As an organization with a long history as an ally for older adults, NCOA takes our reputation and who we partner with very seriously. We use the rigorous Standards of Excellence as the basis for guiding our partnerships. You can feel confident connecting with our partners knowing that they meet our high standards, and that you will receive unbiased education, practical decision support, and trusted enrollment options when you connect with a Medicare partner.

To meet NCOA Standards of Excellence for consumer education and health insurance brokerage services for people with Medicare, partners go through a rigorous review and training process. NCOA is responsible for ensuring our partners meet all of these standards, which fall into 7 key areas:

Compensation and Anti-Steering

Compensation and Anti-Steering Standards are designed to ensure that consumers are not inappropriately 'steered' to buy insurance products. Agents won't be paid differently based on the specific company or plan they recommend.

  • What does this mean for you?
    When you talk to a Medicare expert they won't try to pressure you to purchase a specific plan.

Training and Quality Assurance

Training and Quality Assurance Standards are designed to ensure that consumers are assisted by agents who are highly trained and continually monitored for excellent performance. These standards go beyond what is required for licensure and include additional training from NCOA.

  • What does this mean for you?
    You can trust that the Medicare expert you speak with will be well-trained.

Carrier Representation Standards

Carrier Representation Standards are designed to ensure that consumers can choose from a broad range of the best coverage options available to them. The brokerage service may not discourage consumers from pursuing coverage from carriers (insurance providers) not represented by the broker.

  • What does this mean for you?
    You will not be stopped from pursuing the best provider for you.

Consumer Advocacy

Consumer Advocacy Standards are designed to ensure that customers get additional assistance when they have difficulties with issues such as access to care and prescriptions; claims denials; incorrect payments, authorizations and referrals; and Medicare coordination of benefits. This assistance is provided free of charge.

  • What does this mean for you?
    If you need additional help, the Medicare expert can provide support and guidance. 

Consumer Education and Decision-Support

Consumer Education and Decision-Support Standards are designed to ensure that consumers will have comprehensive information about coverage options and plan choices that is logical, clear, consumer-focused, unbiased and based on individual needs, preferences and circumstances.

  • What does this mean for you?
    You will receive information about your coverage options that is complete, clear, impartial, and based on your needs and preferences. 

Customer Service and Support

Customer Service and Support Standards are designed to ensure that customers receive excellent and prompt service that is available in many languages and accessible for the hearing impaired.

  • What does this mean for you?
    You will receive prompt, accessible, and excellent service from our partners.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance Standards are designed to ensure that the brokerage and its agents comply with all relevant Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and state insurance regulations and notification requirements.

  • What does this mean for you?
    Our partners will always be in legal compliance. 

Partners Who Meet the Standards of Excellence

Three organizations have completed NCOA's rigorous review and training process to meet our Standards of Excellence for Medicare Consumer Education and Insurance Brokerage Services. 

Alight Retiree Health Solutions
Alight has a history of providing quality and value to its customers. Their licensed Benefits Advisors can give you personalized, unbiased guidance so that you can make informed decisions about your healthcare. Learn more at

Ask Chapter
Chapter is a different type of Medicare Advisor. Chapter's team and technology search every Medicare option nationwide. This is why Chapter finds benefits and savings that are otherwise easy to miss. Learn more at

Medicare Choice Group
Medicare Choice Group (MCG) launched in 2018 to deliver a trusted source of expertise related to the Medicare education and transition process. Connect with an enrollment specialist now or learn more about MCG at