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Join the National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC)


Join or renew online or call 1-800-373-4906

Annual membership fee: $145 

Annual membership to NCOA's National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC) covers everyone who works for your organization at one location. For information on multi-site membership discounts, please call 1-800-373-4906 or contact Member Services.

If you're a business or consultant, join as a NISC Business Affiliate at the same price.

Four Good Reasons to Join NISC Now!

1. NISC is the only national organization solely focused on the needs of senior center professionals.

NISC leadership, senior center professionals, and NCOA staff work in partnership to address the issues that are most important to you. NCOA’s advocacy team ensures that your concerns are heard on Capitol Hill.

As a NISC Member, you will receive NCOA Week and Senior Center Voice—concise e-newsletters focused on the issues you care about, including policies that affect funding, grants and awards you can apply for, and best practices you can adapt for your center.

2. NISC is setting the standard for the future of senior centers.

Building Excellence—the national standards manual for senior centers is available to NISC members at no cost—a $150 value. Use it to do your own self-assessment or as a guide to becoming a national accredited senior center.

Find out how other centers are preparing for the future. Download the New Models of Senior Centers Final Report—eight emerging models and 16 case studies of highly successful senior centers. The report is a NISC member-only benefit.

3. Your next big idea may come from halfway across the country.

When you join NISC, you're instantly connected to a national network of professional support and innovative solutions. Ask for help, share an opinion, or get your next big idea on the Crossroads online community—where senior center professionals go to talk.

NISC webinars provide a virtual tour of what’s working at other centers across the country and bring experts in the field directly to your desktop.

4. Join NISC for the money you’ll save.

Just one member benefit—the National Standards Manual, discounts on conference registration or accreditation program fees, or Cellular Recycler earnings—could save you more than the cost of NISC membership.

One good idea shared in Senior Center Voice, on a NISC webinar, or on Crossroads online community could save your center a lot more money.

Benefits of NISC Membership

  • Building Excellence—Senior Center Self-Assessment & National Accreditation Manual
  • National Senior Center Accreditation discount
  • Crossroads online community
  • Public policy updates and advocacy
  • NCOA Week and Senior Center Voice e-newsletters
  • Educational webinars
  • Senior Center Month marketing kit
  • New Models of Senior Centers Report
  • Senior Center Research & Promising Practices Library
  • Conference discounts
  • Aging in Stride consumer newsletter content
  • Cellular Recycler revenue opportunity
  • Motion Picture Licensing Agreement discount
  • Community education program materials and training
  • Networking and leadership opportunities


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4 Good Reasons


Why you should join NISC today!

1. Get information and resources
2. Access national standards
3. Find innovative ideas
4. Save money