Kohler Walk-In Tub Review 2024: Strong Reputation and Customization Options

May 25, 2023
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Kohler offers luxurious walk-in tubs with plenty of customization options, but is it right for you? Here’s what our Reviews Team found.
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Optional shower package
Offers different sizes and types of tubs
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Key Takeaways

Did you know that the bathroom is one of the most common locations in the home where a fall with an injury happens, according to research?1 If you’re planning to modify your home to support safety and independence as you age, the bathroom is a good place to start. One way you can remove tripping hazards is by replacing your traditional tub with a walk-in tub.

While traditional tubs have high tub walls that can be difficult to step over, Kohler walk-in tubs replace the high tub wall with a door and a three-inch threshold—one of the lowest thresholds in the industry—to create a safe bathing environment for you or your loved one.

Our Reviews Team selected Kohler as one of the best walk-in tubs on the market for its custom features, like the shower package, which adds an overhead shower option to the bath. Based on its features as well as brand reputation, we decided to review Kohler to give you an in-depth look at what the company offers, so you can decide if it will fit your needs.

Why you can trust our Kohler Walk-In Bath review

Our Reviews Team thoroughly researched brands in the walk-in tub industry to understand who offers the best products and services to meet our readers’ needs. To make our selections, we

About Kohler

Kohler entered the plumbing industry in Kohler, Wisconsin, in 1873. The company has withstood the test of time, advancing its own technology and design as kitchen and bath appliances became more efficient and trendy, and earning multiple awards for smart technology integration. Today, you’ll find Kohler sinks, toilets, and appliances in home improvement stores all around the world.

Kohler also offers accessible bathroom solutions like its walk-in bath and shower for those who are aging in place or have a physical disability. You can choose between many styles, custom options, and accessories to create an accessible bathing environment that matches both your needs and your home decor.

Table 1 Comparison of Kohler Walk-In Bath and Walk-In Bath with Shower Package, as of April 2023

Walk-In BathWalk-In Bath with Shower Package
Tub typeSoaker or jettedSoaker or jetted
Threshold height (inches)33
Standard featuresIn-line water heater, hand-held shower, fast-drain technology, heated backrest, handrails, water and air jets (with jetted tub only)Walk-in tub features plus a gooseneck shower arm with showerhead
Optional featuresBath walls, shelving, wall-mounted grab bars, alternative bath color and faucet finishWalk-in tub optional features plus a bath screen and alternative showerhead designs

*Does not include installation, which can range from $1,000-$20,000

Pros and cons of Kohler walk-in baths

Pros Optional shower package Can add customizable accessories Offers different sizes and types of tubs ADA-compliant Financing options available
Cons Priced higher than many walk-in tubs on the market Requires in-home assessment Must be installed by an authorized Kohler dealer Limited lifetime warranty excludes some tub components No showrooms available to see the product before purchase Customer service representatives request excessive personal information in exchange for little help Poor customer reviews

Kohler walk-in tubs review

Walk-in bath

Kohler walk in bathtub

The Kohler walk-in bath comes in one standard, customizable model built to fit your existing bathing area. Several of its features—including textured non-slip surfaces, a 17-inch high seat, a handheld shower to aid in seated showering, and built-in handrails to help keep you steady as you climb into and out of your tub—comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). And as an added safety perk, this walk-in tub’s 3-inch step-in threshold is one of the lowest in the walk-in tub industry, making it easier to enter and exit the bathtub.

Standard features

This tub’s standard features focus on convenience and comfort. When you bathe in a walk-in tub, you must be inside the tub at all times—even when it’s filling or draining—to keep the water contained. The Kohler Walk-In Bath includes a heated seat so you can stay warm while you wait for it to drain, but you won’t have to wait for long, because Kohler has outfitted its tubs with a fast-drain system that will remove water quicker than a standard tub’s 15-minute drain time. Specific drain time for a walk-in tub will depend on the size of your tub and your plumbing system’s capability. Tubs usually fill in about 10 minutes.

If you want a therapeutic bath, Kohler offers an optional whirlpool water jet system and its trademarked Bubblemassage air jet system, although these options will increase the tub’s price by a few thousand dollars. The whirlpool jets, situated to target your back and legs, provide an underwater massage that can help ease body aches and aids in muscle recovery, according to research.2 And if you want a more gentle massage, you can turn on the Bubblemassage feature to release thousands of tiny bubbles into your water for a less vigorous experience. The water jets can be adjusted to point in more targeted directions, and the air jet speed can be adjusted for more or less intensity.

All of the features, including the drain, can be adjusted by using dials and buttons within reaching distance, so you don’t have to reach under the water to release the drain or look for a remote control to turn off the jets. The control panel (pictured below) allows you to turn the whirlpool jets and heated backrest on or off. The arrows adjust jet intensity, and the white buttons on either side power the Bubblemassage jets.

Kohler walk in tub water massage control panel
The walk-in tub’s circular, illuminated control panel is situated within reach next to the built-in grab bar.

Optional features

Every Kohler walk-in tub has options for personalized customizations to match your current decor. You can choose between a white or biscuit-colored tub shell, and a polished chrome or brushed nickel finish for the faucet.

Walk in tub color and faucet options
Kohler Walk-In Bath options include a white or biscuit tub shell and a chrome or nickel faucet

You can also choose to include Kohler LuxStone bath wall designs with your bathtub installation to protect your existing bathroom walls, or add shelving for storage space. All add-on features are detailed in the accessories section of this review.

Walk-in bath with shower package

Kohler Walk-In Bath with Shower

Not ready to sacrifice your overhead shower for a walk-in tub? Kohler offers a shower package that turns your bath space into a tub and shower combination. The Kohler Walk-In Bath and Shower Package earned our pick for best walk-in tub and shower combination due to its attractive design and customization options, but beware of the price—you could pay up to $15,000 before installation and accessories, depending on the tub type and size.

Standard features

The walk-in tub and shower combination comes with all the standard features of the basic Kohler walk-in tub, including a handheld shower and fast-drain technology, but adds overhead shower components.

The shower package features an overhead shower arm, a showerhead, and a bath screen. The gooseneck-style shower arm is available in a regular (18.2” long) or extended (19.” long) length to accommodate your tub and preferred spray position, and you can choose between three different showerhead styles: traditional, modern, or contemporary.

Gooseneck shower arms and three styles of showerheads for Kohler walk in tub with shower
The Kohler Shower Package includes your choice between two styles of shower arms and three styles of showerheads.

Kohler also includes a bath screen with the shower package to contain the shower’s spray to the tub and limit wet, slippery surfaces outside of the bathing space. The clear bath screen is 41.25” tall and 31.56” wide, which covers about half of your tub space. To further seal in moisture, the bath screen comes with a rubberized bottom lip that stops water from leaking onto the floor.

Walk in tub bath screen with rubberized seal to prevent water leakage while showering
The bath screen has a rubberized bottom lip that prevents water leakage while showering.

Optional features

Similar to the walk-in bath, you can choose between a soaker tub with no jets or a jetted tub with additional therapeutic benefits for your shower package. You also get the same options of tub shell color and faucet finishes to customize your tub to coordinate with your existing bathroom decor.

You’ll need to protect your bathroom walls from being damaged by excess moisture, mold, and mildew, and opting to include waterproof surfaces in your installation can be a smart investment. Unless you already have waterproof panels or tiles on your bathroom walls, LuxStone bath walls may be an important optional feature to consider if you choose the shower package. If you already have bath walls in place, ask your in-home Kohler consultant if you can keep them during your bath renovation. You can also look into having tiles or panels installed separately to save money on your bathroom renovations.

Read more about LuxStone walls in the accessories section of this review.

Wheelchair-accessible tubs

Kohler previously offered a wheelchair-accessible tub at $2,500–$15,000 before installation. It’s no longer available, though you can still find it advertised on the website. Customer service confirmed it is no longer available for purchase.

Man in wheelchair enters Ella’s Bubbles wheelchair accessible tub
The Ella’s Bubbles wheelchair-accessible tub with an outward opening door.

If you’re looking for a tub for yourself or someone who uses a wheelchair and is able to transfer to a seat in a tub, browse our other walk-in tub brand picks. According to our Reviews Team’s research, Ella’s Bubbles has the best options.

Kohler accessories

Kohler differentiates itself from other competitors by providing sleek accessory options to customize your tub. These accessories cost extra, but some may be worth the investment, depending on your physical needs and personal preferences. You can play around with different options using the walk-in tub design tool on the Kohler website.

Grab bars

Just as the name suggests, grab bars give you a secure handle to hold onto as you transfer into or out of your tub. Although grab bars look similar to towel bars, they are not the same. Grab bars are secured to the wall without moving parts, while some towel bars have a rotating rod, which is not a stable or reliable way to steady yourself. Occupational therapists do not recommend suction cup grab bars and recommend any grab bars be installed by a professional to ensure they are at the correct levels and properly anchored to the walls. Towel bars should never be used as grab bars.

Kohler includes handrails with its walk-in tubs, but if you need additional support, you can buy a wall-mounted grab bar, starting around $64, and have it installed at the same time as your tub installation. You can search your local home improvement store for lower priced grab-bar options, which start around $12, but bear in mind making modifications to your Kohler walls or tub with a non-Kohler product may affect your warranty.

Kohler chrome grab bar for support in the bath
Grab bars look similar to towel bars but are sturdier, without moving components like a rotating rod.


Getting rid of your standard tub and shower for a walk-in tub can mean giving up a handy spot to hang your shower caddy. All those shampoo bottles and sponges need a home. Kohler offers shelving options to add to your bathing space, like niche shelves that sit in the bath walls or smaller corner shelving that wedges where the walls intersect. On the Kohler website, shelving attachments cost between $45–$558.

Before investing in shelving, here’s a pro tip: Ask your in-home consultant if your walk-in tub has extra space at either end of the tub, like behind the faucet deck. As long as you’re comfortable reaching for items in these spaces, you may not need shelving.

If you want shelving at lower prices, you can find bath caddies held in place with suction cups, tension rods, and other shelving options on the Lowe’s website starting at $11. Keep in mind any installations requiring drilling into the tub or wall material can affect the Kohler warranty, so try to keep your non-Kohler storage solutions to options that are easily removable.

Extra space behind walk-in tub faucet deck shows room for shampoo and soap bottles
Your tub may have space behind the faucet deck, which can serve as shelving space.

LuxStone bath walls

Perhaps the most luxurious feature of Kohler Walk-In Baths, LuxStone bath walls protect your existing bathroom surfaces with waterproof, stone-like material. You can choose between eight different patterns that mimic stone for a natural, modern look.

Although Kohler doesn’t provide pricing on LuxStone walls, our Reviews Team spoke to a Kohler salesperson who disclosed the cost. Depending on the amount of wall space, LuxStone bath walls can cost around $7,000, on top of your walk-in tub price. Most images of the Kohler Walk-In Bath feature LuxStone walls, but all eight options are in the image below.

LuxStone bath wall color and pattern options
LuxStone bath walls come in eight different colors and patterns.

Our budget-friendly advice is to preserve your existing waterproof bath walls if you have them. Otherwise, you might consider hiring a contractor to install wall tiles or panels made of acrylic or laminate, which can vary in cost depending on the wall area. Just clarify with your in-home consultant that self-installed wall coverings won’t affect your tub’s warranty.

Overhead shower hack

If you want an overhead shower without the price spike, consider using the handheld shower instead. Kohler sells handheld shower holders starting at $27.19, which can be attached anywhere on your bath wall. If you install the holder overhead, you can mount your handheld shower onto the holder to serve as an overhead shower. You just need to make sure the hose is long enough to accommodate your height. The standard length of a shower hose is about 60 inches (five feet) long. If you’re tall, you may want to consider purchasing a longer hose, like the 72-inch long options on the Kohler website, which start at $41.82.

Brittany Ferri, an occupational therapist based in Rochester, New York, suggested another way you can use handheld shower holders. Instead of attaching it overhead, you can attach it closer to your seat. “It keeps the showerhead closer for those who have trouble reaching up to detach it from a more standard position,” she said.

Kohler hand held shower holder attached to wall
An example of a Kohler hand-held shower holder, which allows you to mount your hand-held shower on the wall without installing a separate showerhead.

And don’t forget about your shower enclosure. You can find curtains and rods at local home improvement stores like Home Depot or online on Amazon starting around $10–$20.

How much is a Kohler walk-in tub?

Kohler Walk-In Baths cost between $2,000–$15,000 before installation. Depending on the extent of your bathroom remodel, which can include electrical rewiring, plumbing upgrades, and resurfacing of walls and floors, you could see installation costs spike your total price up by several thousand dollars. A Kohler salesperson told our Reviews Team quotes can climb up to $30,000 for a tub and installation.

The brand’s soaker tub is the most affordable option at $2,000–$5,000 because it doesn’t have therapeutic features like water or air jets. Adding water and air jets will increase the starting price to $5,000, but the full cost can go up to $10,000, depending on the tub’s size.

Large tubs that accommodate larger bathers, also known as bariatric tubs, can cost between $2,500–$15,000, depending on the tub type you choose. And if you’re looking for a walk-in tub-shower combination, expect the price to fall in the same range.

Table 2 Comparison of Kohler Walk-In Tub prices and types, as of April 2023

Tub type


Jetted (water and air)$2,000–$10,000
Tub and shower combination$2,500–$15,000

*Does not include installation

Does insurance cover Kohler walk-in tubs?

Insurance does not typically cover walk-in tubs, but you should always call and ask just in case your circumstances justify partial coverage. Many insurance companies follow Medicare rules, which state walk-in tubs do not qualify as durable medical equipment (DME). Medicare Part B and Medicare Advantage (Part C) may make an exception if your walk-in tub is deemed medically necessary with a prescription from your doctor.

If you have Medicaid, there may be some opportunities for coverage. Call your local Medicaid office to see if you can qualify for any funding opportunities near you. For example, the Home and Community Based Services waiver may be an option if you have physical, mental, health, or cognitive needs that qualify you for home health care assistance.


Kohler offers financing through its partner GreenSky. You must apply for it during your in-home consultation with a Kohler representative. If you qualify for financing, the Kohler representative will help you set up your GreenSky profile to make monthly online payments.

Offers and deals

Kohler doesn’t offer coupon codes or discounts. But it does have special promotions that change monthly, so keep an eye out for an offer that works for you.

Check out our separate article that covers how to save money on walk-in tubs to learn about other financial assistance opportunities that may be available to you, like tax deductions and local programs.

How to buy a Kohler walk-in tub

Buying a Kohler Walk-In Bath starts online. Kohler has a walk-in tub site where it advertises its one model and its features, accessories, and add-ons. This is separate from the main Kohler website. If you’re interested in learning more, you can call customer service to request a free in-home consultation. A service representative will connect you with a local installation expert after you provide your name, phone number, and ZIP code. Before you call Kohler to request a consultation, check to make sure a local expert is available in your area.

Our Reviews Team connected with one local installation company, Pacific Bath, which partners with Kohler to serve western states as an authorized dealer. The employee from Pacific Bath walked us through the initial consultation.

Your local authorized dealer will come to your home and evaluate your space. They will measure your bathroom, determine where your plumbing and electrical systems are, and discuss your options based on your budget and needs. If you need to upgrade your water heater (according to Kohler, a 40–50 gal water heater will suffice), the dealer will help arrange this, too.

Get the most out of your in-home consultation by preparing questions related to your needs. Not sure where to start? Kohler prepared some questions to ask:

Once you decide a walk-in tub is the right fit for you, you’ll purchase the tub, apply for financing if necessary, and schedule your installation. Take time making your decision—most customers consider several brands before settling on one.

Kohler Price Promise

Every Kohler product comes with the Kohler Price Promise, which means any quote you receive is the exact price you will pay. That includes removal of your old tub, installation of your new tub, and all fixtures and components that come with your walk-in tub.

How to install a Kohler walk-in tub

The same dealer that performs your in-home consultation will also arrange your installation. Installation should take one to two days, but it depends on the extent of your bathroom remodel. Factors that can lengthen the installation process include installing a larger tub than the allotted space in your bathroom, rerouting plumbing or electrical systems, or finding structural damage during the construction process. You should get a general idea of installation time from the in-home consultation.

According to the Pacific Bath representative, each local installation company comes with its own installer warranty. Check with your installation company to see what your warranty covers and how long coverage lasts.


Kohler Walk-In Baths come with a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty covers your walk-in tub so long as it’s installed in the home you own and you live in the home. The warranty does not transfer to other homeowners, so if you sell your home, the warranty is void for the next user.

The limited lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects in the tub itself, like the tub’s shell, door seal, and hydrotherapy systems. Most of the other components in the tub, like faucets, are covered separately under a one-year warranty. If you plan to add different accessories to your tub, make sure you ask your in-home consultant which products are covered under the limited lifetime warranty and which ones aren’t. And make sure you have everything in writing.

Installation falls under a separate warranty. As explained in the section above, each local installation company has its own installation warranty. Clarify warranty terms before you arrange for installation so you know how long you’re covered, and for what.

You can avoid damage and repairs to your walk-in tub by caring for it properly. Kohler sells its own cleaning solution for tubs and fixtures for $8.63 and $7.13, respectively. It also has specific instructions on how to care for your tub on its website, like avoiding abrasive cleaners and materials to avoid wearing down surfaces.

Customer service and reviews

Customer service

You can contact Kohler customer service by phone, through online chat, or by filling out an online form on the Kohler website.

Reaching out by phone is the quickest way to speak to someone. When our Reviews Team called the product information line, an employee asked for our name, phone number, and ZIP code to forward us to local staff who could answer specific questions about features and warranty. Unfortunately, we were unable to speak with local staff after holding for 10 minutes. Instead, the employee from the product information line said they would forward our information to local staff who would call us later. They did not call us back, so we had to reach out again and wait to be transferred to a local authorized dealer.

Note there are two numbers on the Kohler Walk-In Bath website:

You can also try reaching customer service through the online text feature, which is a chat bar available on the Kohler Walk-In Bath home page. You’ll need to enter your name and phone number to send a message. All of our questions were answered by an automated response system, and most of the responses we received were unhelpful and irrelevant to the request. When our Reviews Team used the online text feature, we received an unrelated answer as a text message to our phone number. The feature didn’t answer further questions. Instead, it asked for our ZIP code to connect us with a local authorized dealer.

Every response from Kohler customer service will also go to your phone’s text inbox. If you need more information, the system will request your ZIP code to connect you with a local representative. Be aware by entering your information into the chat, you give Kohler permission to contact you.

The Kohler Walk-In Bath customer service page has an online form as well, which you can fill out with your name, email, phone number, ZIP code, and a message. If you’d like to ask a specific question about your bathroom space, you can even upload a photo for reference.

Despite the excessive amount of personal information we had to provide, our Reviews Team found customer service to be unhelpful in answering our questions.

Customer reviews

Kohler has a few online reviews citing positive customer support, but many more customers have had the opposite experience, calling out disorganized installation and delayed repairs or product replacements. But there are no negative reviews targeting the quality of Kohler walk-in tubs specifically.

Kohler isn’t accredited on Better Business Bureau (BBB), but 17 reviewers left comments on its profile, resulting in a rating of 1.65 out of 5 stars. A majority of the reviews were one star due to failed fixtures and poor customer support when repairs were requested. One customer who left a five-star review shared the opposite experience, stating they were able to get their faucet repaired under warranty and without issue.

On Trustpilot, Kohler has 2.3 out of 5 stars out of 21 reviews. Most reviews are one star, with customers describing difficult customer service interactions, fragile products, and prolonged installation times. Six of the 21 customers gave Kohler five-star reviews, though, referencing helpful customer support interactions, contrary to the negative reviewers’ claims.

While BBB and Trustpilot don’t have many customer reviews to bolster their scores, Kohler has 67 reviews from homeowners and contractors on Yelp, with a rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars. Just like the other review websites, customers report differing experiences with Kohler products and services. Our Reviews Team found two contrasting reviews regarding Kohler traditional tubs: one reported leaky jets and a fussy repair process, while the other reported stuck faucet handles and a smooth repair process.

Inconsistent customer support after purchase is a common theme across all Kohler reviews. To avoid surprises after purchase, make sure you keep your receipts and all of your paperwork, and clarify your warranty terms on your walk-in tub, parts, and installation before you buy. Get everything in writing. That way, you’ll have documentation to support any future repairs that are under warranty.

Is a walk-in tub right for me?

A walk-in tub may be right for you if you want to reduce the risk of falls in your bathroom, and if other less costly options, like a transfer board that helps you to slide into your standard tub, aren’t feasible.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with options, get guidance. Talk to your doctor about whether they can give you a referral for an occupational therapist, physical therapist, or certified aging-in-place specialist to evaluate you and your home. These professionals can make recommendations based on your needs, environment, and budget.

Both occupational and physical therapists can share tips and tricks on ways to prevent falls in your home environment. And according to a 2018 study physical therapists can significantly increase your fall risk awareness by providing you with strategies to prevent future falls.3

Not sure if you’re at risk? Take the NCOA Falls Free CheckUp to find out.

Our Reviews Team interviewed Edgar Biazon, a home care physical therapist with the MJHS Health System in New York City, to understand what a physical therapy evaluation in the home entails. Evaluating the home is an essential part of Biazon’s overall evaluation as he meets with his patients to address their physical needs.

Biazon’s evaluation starts before he even steps inside his patient’s house. “The first thing I do is assess the outside of the home,” said Biazon. “Do they live in an apartment building? Do they live in a private house where they have a driveway and a few steps, or a flight of steps?” Biazon said he even evaluates the street outside the home—what stores are nearby, where the local bus stop is located—to understand his patient’s environment and what resources are nearby (and which are not). Then, he evaluates the patient and the interior home environment to determine which interventions are best, which can include both home and lifestyle modifications.

Although major home modifications are less common, small changes in one’s home environment and daily habits can reduce fall risk significantly. Biazon recommends simple measures like adding bed rails to help get up from bed, or removing tripping hazards, like clutter on the floor. You can start taking some of these steps yourself, or with the help of a loved one or caregiver, by using the Check for Safety Home Fall Prevention Checklist by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to find and fix potential hazards in your home. NCOA also has resources to fall proof your home as well as prevent falls with home safety modifications

Biazon also provides his patients with tailored exercise programs that help them achieve their physical goals and instill confidence in themselves. Physical goals can include getting out of bed without assistance or climbing stairs with less difficulty, but they’re often different for each person.

Before you invest in a major home modification, consider meeting with a professional like Biazon. Ask your doctor if an in-home evaluation by a physical or occupational therapist is right for you, so you can determine what you truly need to age in place safely.

Bottom line

The Kohler Walk-In Bath is one of the most decorative and attractive designs on the market, but it’s also one of the most expensive, ranging between $2,000–$15,000 before installation. Price depends on the type of tub you choose, its size, and add-on features like the shower package. Some Kohler accessories, like the LuxStone bath walls, can add about $7,000 to your overall price, and extensive modifications like electrical rewiring, plumbing upgrades, and resurfacing of walls and floors can significantly increase the overall cost.

But there are alternative options to help you save, like hiring your own contractor to install bath walls for your walk-in tub, or installing a handheld shower mount to convert your handheld shower into an overhead shower. You can also consider dividing the payments up by financing your purchase, or by taking advantage of offers on the Kohler website. And don’t forget to apply for government and local assistance programs—you can browse programs near you using NCOA BenefitsCheckUp to see what you qualify for.

Note you’ll need to talk to an in-home Kohler consultant to learn more about products. Kohler customer support provides only limited information, so if you’re curious about Kohler Walk-In Baths, you’ll need to book an appointment. And if you purchase a tub, keep your receipt and clearly document all warranty terms to avoid a difficult repair process if anything malfunctions.

Above all, if you’re unsure of whether significant home modifications are right for you, consult a clinical professional about your immediate and long-term health needs. They can point you in the right direction.

Frequently asked questions

Kohler walk-in tubs are worth the price tag if your priority is a sleek design with customizability. But if your priority is accessibility and budget, there are other affordable walk-in tub options you can explore.

Our Reviews Team identified a few problems with Kohler Walk-In Tubs, including these factors:

  • Customer service representatives ask for an excessive amount of personal information in exchange for little help
  • Majority of customer reviews related to poor customer service
  • Limited lifetime warranty excludes some tub components, like faucet parts
  • No showrooms available to see the product before purchase

Kohler Walk-In Tubs cost between $2,000–$15,000 before installation. Depending on the extent of your bathroom remodel, you could see installation costs that spike your total price up by up to $8,000.

Kohler Walk-In Tubs are assembled in Kohler, Wisconsin, but many Kohler parts are imported from China.

Many insurance companies follow Medicare rules, which state that walk-in tubs do not qualify as durable medical equipment (DME). Medicare Part B and Medicare Advantage (Part C) may make an exception if your walk-in tub is deemed medically necessary with a prescription from your doctor.

Have questions about this review? Email us at reviewsteam@ncoa.org


  1. Bergen, Haddad, et al. A Descriptive Analysis of Location of Older Adult Falls That Resulted in Emergency Department Visits in the United States. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. August 2020.  Found on the internet at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8669898/
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