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Sep 27, 2023
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Check out all the current medical alert discounts in one place.
Written by: Emily Breaux

Our Reviews Team reviews products and services to help you age safely and comfortably in your community. We’ve spent more than 1,000 hours researching, mystery shopping, and testing medical alert systems to help you or your care recipient find the right safety device.

Below, find exclusive NCOA discounts and the most current promotions available.

Medical Alert System promo codes

Promo Code: NCOA
Discount: $50 off MGMini
Conditions: Only for first service month
Our Top Pick
Promo Code: NCOA
Discount: Free lockbox with any plan ($29.95 value)

Current medical alert system discounts

We know the cost of medical alert systems quickly adds up, so we want to help make them as affordable as possible. Our Reviews Team has compiled a list of NCOA-exclusive discounts and other current promotions here.

Medical Guardian promo codes

The following promo codes are available for Medical Guardian:

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NCOA-Exclusive Code: $50 off MGMini with promo code ‘NCOA’

For all other Medical Guardian promotions, you can use the promo code online or over the phone. If ordering online, enter the promo code on the billing information page during checkout. Tell your sales representative the promo code when ordering your medical alert system over the phone.

When the promo code is for top-selling devices, it’s only for certain packages. You’ll need to call Medical Guardian at 800-668-9200 to find out which devices are eligible for the discount.

LifeFone discount code: NCOA

The following promotion is currently available for LifeFone:

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NCOA-Exclusive Code: Free lockbox with any plan ($29.95 value) with promo code ‘NCOA’

Enter the coupon code on the checkout page at the bottom right after you’ve entered your payment information. You can also tell the LifeFone sales representative the code if ordering over the phone.

Upcoming promotions

Many medical alert system sales occur during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’ll feature specific promos here once they’re available.

How we find medical alert system promos and coupon codes

We’ve developed rewarding partnerships with multiple brands by testing and reviewing the best medical alert systems and fall detection devices.

How is this helpful for you? Many partners offer our readers exclusive discounts, and they notify us as soon as new promo codes and discounts are available to share with you.

Last year, NCOA helped readers save an estimated $70,000 on medical alert systems per month. We are proud to support our mission to improve the lives of millions of older adults, especially those facing hardships, by making medical alert systems more accessible and affordable to our readers.

Frequently asked questions

Medical Guardian, Bay Alarm Medical, and MobileHelp are the three highest-rated medical alert systems chosen by our Reviews Team. The best medical alert system for you or your care recipient depends on your budget, caregiver needs, activity level, and other factors that vary for each user.

Yes, AARP members receive a 15% discount on Lifeline medical alert system monthly monitoring fees, plus free activation and shipping. AARP also offers 15% off invisaWear safety devices and 15% off optional professional monitoring through ADT.

The MobileHelp Classic (usually $19.95 per month) is the least expensive medical alert system for older adults. You can get it for $16.95 per month with the code “NCOA.”

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