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Public Policy & Action

There's strength in numbers. We bring the voices of older adults—especially the vulnerable and disadvantaged—and the organizations that serve them to Washington to protect and strengthen programs that work.

The Latest in Public Policy & Action

10 Ways the Ryan Budget Could Harm Older Americans

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote this week on a budget resolution from House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) that could significantly harm our nation’s seniors, particularly millions struggling to make ends meet.

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War on Poverty Still Critical for Vulnerable Seniors

NCOA today praised the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging for holding a hearing on gains in senior income security since President Lyndon Johnson declared War on Poverty in the 1960s—but emphasized that the job is far from over.

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President’s Budget a Mixed Bag for Senior Programs

President Obama’s FY15 budget proposal, released March 4, includes a variety of program cuts plus investments intended to promote opportunity and growth. See what's included for the Older Americans Act, Medicare, Social Security, and other programs affecting seniors.

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House Kicks Off OAA Reauthorization Process

A House Subcommittee held a hearing Feb. 11 on the basics of the Older Americans Act to kick off reauthorization . Experts shared their insights on the history and local realities of the OAA, including an NCOA-recommended senior center director. Rep. Gibson (R-NY), who introduced a bipartisan bill to raise awareness and advance the process, noted key national organizations advocating for reauthorization, including NCOA.

New Ways to Share An Age for Justice

An Age for Justice, a video that helps communities raise awareness of the silent crisis of elder abuse, is now available three ways—via live streaming, download, or by purchase on DVD. A downloadable screening guide can help you host an event.

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Public Policy Priorities

See the issues we're fighting for in the 113th Congress, including the budget, Older Americans Act, and long-term services and supports.