receive 20% off your first month of BetterHelp.

Does BetterHelp take insurance or Medicare?

BetterHelp does not accept Medicare or Medicaid. The platform also does not accept insurance and will not bill your insurance directly, but you can download an itemized invoice of your services from your BetterHelp portal by clicking Account Settings > Payment Settings > Billing History. You can then submit claims to your insurance for potential reimbursement. Any insurance coverage depends on your insurance plan.

Does BetterHelp offer financial aid?

Yes! BetterHelp is one of the only online therapy platforms that offers ongoing financial aid. Before you pay for your subscription, it will ask if you need financial assistance. The BetterHelp financial aid calculator uses factors such as your household income and number of children or dependents to determine your financial aid for up to 40% off your subscription. This means you’d pay $144–$216 per month with the maximum aid.

You need to reapply for financial aid every three months, but BetterHelp will email you a reminder.

Table 1, Comparison of online therapy platforms, as of January 2024

Cost per Month$240–$360$299–$349Varies by location, but prices start at $316–$556$259–$349
Types of TherapyLive video, phone, messaging therapyLive video therapyLive video, phone, messaging therapyLive video, phone, messaging therapy
Accepts Insurance NoYesYesYes
Offers Financial AidYesNoNoNo
Prescribes MedicationNoYesYesYes

How we chose the best online therapy platforms

Based on our independent research and consultations with mental health experts, our Reviews Team determined the following factors to be important when looking for online therapy:

We also consulted with independent mental health professionals for their insights into the benefits and drawbacks of online therapy to aid our reviews.

Bottom line

BetterHelp can be an accessible, convenient, and affordable online therapy option for those looking for teletherapy. With plenty of added benefits, like mental health webinars, weekly group therapy sessions, and financial aid for up to 40% off your subscription, it earned our Review Team’s “Editor’s Pick” in our story about the best online therapy.

While BetterHelp can be a good option for individual therapy for adults 18 and older, the BetterHelp specialty site ReGain would be best for those who want couples therapy. Those who are looking for LGBTQ+ specialized care can find a therapist who meets that preference on BetterHelp.

Frequently asked questions

BetterHelp is the world’s largest online therapy service, with a network of more than 30,000 licensed therapists. It was founded in 2013, and millions have used its services. BetterHelp counseling reviewers rate the platform highly.

Positive customer reviews on BBB and Trustpilot cite Betterhelp’s strengths, like accessibility, affordability, flexibility, financial aid, and various therapy tools. Negative reviews call for customer service and financial policy improvements.

BetterHelp packs a lot into its monthly subscription benefits, including weekly therapy sessions, unlimited video, audio, and chat messaging, weekly group therapy sessions, worksheets, a journaling tool, and daily live mental-health webinars. BetterHelp’s cost of $240–$360 per month may work well for those without insurance who want to avoid high out-of-pocket, private-practice therapist fees. The platform also provides financial aid for up to 40% off membership fees.

In BetterHelp counseling reviews on BBB and Trustpilot, customers frequently mention improved mental health, strong connections with therapists, and gratitude for aid during life challenges like divorce and surgery. 

BetterHelp therapists cannot prescribe medications. Explore our review of the best online psychiatry platforms if you’re looking for medication management.

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  1. World Health Organization. Mental health of older adults. Found on the internet at
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