American Standard Walk-In Tub Review 2024: Prices, Features, and Service

May 19, 2023
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We reviewed American Standard walk-in tubs to help you decide if they’ll meet your needs.
Hundreds of tub options available
Ability to add therapeutic features
Highly reviewed brand across multiple sites

As you or a loved one plan to age in place, you may need to make a few home modifications to make your home more functional, safe, and accessible. According to research, 17.3% of older adult falls occur in the bathroom.1 One way to make your bathroom safer is to install a walk-in tub. While typical tubs have walls you have to step over to get in, walk-in tubs have a low-threshold door, which is easier to navigate if you have limited mobility or difficulty balancing. Walk-in tubs from brands like American Standard offer features that comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), including nonslip seats, grab bars, and hand-held showers, to further reduce the risk of falling while bathing.

Our Reviews Team picked American Standard walk-in tubs as one of the best walk-in tubs on the market due to its competitively priced soakers, which are tubs without jets. It’s also a reputable retailer of home appliances and fixtures, with more than four out of five stars on Trustpilot based on hundreds of reviews.

In this review, we thoroughly investigate American Standard walk-in tubs and services, so you can decide if this brand’s tubs are the right products to help you age in place.

Key Takeaways about American Standard Walk-In Tubs

About American Standard

American Standard has a 150-year history manufacturing plumbing products. Today, it’s a well-known manufacturer of bath fixtures and kitchen appliances, including toilets, faucets, and sinks. You can find American Standard products at most home improvement stores, like Lowe’s or Home Depot, or you can order products through the brand’s website.

To help you create an accessible bathroom space, American Standard also offers ADA-compliant products. For example, the brand sells high-rimmed toilets that require less effort to squat, as well as wheelchair-accessible sinks with space underneath to accommodate legroom.

In July 2010, American Standard acquired Safety Tubs LLC, which is now an affiliate brand that specializes in bathroom safety. You may see Safety Tubs LLC products on the American Standard website or at Home Depot alongside American Standard products. This review focuses on more than 246 American Standard walk-in tubs models, many of which are ADA-compliant and can fit nearly any bathroom space.

While you can find transparent walk-in tub pricing on the American Standard website, the Reviews Team found the experience to be disorganized and product descriptions were unclear. Don’t worry—we decoded the process, so you don’t have to.

Why you can trust our expert review

Our Reviews Team thoroughly researched brands in the walk-in tub industry to understand who offers the best products and services to meet our readers’ needs. To make our selections, we:

Pros and cons of American Standard walk-in tubs

Pros More than 246 walk-in tub options Available online or at local retailers Offers multiple sizes Mostly transparent product pricing ADA-compliant options available
Cons In-home consultation needed for exact quote with installation High thresholds compared to other brands Unorganized online browsing experience Fast-fill faucet, hand-held shower, and quick drain are not included with many tubs Limited warranty with some product lines

American Standard walk-in tub reviews

Acrylic Luxury Series

American Standard Acrylic Luxury Series walk-in tub

The Acrylic Luxury Series features 48 walk-in tub models with different therapy options (soaker, whirlpool, air jet, and combination). All tubs are made of acrylic, which is one of the most durable materials on the market, with longer resistance to discoloration and chipping than other materials, such as gelcoat, which is more fragile and more likely to chip. If you’re looking for a durable tub with almost no maintenance required to protect the shell, acrylic is the best choice.

While other walk-in tubs on the market offer thresholds (the lip you step over to get into the tub) that measure around 2–4 inches high, the Acrylic Luxury Series has a high threshold of up to 8 inches. If one of the reasons you’re looking to purchase a walk-in tub is because of reduced mobility, stepping over a higher threshold may not be ideal—you could catch your foot, which accounts for more than 28% of older adult falls, according to a study of 1,172 participants.1

Table 1 Comparison of American Standard Acrylic Luxury Series walk-in tubs, as of April 2023

Walk-in tub typeSoakersWhirlpool (water jets)Air jetsCombination
Price range (before installation)*$9,140–$10,865$10,701–$12,944$11,256–$13,498$12,254–$14,497
Smallest dimensions (W inches x L inches)28 x 4828 x 4828 x 4828 x 48
Largest dimensions (W inches x L inches)32 x 6032 x 6032 x 6032 x 60
Threshold height (inches)7.25–87.25–87.25–87.25–8

*Installation can range between $1,000–$20,000

Acrylic Luxury Series walk-in tub features

Each Acrylic Luxury walk-in tub comes with basic safety features, like a safety bar to grab while entering and exiting the tub and slip-resistant textured surfaces to prevent slips and falls. If your tub is shorter than 60 inches, you’ll also get a tub extender kit in case you or your installer need to fit your tub in a standard 60-inch alcove. Without it, there would be a gap between the wall and the end of your tub.

Consistent with other walk-in tubs on the market, this series includes a quick drain as a standard feature. Quick drains allow you to empty your tub in about four minutes, depending on the size of your tub, which is fast compared to the typical 15-minute drain time of most traditional tubs. As an included luxury, the neck rest lets you support your head as you relax and unwind.

Every walk-in tub in this series also comes with white or linen color options to match your bathroom, as well as a left- or right-door configuration, depending on your bathroom’s layout. You can also add an additional grab bar if you need it, although it will cost extra.

Note that the 115 and 215 walk-in tub models do not include the fast-fill faucet and handheld shower with your purchase. You’ll have to purchase them separately through your installer. The fast-fill faucet is an advantage for any walk-in tub user, because it shortens the tub’s fill time from 15 minutes to two minutes. And if you want a standing shower option, you can add the glide bar to your order. The glide bar attaches to the bathroom wall and serves as a mount for your hand-held shower, which is installed overhead for a walk-in tub and shower combination setup.

To upgrade your soaker walk-in tub, which doesn’t come with jets or extra features, to a therapeutic tub, you have a few options (but you’ll have to pay more). Whirlpool tubs use heated water jets to massage different body regions, like your neck and back, which promotes muscle recovery and soreness, according to research.2 When you upgrade, the Acrylic Luxury Series offers 13 adjustable water jets to target your neck, back, thighs, calves, and feet. If you want to soak your legs, you can isolate the lower body jets for a targeted foot and calf massage. Since jets accumulate grime over time, the tub includes a self-cleaning system that uses safe ozone gas to kill bacteria and eliminate mold.

You can also opt for the Air Spa for an extra fee, which inject thousands of tiny warm air bubbles through 26 air jets into your water. Air jets provide a more gentle massage compared to whirlpool therapy. These air-jetted walk-in tubs have a purge cycle, which ejects leftover water sitting inside the air jets after a bath to prevent bacteria build-up.

If you can’t choose between therapies, you can get both—but for a price. Listed between $12,254–$14,497, the combined therapy walk-in tub features whirlpool and air jets with an added chromotherapy feature. Chromotherapy uses LED lights to display colors during your bath. The wavelengths of the colors promote relaxation and mental wellness, and future research aims to explore how certain wavelengths can decrease bacteria growth and may even improve wound healing.3

Gelcoat Premium and Value Series

American Standard Gelcoat Premium Series walk-in tub

The Gelcoat Premium and Value Series consist of 178 walk-in tub models that start at $7,165, which is a lower starting point than the Acrylic Luxury Series. The downside of the gelcoat shell used in this tub series is it’s not as durable, although it can last 10–15 years with regular maintenance. If you’re looking for a more affordable choice, Gelcoat Premium and Value Series are worth considering.

Table 2 Comparison of American Standard Gelcoat Premium and Value Series walk-in tubs, as of April 2023

Walk-in tub typeSoakersWhirlpool (water jets)Air jetsCombination
Price range (before installation)*$7,165–$9,288$6,904–$10,988$7,425–$11,603$8,022–$12,366
Smallest dimensions (W inches x L inches)28 x 4828 x 4828 x 4828 x 48
Largest dimensions (W inches x L inches)32 x 6032 x 52 or 30 x 6032 x 52 or 30 x 6032 x 52 or 30 x 60
Threshold height (inches)5.25–65.25–65.25–65.25–6

*Installation can range between $1,000–$20,000

Gelcoat Premium Series walk-in tub features

The Gelcoat Premium Series consists of the 105 and 109 models. Both tub models come with the same standard and optional features, but note that you need to buy the fast-fill faucet and hand-held shower separately from the 105 model. If you opt to add whirlpool features, you’ll get 12–13 adjustable water jets with an ozone sanitation system to keep your bath clean. If you opt for the Air Spa, you’ll get 26 air jets for a relaxing, gentle massage. And if you want the combination of both water and air jets, you’ll also get LED colored lights for the chromotherapy experience. Both models come with cushioned neck rests to support and relax your neck during your bath.

Gelcoat Value Series walk-in tub features

The Gelcoat Value Series consists of the 309, 409, 509, and 709 models. All models include the fast-fill faucet and hand-held shower, so you won’t need to order either feature separately like you would with the Premium Series 105 model. The Value Series is about $1,000–$2,000 less than its Premium Series counterparts, but the trade-off means fewer standard luxury features. None of the Value Series walk-in tubs come with cushioned neck rests, self-cleaning systems, or chromotherapy. This series only comes with eight water jets and 21 air jets, depending on your therapy selection, which means your jets won’t target as many body regions.

Shared features

Both the Gelcoat Premium and Value Series offer tubs with partial seat transfers. Partial seat transfers make it easier for caregivers to transfer someone in and out of a tub, and they’re more accessible to wheelchair users who transfer from their wheelchair to the tub’s seat. These tubs have outward-swinging doors, which creates more room inside the tub, but it does require that your bathroom has enough free floor space to accommodate the door. The outward-swinging door also opens directly to the seat, so users don’t have to navigate around a wall to sit down. Unfortunately, the Gelcoat Premium and Value Series walk-in tub models are not fully accessible to wheelchair users because part of the tub wall is blocking the user from transferring to the seat smoothly.

For a better wheelchair accessible option, consider the Liberation Series.

American Standard Gelcoat Premium Series walk-in tub with a partial seat transfer, which shows an outward-swinging door with a larger passage into the seat.
American Standard Gelcoat Premium Series walk-in tub with a partial seat transfer, which shows an outward-swinging door with a larger passage into the seat.

Note that the warranty for Gelcoat Value and Premium Series walk-in tubs differ from the Acrylic Luxury Series. All series offer a lifetime warranty on the door seal, but the Gelcoat Value and Premium Series have a shorter tub shell and component warranty at 10 and five years, respectively. Considering that gelcoat materials are less durable than acrylic, the Gelcoat Value and Premium Series likely experience wear-and-tear sooner than the Acrylic Luxury Series, but you may not have coverage by the time your gelcoat tub needs repair.

Gelcoat Entry Series

American Standard Gelcoat Entry Series walk-in tub

The Gelcoat Entry Series consists of 20 walk-in tub models and is the most basic and affordable of all American Standard walk-in tub lines, especially if you’re looking for therapeutic features. Combination therapy walk-in tubs are priced between $5,819–$6,651, with the larger sizes priced about $6,000–$8,000 lower than the Acrylic Luxury, Gelcoat Premium, or Gelcoat Value Series.

The only soaker walk-in tub size is 30 inches by 52 inches, while the largest therapeutic tub is 2 inches narrower than other lines at 30 inches by 60 inches. Similar to the Gelcoat Premium and Value Series, this Gelcoat Entry Series also cuts cost by using a more affordable gelcoat material, but keep in mind that the warranty remains shorter than the acrylic models.

Table 3 Comparison of American Standard Gelcoat Entry Series walk-in tubs, as of April 2023

Walk-in tub typeSoakersWhirlpool (water jets)Air jetsCombination
Price range (before installation)*$5,202 $4,987–$5,782$5,320–$5,985$5,819–$6,651
Smallest dimensions (W inches x L inches)30 x 5228 x 4828 x 4828 x 48
Largest dimensions (W inches x L inches)30 x 5230 x 6030 x 6030 x 60
Threshold height (inches)6.756.756.756.75

*Installation can range between $1,000–$20,000

Gelcoat Entry Series walk-in tub features

Lower cost also means fewer features. The Gelcoat Entry Series does not have the quick drain system, which is a major disadvantage because your tub could take up to 15 minutes to fully drain. To avoid spillage into your bathroom, you’ll have to wait until the water drains below the 6.75-inch threshold to exit your tub.

This series only offers six single-speed water jets in total. Two are located at your back, and four are located toward your calves and feet. If you want to target more body regions, like your upper back or thighs, or if you want to adjust the jet intensity, you should opt for the Gelcoat Value or Premium Series or Acrylic Luxury Series instead. You also don’t get the self-cleaning system to blast bacteria out of your water jets, and there’s no in-line heater to help maintain warm water temperature during your bath. The air massage features 21 heated air jets, which is comparable to the Gelcoat Premium and Value Series.

You can get both whirlpool and air massage with the Gelocat Entry combination walk-in tub. There’s no chromotherapy included with this tub like the other series, but this might be a welcome trade-off for those who seek both water and air jets at a relatively low price.

Other American Standard walk-in tubs: the Liberation series

American Standard advertises an additional line of walk-in tubs called the Liberation Series, run by a sister company called Safety Tubs. The Liberation series offers several sizes ranging between 28 inches wide by 48 inches long and 32 inches wide by 60 inches long with a threshold height of 3–5 inches. Pricing is not transparent online, but a Reviews Team member received an in-home consultation with a free estimate of $14,120 before installation. Installation was an additional $3,000–$4,000 amounting to a total $17,400.

The American Standard Liberation Series walk-in tub
The American Standard Liberation Series walk-in tub

The Liberation Series walk-in tubs come with many standard features also found with the Acrylic Luxury Series, but it comes with more luxurious perks and therapeutic features. Unfortunately, you can’t pick just one therapy type—you must choose between the soaker or the combination tub.

The Liberation Series soaker tub comes with a grab bar, an anti-slip floor, a faucet, hand-held shower, neck pillow, and an extender kit if your tub is less than 60 inches long.

If you’re looking for all the bells and whistles, you can opt for the combination tub instead. It includes all of the soaker’s features, but also has the quick drain, heated and adjustable water and air jets, a self-cleaning system, a purge cycle function, and chromotherapy.

You can adjust all 44 jets (16 water jets and 28 air jets) from the wall-mounted illuminated jet controls. The jets are located at your feet, calves, thighs, back, and wrists for a full body massage. If you’d like to soak your feet, you can partially fill the tub and run the lower-body jets by turning a control dial located near your seat.

For maximum luxury, this tub is the only model that offers aromatherapy. Tubs with aromatherapy have capsules installed in the tub wall where you can insert essential oils. The capsule helps to evenly distribute essential oils into the bath. Be aware that dosing essential oils incorrectly can result in skin irritation or toxicity, according to the National Capital Poison Center.4 Used correctly, research shows that aromatherapy can help ease stress, promote relaxation, and even improve sleep patterns.5

See the image of the Liberation model’s information booklet, opened to the page listing many of the tub’s features and components.

An information booklet shows a diagram of the Liberation model tub with all its components and features.
An information booklet shows a diagram of the Liberation model tub with all its components and features.

Both the soaker tub and the combination tub are available with inward- or outward-swinging doors to suit your mobility and bathroom requirements. If you’re looking for a wheelchair-accessible tub, the Liberation outward-swinging model offers a fully accessible design compared to the Premium and Value Series. The door opens to an unobstructed seat, so you can smoothly transfer from your wheelchair to the tub’s seat.

The Liberation Series outward-swinging door has no obstruction to the seat, allowing smooth wheelchair transfers.
The Liberation Series outward-swinging door has no obstruction to the seat, allowing smooth wheelchair transfers.

You also have a choice between acrylic or gelcoat material, depending on the model, according to online specification sheets. Despite not having many therapeutic options, you do get some choices on the tub’s features.

Although a shower package is not explicitly advertised online, you do have the option to add it to your purchase for $500. The shower package includes a wall-mounted glide bar, which serves as a mount for your handheld shower to be installed over your head as a standing shower option. It also includes a curtain track with curtains to enclose your space. For an added cost, you can also have bath walls installed to protect your existing walls from damage.

To book your free in-home consultation, use the form on the American Standard website dedicated to the Liberation series. During your consultation, an expert evaluates your home, takes measurements, determines which product and features are most appropriate, and provides an estimate.

American Standard customer service and reviews

Before digging into service and reviews, it’s important to highlight the American Standard website browsing process. The Reviews Team found the website to be disorganized and confusing with little guidance from customer support. Here’s what we learned, so you know where to look.

The main source of product listings and technical information can be found on the American Standard website. This includes specification sheets on each series and model. But the tubs are not available for online purchase. Customer support told us that they do not hold each product in stock—Instead, in-home consultants order the tub after purchase. For more information, customer support directed the Reviews Team to an alternative customer support line that caters specifically to walk-in tubs.

When we called the alternative customer support line, they couldn’t answer any product questions and were impatient when we asked about product offerings, shipping times, and the purchase process. Their sole role was to schedule appointments for a secondary website called American Standard Walk-In Tubs, which is supported by the American Standard affiliate company Safety Tubs. This site only offers information on the Liberation model, excluding pricing. You would need to book an in-home consultation to get a free estimate on the tub.

Read about our in-home consultation experience with American Standard Walk-In Tubs.

Customer support

Here’s how you can contact customer support at American Standard:

Phone: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET.


Online chat: Available on the American Standard website only, but it does not answer questions regarding walk-in tubs

It’s best to contact American Standard via phone. When the Reviews Team called, there were no wait times. But our interactions with customer support were limited. They were unhelpful in offering product information and insisted that we book an in-home consultation for specifics.

Customer reviews

American Standard has a good reputation on Trustpilot, with 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 13 customer reviews. About 77% are five-star reviews, and positive comments praised a stress-free purchase process and quick installation. There’s only one one-star review that mentioned poor customer service.

The brand’s walk-in tubs has a separate profile on Trustpilot with 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 768 reviews. While most reviews are five stars and report a positive experience during the installation and repair process, the seven most recent reviews disagreed. A few stated that the salesperson who performed in-home consultations didn’t understand the product and offered little advice. Others mentioned installation mistakes leading to faulty jets and drains. American Standard Walk-In Tubs replies to negative reviews within 24 hours, so the brand is active in resolving complaints.

Home improvement stores offer ratings for many tub models that they carry. The American Standard walk-in tubs at Home Depot have at least three stars, but most are rated above four stars. Positive and negative reviews report conflicting experiences during the installation process, similar to the ones found on the brand’s walk-in tub Trustpilot profile.

Lowe’s displays ratings on a few American Standard walk-in tubs, but not many. Most ratings are above three stars, and reviews tell stories describing how the tub helped improve their bathroom accessibility. A few Gelcoat Value Series walk-in tubs received one- and two-star reviews for faulty fixtures after installation, like a stuck faucet handle.

“Install crew was on time, did not make a mess and completed the shower in one day. We were very happy with the install.”


“I’ve had my tub for over a year now and have had nothing but trouble with the faucet supplied with the tub. The lever that works the hand held shower is impossible to move, I’ve had it replaced by AS and installed by local independent contractor. Plumber and it still does not work. It’s hard to fill up a tub when you just have water coming from the hand held shower. Very bad faucet design.”


How much do American Standard walk-in tubs cost?

American Standard walk-in tubs cost between $5,202–$14,497 before installation, depending on the size and therapy type. Soakers tend to be the most affordable, while combination tubs sit higher in the price range. Shop at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s before shopping online if you’re looking for American Standard tubs with low starting prices.

If you’re interested in the Acrylic Luxury Series, expect to pay between $9,140–$14,497 before installation. The Gelcoat Value and Premium Series walk-in tubs are $7,165–$12,366, which are slightly less expensive due to the less durable material. The most affordable tub is the Gelcoat Entry Series, which ranges between $5,202–$6,651 but offers the fewest perks. If you’re looking for the most luxurious American Standard walk-in tub, opt for the Liberation Series, but you need to book an in-home consultation to get your specific price. For reference, our Reviews Team member received an estimate of $14,120 for the tub plus an additional $3,280 for installation for a 32-inch-wide, 58-inch-long tub space.

Will insurance cover my American Standard walk-in tub?

Private and government-funded insurance rarely covers the cost of a walk-in tub because they’re not listed as covered durable medical equipment by original Medicare. Medicare Part B and Medicare Advantage (Part C) are more likely to cover a walk-in tub if it’s deemed medically necessary by your doctor.

According to Brittany Ferri, an occupational therapist based in Rochester, New York, Medicare is more likely to cover a walk-in tub if other solutions are not an option, like using a portable shower chair. Insurance plan policies vary, so call just in case they offer partial coverage in your circumstance.

Medicaid offers funding opportunities, although they vary among plans and states. For example, you can apply for Home and Community Based Services waivers if you have cognitive and physical needs that qualify for assistance. Call your local Medicaid office to see how you can qualify for a waiver. They may also provide additional opportunities depending on your state.

How to save on an American Standard walk-in tub

If insurance doesn’t cover your walk-in tub, there are other ways to lower the cost, like shopping in home improvement stores, searching for local programs, financing, and looking for deals.

Shop your local home improvement store

Home improvement stores, like Home Depot and Lowe’s, offer American Standard walk-in tubs at a significantly lower cost. For example, the American Standard website lists the Acrylic Luxury Series soaker starting at $9,140. If you look at the Lowes website, the same tub starts at $5,509.

Don’t limit your search to American Standard tubs on home improvements store websites. Both Home Depot and Lowe’s list Safety Tubs as a separate walk-in tub brand, despite it being an affiliated company. Many Safety Tub models are identical to the American Standard Gelcoat Entry Series. For example, this Safety Tub with combined therapies has the same product description and spec sheet as its American Standard counterpart for more than $2,000 less.

Local programs

You can try using online tools, like NCOA’s BenefitsCheckUp, to see what’s available in your area by entering your ZIP code and selecting the assistance you need.

Contact your local area agency on aging or center for independent living to learn what’s available in your community. “One [resource] is the Section 504 Home Repair Program, which is a good option for those in rural areas who may not have access to contractors and other professionals otherwise,” said Ferri. This program is also known as the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Rural Repair and Rehabilitation grants and loans, which can also help cover costs of major home modifications.

Programs such as Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity, and other local programs are available in many parts of the country that help low-income older adults and people with disabilities purchase and install walk-in tubs.

If you’re not sure what you need to accommodate your mobility needs, also consider an evaluation by a physical or occupational therapist. You can find occupational therapists with home modification experience at the Home Modification Occupational Therapy Alliance. They can help you decide if a walk-in tub is best for you and what customizations are worth purchasing. Or they may offer alternatives that are more effective and affordable.


American Standard Walk-In Tubs currently offers 12-month, no-interest financing with at least 10% down, but your total purchase must be more than $10,000. Be aware that your monthly interest rate will jump to 17.99% for any leftover balance after the 12-month period. You must apply for financing at checkout with an American Standard representative.

If you purchase your walk-in tub from Home Depot or Lowe’s, they offer financing opportunities that may work for you. You can apply to Home Depot’s financing partner, Citibank, before starting your checkout process. Lowe’s partners with Synchrony, which also lets you apply as you browse with less pressure to commit.

USDA funds

The U.S. Department of Agriculture offers Rural Repair and Rehabilitation grants and loans to help low-income people who don’t qualify for other financing to modernize and upgrade their homes, including the addition of walk-in tubs. You can visit their website to find out more details and fill out an application.

Other ways to save

You can find deals on new and used American Standard walk-in tubs on Amazon and Ebay, but be careful shopping on these sites. Make sure the tub is in excellent condition before purchasing, as you will not have warranty coverage if something malfunctions. You’ll also have to contract your own installer, so you’re responsible for coordinating tub arrival with installation.

When shopping at retailers, don’t forget to ask about available discounts. For example, Home Depot offers a 10% discount for active military duty on purchases up to $400 per calendar year. You just have to register online and verify your status to receive your discount.

To learn more ways to save, read our article about walk-in tub prices and ways to cover cost.


American Standard has different warranties for each series. The Liberation Series comes with the longest and most comprehensive warranty, offering lifetime coverage on the bath, installation, and labor, so long as it’s installed by an American Standard professional.

The Acrylic Luxury Series is backed by a lifetime warranty on the door and seal, but the tub’s shell is covered for only 15 years. Other components, like the drain, faucets, and hand-held shower, are covered for 10 years.

The Gelcoat Premium, Value, and Entry Series walk-in tubs all have the same warranty. They come with a lifetime warranty on the door and seal similar to the Acrylic Luxury Series, but the tub’s shell is covered for 10 years while other components are covered for only five years.

How to buy an American Standard walk-in tub

You cannot buy an American Standard walk-in tub from the brand’s website. Instead, you must book an in-home consultation through American Standard Walk-In tubs by contacting customer support. American Standard will send an expert to evaluate the home, offer a free quote, and help you schedule installation if you move forward with your purchase.

American Standard walk-in tubs are also sold at Home Depot and Lowe’s. They offer in-home consultations if you need it, but it’s not a necessary part of the purchase process as long as you measure your space accurately. But our Reviews Team recommends scheduling an in-home consultation to avoid any errors. Home Depot or Lowe’s also offer installation services, or you can hire your own contractor to install it.

If you’re looking for the lowest price possible, you could try your luck on Amazon and Ebay. Make sure the tub’s features aren’t damaged before you buy—you won’t have warranty coverage if the tub doesn’t function properly after you install it. And be sure to consider shipping fees and damage during the shipping process.

American Standard free in-home consultation

One Reviews Team member called American Standard Walk-In Tubs to schedule an in-home consultation for her father. It took less than five minutes to book through the appointment line (888-758-9701). The support agent was clear on instructions and collected the Reviews Team member’s name, phone number, and address to schedule the consultation with a local expert. Two days prior to the appointment, the Reviews Team member received a call to confirm the appointment.

The expert, or “Safety Specialist,” arrived at the home 10 minutes early to begin their evaluation. They started in the bathroom to look at the space and take pictures. They did not take measurements, but they did document where plumbing was located in the space. The Safety Specialist said that the bathroom looked like the right size for their Liberation walk-in tub model. For reference, the most narrow passageway in the bathroom is about 26 inches.

The Reviews Team member’s bathroom that was evaluated for a walk-in tub
The Reviews Team member’s bathroom that was evaluated for a walk-in tub

We asked the Safety Specialist about the other American Standard models, but they told us that other models are sold at Lowe’s and Home Depot without the manufacturer-direct price that they could offer. They didn’t show us any other walk-in tub models.

The Safety Specialist gave the Reviews Team member’s father a Lifestyle Evaluation form to gather information about the home, his ailments, and his fall history. When the Reviews Team member asked about the purpose of the evaluation, the Safety Specialist responded that it helps them determine if her father could benefit from the tub.

As they went through the evaluation, they linked some of the answers to the walk-in tub’s benefits. For example, the Reviews Team member’s father has an old ankle injury, so the foot-only massage could help ease soreness at the end of the day, according to the Safety Specialist. See the full questionnaire in the image below.

The Safety Specialist used a Lifestyle Evaluation sheet to help our Reviews Team member’s father understand his needs.
The Safety Specialist used a Lifestyle Evaluation sheet to help our Reviews Team member’s father understand his needs.

Following the evaluation, the Safety Specialist presented a slideshow that discussed different features of the tub and its benefits, like the calming effects of hydrotherapy and aromatherapy.

Our estimate was based on the Liberation walk-in tub with the shower package. We received four prices: the full retail value, the 30-day price, a price for same-day purchase, and a cash price if we pay upfront.

The Price Worksheet listed four estimated prices or an estimated monthly cost if we finance.
The Price Worksheet listed four estimated prices or an estimated monthly cost if we finance.

The full retail value included the tub ($14,120), the shower package ($500), and installation ($3,280). Since there was a special discount and we didn’t need a water heater upgrade, the Safety Specialist subtracted $1,500 for a new total of $16,500 if we bought the tub within 30 days. If we purchased the tub that day, we would receive 50% off installation, with a new total of $14,760. And if we didn’t finance, our cash price would be $14,260.

The Safety Specialist didn’t push us toward a decision that day. They left us with the price worksheet (pictured above), their card, and an information booklet featuring the Liberation tub. They told us to expect a follow-up call from customer support and to call the number on the card if we wanted to purchase the tub.

Our overall experience was positive, but it lacked options. Although the Safety Specialist was kind, the Reviews Team member and her father had unanswered questions regarding other tub options with American Standard.

Purchase and installation

After the in-home consultation, the Reviews Team member received several calls from customer service the following business day. They asked how we felt about the consultation and if we were ready to purchase. Since our consultation was for this review, we didn’t move forward with the purchase process.

If you agree on your walk-in tub’s price and terms, an American Standard representative or your Safety Specialist will work with you to schedule an installation appointment. During this appointment, installers will remove the old tub (for a fee of about $1,000) and replace it with your new walk-in tub. The entire installation process takes about one to two days, but timing depends on the extent of the job. Extensive renovations and additional plumbing and electrical rerouting could extend installation time.

Once installation is complete, your installer will teach you how to use and care for your walk-in tub. They will also review warranty information and answer last minute questions before you enjoy your new bathroom.

Bottom Line

American Standard offers five different series of walk-in tubs that range between $5,202–$14,497 before installation, depending on the size and therapy type.

The American Standard Walk-In Tubs website offers the Liberation Series with a lifetime warranty on the tub, its components, and labor. To get a quote, you need to book an in-home consultation. Our quoted price was $14,120 for the tub and $3,280 for installation.

You can find other series on the American Standard website, Home Depot, or Lowe’s, depending on the model. The Acrylic Luxury Series is made of durable acrylic and offers lengthy warranty coverage on all tub features, although it’s the most expensive, starting at $9,140 for a soaker tub. The Gelcoat Entry Series is the most affordable but least durable option, starting at $5,202 for a soaker tub. Looking for compromise? The Gelcoat Premium and Value Series start at $7,165 with a long warranty and plenty of features to fit your needs.

When shopping for a walk-in tub you can cut costs by exploring financing options and shopping for discounts. Unfortunately, insurance companies rarely cover the cost of a walk-in tub.

Frequently Asked Questions

American Standard walk-in tubs cost between $5,202–$14,497, depending on the size and therapy type. Soakers tend to be the most affordable while tubs with both whirlpool jets and air jets sit higher in the price range. Shop your local Home Depot or Lowe’s home improvement stores for affordable options.

Walk-in tub installation can range between $1,000–$20,000, depending on the extent of your renovation. During our in-home consultation, our estimated installation cost was $3,280, which included the removal of old fixtures.

You can find American Standard walk-in tubs on the American Standard website and its sister domain called American Standard Walk-In Tubs. Also try shopping at your local home improvement store, like Home Depot and Lowe’s, for select models at a lower cost. Amazon and Ebay have American Standard walk-in tubs, but buying from these platforms will void any warranty coverage.

American Standard walk-in tubs are made in Texas, but the main headquarters is located in Piscataway, New Jersey.

Medicare rarely covers walk-in tubs because it does not qualify as covered DME. You can look into company discounts, financing options, and government funding opportunities through the USDA.

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