Key Takeaways

  • Attend this webinar to learn about the purpose and effectiveness of Mental Health First Aid specifically for older adults, a training focused on identifying, understanding, and responding to signs of mental illness or substance use disorders. 

  • Presenters will discuss practical tips for how Mental Health First Aid is administered, where to find a course in your area, and steps to become a certified instructor and the associated costs

  • This webinar is co-sponsored by NCOA and the National Coalition on Mental Health and Aging.

Mental health first aid provides training to help identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Support through mental health first aid is provided until the appropriate services are coordinated or the crisis is resolved.

Through this webinar, you'll learn more about mental health first aid training and what it covers, who should take the courses, and how to find opportunities in your community. Presenters will discuss the effectiveness of the training and implementation as an evidence-based program. Futhermore, you'll learn about the ALGEE action plan (Assess for risk of suicide or harm, Listen non-judgmentally, Give reassurance, Encourage appropriate professional help, and Encourage self-help) and other support strategies.


  • Anne Chapman, MPH, Director, Strategic Partnership, Mental Health First Aid, National Council for Mental Wellbeing
  • Karen Orsi, Director, Oklahoma Coalition on Mental Health and Aging, and Member of the NCMHA Executive Committee