The Best Walgreens Hearing Aids of 2024: Are They Worth It?

Dec 21, 2023
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Our Reviews Team visited various Walgreens stores and hand tested hearing aids to help you find the best fit.

Key Takeaways

OTC hearing aids hit the market in October 2022, and Walgreens was one of the first stores to begin selling them. The nationwide chain, which serves roughly 9 million customers every day, formed a partnership with Lexie Hearing to offer OTC hearing aids for adults 18 and older with mild to moderate hearing loss. OTC hearing aids can be purchased without a prescription or hearing exam, and some OTC hearing aids, like Lexie, sell for less than half the cost of prescription hearing aids.

Currently, Walgreens only sells Lexie hearing aids. Read on to see if Lexie devices are a good fit for you, and learn how to save money when shopping for hearing aids at Walgreens.

For information on other brands of OTC hearing aids, read our review of the best OTC hearing aids. And if you’re looking for the best prescription devices, check out the best hearing aids.

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Our Reviews Team recommends products and services we believe provide value in the lives of our readers. We’ve spent more than 5,000 hours conducting in-depth research on hearing aid devices to give you the most accurate hearing aid review. To make these selections, we:

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Table 1 Lexie vs. other OTC hearing aids, as of December 2023

LexieJabra EnhanceEargoSony
Price per pair$799–$999$1,195–$1,995$1,650–$2,950$999–$1,299
Reviews Team rating (out of 5)
StyleBehind-the-ear, receiver-in-canalReceiver-in-canal, mini receiver-in-earCompletely-in-canalIn-the-canal, in-the-ear
Battery typeDisposable (Lumen) or rechargeable (B2)Disposable (Enhance Select 50) or rechargeable (Enhance Select 100 and 300)RechargeableDisposable (C10) or rechargeable (E10)
Bluetooth streamingYes (B2)YesNoYes (E10)
How to adjustApp or buttons on hearing aidApp or buttons on hearing aidApp or tapping on earApp
Warranty length (years)131–21

Best Walgreens hearing aids of 2023

Lexie Lumen

Lexie Lumen
Discreet behind-the-ear (BTE) model
Lightweight and comfortable to wear
Automatically adjusts based on your Lexie hearing screen results
Easy to connect with app for setup and adjustments
Customer support available for the life of your hearing aids
Five color choices
Water resistant
Telecoil included
Only one style
Not waterproof
No Bluetooth streaming capabilities
Buttons on hearing aid may be hard to use for people with dexterity issues

Lexie Hearing is the product of hearing software company hearX, which was founded in Pretoria, South Africa, in 2015. The Lumen is the most affordable Lexie model, a behind-the-ear hearing aid that has all of its working parts encased in a small, curved plastic housing that sits behind your ear. A thin, flexible clear tube attached to a silicone dome carries sound into your ear canal.

The Lumen was the first OTC hearing aid to hit Walgreens shelves in October 2022. A member of our Reviews Team spoke with Luke Rauch, Walgreens senior vice president and chief merchandising officer, who explained that the company chose the Lexie Lumen not only for the device’s quality, but also for the high level of customer support provided by Lexie Hearing.

“We offer the Lexie Lumen because it has proven to provide audiologist-quality and custom fitting, as well as accessible customer support that ensures our shoppers get the best non-prescription hearing aid experience available. Because we chose Lexie, customers can connect directly with hearing experts through video or voice calls to get real-time support when they need it,” said Rauch.

A member of our Reviews Team tried a pair of Lexie Lumens and found them to be comfortable to wear, even with eyeglasses. After just 10 minutes, we forgot we had them on. This is in contrast to hearing aids that caused itching or a plugged feeling for our testers.

The Lumen comes with both open and closed domes in various sizes, so you can try different ones to get the best fit and sound quality.

But the Lumen is not rechargeable and only uses disposable batteries—which might be a dealbreaker for some. In our Reviews Team’s survey of hearing aid users, “rechargeable batteries” was the second-most popular hearing aid feature, behind only “digital noise reduction.”

How to set up the Lumen

Whether you buy the Lexie Lumen at your local Walgreens store or order it online, the first step after opening the box is to install the batteries. The Lumen comes with four packs of size 312 zinc air batteries, each of which will power your hearing aids for up to seven days. When you need more, they’re easy to find online, at Walgreens stores, and in other stores where batteries or health devices are sold.

After taking your hearing aid batteries out of the package, remove the plastic tabs (see image below) on the back of the batteries and then let them sit for 2–3 minutes to allow them to activate before placing them in your hearing aids. Brian Murray, a hearing instrument specialist based in Raleigh, North Carolina, said doing this can extend the life of your batteries and ensure you get the longest possible use from each one.

Lexie hearing aid with size 312 zinc air battery
Lexie open battery compartment with a new hearing aid battery on the right. Note the brown plastic tab on the back of the battery.

Look for the small battery door on each hearing aid and pull to open it. Place a battery face down in each compartment, then press the door back into place until it snaps shut.

Closing the battery door will turn on your hearing aids. Now you’re ready to download the free Lexie Hearing app on your smartphone or tablet and connect your hearing aids. All Lexie hearing aids are compatible with smartphones and tablets using iOS 13.0 and newer or Android 7.0 and newer.

Our Reviews team remarked that replacing the batteries in the Lexie Lumen was easy and intuitive, but may provide a challenge for those with vision or dexterity issues, such as arthritis, as the batteries and compartment door are small.

After you get the app from the Apple store or Google Play store, it will walk you through the process of connecting your new hearing aids. Connecting to the app is an essential step for taking the hearing screening, which the app will use to automatically adjust your hearing aids based on your results.

Lexie Lumen features

One of the strongest selling points of the Lumen is its array of features packed into a model that’s priced hundreds of dollars less than many other OTC hearing aids.

When we tested the Lumen, we found the buttons on the hearing aid a bit hard to use. In fact, we couldn’t make adjustments with one hand because the buttons were too stiff. It took one hand holding the device and the other pressing the button to change the volume or listening profile. We preferred using the app to adjust the volume and listening profiles.

Overall, our Reviews Team was impressed with the sound quality and feel of the Lumen. It’s only sold in some Walgreens locations, so call your local store to see if they carry the Lumen. You can also buy it online and have it delivered to your address with free shipping.

Walgreens customer ratings of the Lexie Lumen

Walgreens customers have given the Lexie Lumen a rating of 4.7 out of five stars. This number is based on just 14 reviews, but 12 of those reviews had five-star ratings. Two customers gave it a rating of one to two stars with no additional comments.

The five-star ratings praise the comfort and quality of the Lumen, with customers frequently mentioning how much better they can hear with their new devices compared to their older hearing aids. Many customers said they also enjoy using the Lexie Hearing app.

To learn more about the Lexie Lumen, read our Lexie hearing aids review.

Lexie B2 Powered by Bose

LexieB2 Hearing Aids In Charger
Slim receiver-in-canal (RIC) model
Lightweight and comfortable to wear
Rechargeable battery
Self-fitting model that can be fine tuned for your hearing needs
Easy to connect with app for setup and adjustments
Customer support available for the life of your hearing aids
No Bluetooth streaming capabilities
Only one style
Only one color choice (gray)
App is required to make adjustments to hearing aid settings

In February 2023, Walgreens added the Lexie B2 Powered by Bose to its hearing aid options. Unlike the Lumen, which is carried in some Walgreens stores, the B2 is only available for online purchase.

Lexie Hearing partnered with sound tech leader Bose to produce the B2, a self-fitting OTC hearing aid with excellent sound quality.1 “Self-fitting” means the user can adjust the settings themselves rather than relying on a hearing specialist to make adjustments. For example, the Lexie B2 allows you to switch between listening profiles (called “environment settings” on the Lexie app), but you can also adjust parameters like balance between your left and right ears, bass, and treble.

While it may seem that self-fitting hearing aids are the best choice for everyone, this isn’t always the case. It takes some background knowledge to be successful with the fine-tuning adjustments available on self-fitting hearing aids such as the B2. Those who are not comfortable with technology may not want to deal with the nuance of adjusting self-fitting hearing aids, although there is little to no risk of damaging your hearing by adjusting your self-fitting hearing aids improperly, according to recent research.2

The Lexie B2 is $2,000 less than other OTC devices with similar sound processing features. Self-fitting hearing aids have undergone extensive testing to prove to the FDA that they can be adjusted by users similarly to how a hearing professional would adjust them in a clinic.

The B2 comes with four preset listening profiles, but it doesn’t include a hearing screening through the Lexie app like the Lumen does, so the profiles aren’t customized to your hearing needs. That’s up to you to adjust based on which sounds you need amplified.

You can make the following fine-tuning adjustments using the app:

If you’re not sure how to adjust your B2 devices to match your hearing needs, contact the Lexie support team for help. They can assist you in making and saving adjustments to your listening profiles in the app.

RIC vs. BTE hearing aid styles

The B2 is a receiver-in-canal (RIC) model, which looks similar to the behind-the-ear (BTE) style of the Lumen but is made differently. While a BTE houses all of its working parts in the curved piece behind your ear, an RIC has all parts except the receiver (which acts as a speaker) in the piece that sits behind the ear.

As the name “receiver-in-canal” suggests, the receiver sits in your ear canal, connected to the back of the hearing aid by a thin wire encased in tubing. Both the wire and tubing are so small they’re nearly invisible when the device is correctly fitted to your ear. For more information on all of the most common hearing aid styles, read our hearing aids buyer’s guide.

You’ll receive an ear fitting tool with your Lexie hearing aids purchase. The user manual gives instructions on how to measure your ear and choose the correct tubing. If you need a different size than what you’ve received with your B2 devices, you can order the correct size from the Lexie website.

Lexie Ear Measuring Tool
The Lexie ear fitting tool

B2 ratings from Walgreens customers

The Lexie B2 has an even higher rating than the Lumen, with 4.6 out of five stars based on 82 reviews. It should be noted that these reviews were originally posted on the Lexie website and are now included with Walgreens hearing aid reviews, so they speak to customers’ experiences with Lexie products and customer support rather than Walgreens customer support.

Remarkably, 63 reviewers gave their hearing aids five stars, and the remaining 19 reviewers rated them four stars. No user rated the hearing aids lower than four stars, which reflects well on the quality of the Lexie B2 devices and after-purchase support.

Our Reviews Team combed through all of the reviews on the Lexie B2 and found the majority of customers were pleased with how easy the hearing aids are to use, recharge, and put in every morning.

One reviewer said, “It’s great to be able to hear the little things I’ve been missing out on—the leaves falling and hitting the ground, the gravel beneath my feet, the birds singing—these hearing aids are great! It’s so easy to put them in the charger and then pop them in my ears every morning. Easy set up, great features and price. I’m sorry I waited so long.”

The four-star reviews noted issues connecting the hearing aids with the app, problems making adjustments with the app, and users wishing they could stream music to their hearing aids.

What to consider before buying the B2 Powered by Bose

The points highlighted in the four-star reviews point to several factors you may want to think about before buying the Lexie B2.

It’s self-fitting

Because this model is self-fitting, it’s designed to be customized by the user with the Lexie Hearing app. But not everyone is comfortable or has someone to help them make fine adjustments to their hearing aids or has the experience to do it successfully.

Some people may prefer the less complicated Lumen model, which only allows the choice of six listening profiles and does not include fine-tuning adjustments. Other people need a hearing instrument programmed for their exact hearing loss profile.

Prescription hearing aids, which generally start at about $1,600 per pair, are programmed by a hearing specialist in the clinic based on the results of an in-person hearing exam. They have the advanced technology needed to change settings as you move from one environment to another, eliminating the need to make adjustments in an app.

It requires the Lexie app to make adjustments

Also keep in mind that the B2 requires a connection to the Lexie Hearing app for making fine-tuning adjustments. You can change the volume manually using buttons on the hearing aids, but to change listening profiles or other settings like directionality, bass, and treble, you must use the app. This could be a limitation for people who don’t have a smartphone or prefer not to adjust their hearing aids with an app.

It doesn’t stream music or TV shows

As for Bluetooth streaming, only the Lexie B2 streams phone calls with iPhone devices. If you’re looking for a hearing aid with enhanced Bluetooth streaming, OTC hearing aid brands Jabra Enhance and Audicus, as well as all prescription brands, offer that capability.

To learn more about the Lexie B2 Powered by Bose, read our Lexie hearing aids review.

Pros and cons of Walgreens hearing aids

Pros 45-day trial period Ability to see the Lexie Lumen up close before buying Less expensive subscription plan than buying directly from Lexie Ways to save money using a myWalgreens credit card or myWalgreens points
Cons Only one brand available Not appropriate for severe or profound hearing loss No audiology support offered through Walgreens, although Lexie provides remote support Inconsistency between stores listed on Walgreens website as carrying hearing aids and which locations actually stock them

How to buy hearing aids at Walgreens

Read on to learn about the different ways you can purchase hearing aids from Walgreens.

Buying Walgreens hearing aids online

Walgreens website

Buying Lexie hearing aids from Walgreens online

Follow these steps to purchase hearing aids through the Walgreens website:

If you choose to pick up your order or have it shipped to the store, follow the prompts to select your store location. For same-day pickups, we recommend calling the store before placing your order to confirm that they have the hearing aids in stock.

Walgreens Find Care

Lexie hearing aids and free hearing test, Walgreens Find Care online

Lexie hearing aids can also be purchased by visiting Walgreens Find Care, which connects you with medical providers or products that Walgreens has contracted with. Clicking on the Walgreens Find Care link above will direct you to the Lexie website. From there you can purchase Lexie hearing devices using one of two methods: You may choose to pay the full cost up front, or you can choose a subscription plan, allowing you to spread the cost of your hearing aids out over 24 months.

By taking advantage of the Lexie subscription plan through Walgreens Find Care, you can pay a reduced rate of $39 per month for 24 months, plus an initial $50 startup fee for the Lumen or a $249 fee for the B2. This is a savings of $3 per month on the Lumen and $10 per month on the B2 compared to choosing the subscription plan on the Lexie website without going through Walgreens.

Keep in mind that if you choose to buy hearing aids with this method, you’ll be purchasing them directly from Lexie. This means that if you need to return them for any reason, you’ll need to return them to Lexie, not Walgreens.

Buying in store

Our Reviews Team visited multiple Walgreens stores to learn more about buying hearing aids in person.

Unfortunately, none of the four stores we went to carried Lexie hearing aids, even though they were listed as “in stock” at three of those locations on the Walgreens website. At two stores, the staff had no idea what we were asking for, and at one store the manager said they had sold out quickly and the store needed to restock.

That’s why our Reviews Team recommends calling the store to see if they have hearing aids in stock before heading out to buy them.

Be sure to speak to the pharmacy, since that is the department that stocks hearing aids. Be specific. Tell the pharmacist you’re looking for Lexie Lumen hearing aids, as several staff members thought we were looking for earbuds, sound amplifiers, or “As Seen on TV” items.

And remember that if you want the Lexie B2 Powered by Bose hearing aids, they’re only carried on the Walgreens website and are not available for in-store pickup.

How much do hearing aids at Walgreens cost?

The Lexie Lumen costs $799 per pair at Walgreens, and the B2 costs $999 per pair.

Payment options

Walgreens accepts a variety of payment methods for purchases:

Financing isn’t available through Walgreens. But as noted above, Walgreens Find Care allows you to purchase hearing aids from the Lexie website with a monthly subscription plan rather than paying the full cost up front.

Ways to save money on hearing aids at Walgreens

Although Walgreens hearing aids are less expensive than many prescription and OTC devices, they’re still an expensive purchase. You can save money when buying hearing aids and other items at Walgreens in the following ways:

Use a myWalgreens credit card

The myWalgreens credit card can help you save money by earning cash rewards with your hearing aid purchase, which you can use when shopping at Walgreens in the future. The website states cardholders earn 5% on non-Walgreens branded items, so you would earn $39 from the purchase of Lexie Lumen hearing aids, or $49 from a Lexie B2 hearing aid purchase.

Take advantage of myWalgreens points

The myWalgreens program is a free loyalty program that allows you to earn Walgreens cash rewards on purchases. Your rewards can then be applied toward future items bought in-store or on the website. If you shop regularly at Walgreens, this could be a great way to save money on your hearing aids purchase.

Use HSA or FSA funds

Money from health savings accounts (HSA) and flexible spending accounts (FSA) can be used for health-related expenses, including hearing aids. You can withdraw the funds tax-free, saving money on your hearing aids purchase.

What to consider before buying hearing aids from Walgreens

The first step in deciding which hearing aid is right for you is determining your degree and type of hearing loss. The most accurate way to do this is through an in-person hearing exam at a hearing care clinic.

An in-person exam, which is free at many hearing clinics and the VA, is the only way to obtain an audiogram showing the thresholds at which you can (and can’t) hear each sound frequency.3 In-person exams also allow a hearing professional to rule out any causes of hearing loss that need treatment other than hearing aids. For example, earwax impaction and certain medical conditions can cause hearing loss that are more effectively treated with other methods, according to the Cleveland Clinic.4

If you don’t live near a hearing clinic or prefer not to get an in-person exam, Lexie offers a free, clinically validated hearing screen on its website. It takes about two minutes to complete and can give you an idea of your degree of hearing loss and whether you’re a good candidate for OTC hearing aids.

If you have mild or moderate hearing loss, Lexie hearing aids from Walgreens could be a good fit. When considering whether to buy the Lumen or the B2, think about the following factors.

Table 2 Comparison of Lexie Lumen to B2 Powered by Bose


B2 Powered by Bose

Price per pair$799$999
Battery typeDisposableRechargeable
Lexie Hearing appUsed for initial hearing screen; automatically adjusts hearing aids to your profileRequired for selection of listening environment and fine tuning
AdjustmentsSelect from six preset listening environmentsChange parameters within each of four listening profiles for your specific needs

Warranties and trial periods

Walgreens has a 30-day return policy for merchandise. We contacted customer service to see what the return policy was for hearing aids and were directed to the Lexie return policy. While Lexie provides a 45-day trial period, if you buy Lexie hearing aids from a retail location (like Walgreens), the retailer’s return policy applies, so you’d have 30 days, not 45, to return your Lexie hearing aids to Walgreens.

Lexie also offers a one-year standard warranty covering manufacturers defects. If you want additional warranty coverage for breakage or other damage, we recommend purchasing your hearing aids directly from Lexie Hearing. With this method, you’ll have the option to add a protection plan for breakage and damage.

Customer Service

A member of our Reviews Team called the Walgreens customer service number and was connected with a pharmacy representative in less than two minutes. They were helpful in answering questions about hearing aids sold on the website, but couldn’t answer our questions about which of the devices were hearing aids and which were sound amplifiers.

We also contacted Walgreens through the online chat and reached a staff member in less than one minute. The general customer service agent wasn’t able to answer our questions about the warranty, but they referred us to a pharmacist, who then directed us to Lexie warranty information.

Finally, we visited four Walgreens stores to find Lexie hearing aids. We asked about them in the pharmacy, but most employees weren’t familiar with what we were looking for.

Overall, our search for hearing aids in Walgreens stores was unsuccessful and led to customer service that, while friendly, was lacking in knowledge about the hearing products Walgreens carries. We also learned that while pharmacists are available to answer questions, they don’t have specialized training on hearing aids or hearing health.

Additionally, there is no way to check your hearing in the store. A free in-store hearing screening would be a great service for people who are considering buying hearing aids, allowing them to see if their hearing loss falls within the mild-to-moderate range that OTC hearing aids can treat.

For questions about Lexie hearing aids, we recommend calling the Lexie customer support department directly at 800-499-1336, which is available from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, Monday through Saturday.

The staff has been friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable every time we’ve contacted them.

Walgreens customer service options

You can reach Walgreens customer service in the following ways:

Walgreens hearing aid accessories

In addition to Lexie Lumen and B2 hearing aids, Walgreens sells the size 312 zinc air batteries needed to keep your Lumen devices working. You can also find replacement tubes and domes and an electronic hearing aid dryer on the Walgreens website.

In fact, the dryer costs $10 less on the Walgreens website than on the Lexie website. But batteries cost less on the Lexie website, so it’s worth comparing prices on both sites when shopping for hearing aid batteries and accessories.

Walgreens hearing amplifiers

In addition to Lexie OTC hearing aids, Walgreens also sells several hearing amplifiers, or personal sound amplification products (PSAPs). Lucid, Nuheara, and MSA Pro are a few brands you’ll find online and in some Walgreens stores.

While hearing amplifiers can make sounds louder, the FDA cautions consumers that PSAPs are not regulated as medical devices like hearing aids are.5 They aren’t meant to treat hearing loss and can’t be adjusted for a specific hearing loss profile. Many hearing amplifiers also lack the sound technology that’s built into hearing aids, such as directional microphones and background noise reduction.

Other places to buy OTC hearing aids

In addition to Walgreens, you can find OTC hearing aids at other stores that sell health devices. Best Buy, Costco, CVS, Walmart, and Victra Verizon stores all sell OTC hearing aids.

Our Reviews Team has also talked to audiologists and learned that some hearing care clinics that carry prescription hearing devices may also begin selling OTC hearing aids.

Bottom Line

Buying OTC hearing aids at Walgreens can be a convenient way to treat mild or moderate hearing loss. But Walgreens hearing aids aren’t capable of addressing severe or profound hearing loss. In either of those cases, you’ll need to visit a hearing care clinic in person for a prescription hearing aid.

If you’re looking for a quality OTC device that can be used with an app and comes with the option of different battery types and listening adjustments, Lexie is a great brand to check out. Buying them through Walgreens gives you the chance to ask questions beforehand, but keep in mind that the Lexie Lumen is the only model available in stores, and not every store currently stocks it, and the B2 is only available online. Also, remember that you’ll get the most knowledgeable help by calling Lexie directly.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Walgreens carries two models of Lexie OTC hearing aids: the Lumen and the B2 Powered by Bose.

Walgreens sells the Lexie Lumen and B2 Powered by Bose hearing aid, OTC devices that you can purchase without a hearing exam or prescription.

No, Walgreens does not have audiologists on staff.

Over-the-counter hearing aids can be an excellent way to treat mild to moderate hearing loss. Many OTC devices include advanced sound technology to amplify sound frequencies based on your specific hearing needs.

Walgreens currently sells two models of Lexie hearing aids. The Lexie Lumen costs $799 per pair, and the B2 Powered by Bose sells for $999 per pair.

Walgreens hearing aids are a solid choice for adults 18 years and older with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss, who are comfortable getting remote audiology support from the Lexie team.

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