Erectile Dysfunction Platforms Review Methodology

How we research and test erectile dysfunction platforms

To evaluate online erectile dysfunction platforms, we researched 26 brands and compared them on key factors like medications offered, costs, shipping options, provider consultations, intake questionnaires, and if they accepted insurance. We then surveyed 300 people, all over the age of 54 who had recently used an online ED platform, to better understand their experiences and concerns. Next, we conducted a focus group interview with eight online ED users to gather more detailed information about their experience with the process of signing up and receiving a prescription online.

To learn more about erectile dysfunction and available treatments, we interviewed a number of experts in the field, including doctors of internal medicine, urologists, pharmacists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and sexologists A specialist who studies human sexual behavior. . We also read over 100 academic journal articles on common erectile dysfunction medications to make sure we knew how they worked and the possible side effects readers should be aware of.

How we rank and review ED products and providers

To test and review erectile dysfunction platforms, we looked at these specific factors. We weighted these factors according to feedback from our survey, focus group, and interviews with experts.

Here are the details we take into account when reviewing these platforms:

Costs for medications and consultations (20% of total score): We looked to see if brands made pricing information available before signing up and compared the costs per pill for each type of medication.

Live consultations (15% of total score): We looked for brands that either required or offered live consultations with a provider. We noted whether these were video visits with a provider or if they were chat consultations on the platform.

Health questionnaire (13% of total score): Our team completed each brand’s initial health questionnaire to learn what questions they asked and what information they collected. We specifically looked for questions about other medications you are taking and if you have cardiovascular risk factors.

Name brand and generic medications available (13% of total score): We examined the ED medications each brand offered to see if they prescribed reputable and commonly used medications, including PDE5 inhibitors like sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis). We also looked for brands that offer generic versions of medications.

Ability to message prescriber through the platform: (12% of total score): We looked to see if users could message their prescriber directly on the platform with any questions or concerns about their medication.

Ability to get a prescription through the platform (12% of total score): While we recommend you see your health care provider in person first to determine if ED medications are appropriate for you, platforms that can prescribe medication make it easy to get your medication once you determine it is safe to take.

Shipping options and cost (10% of total score): It’s important to know your ED medication will be delivered in a discreet and timely manner. We evaluated the shipping costs, times, and packaging for each brand.

Customer service (5% of total score): We tested each brand to see how responsive and helpful their customer service was when we had questions. Brands that offered multiple ways to contact customer service, like online chat, email, and phone, scored higher.