Falls Prevention
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Falls Prevention


One in three community-dwelling persons over the age of 65 falls each year, and this number increases to one in two by the age of 80.  Fall-related injuries are often serious enough to result in hospitalization and even premature death; moreover, persons who fall often face significant declines in mobility and independence. 

Community Programs

We help community organizations offer proven programs that reduce the fear of falling and help prevent falls.  Explore the programs.

Falls Free® Initiative

The Falls Free® Initiative is a national effort led by NCOA to address the growing public health issue of falls and fall-related injuries and deaths in older adults.

The initiative includes a National Action Plan; National Falls Free® Coalition; State Coalitions on Fall Prevention Workgroup; numerous advocacy, awareness, and educational initiatives; and community infrastructure building to reduce falls among the elderly.  Learn more about the Falls Free® Initiative.

How NCOA Helps

NCOA’s Center for Healthy Aging leads the Falls Free® Initiative, a national network dedicated to reducing the number of falls among older adults.  The Center has partnered with PHI to develop the free Falls Prevention Awareness Training for home health care workers. Learn more about NCOA's role in Falls Prevention.

Tools and Resources

Explore materials related to falls prevention.





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Falls Day


Falls Prevention Awareness Day
Join our national celebration on the first day of fall every September.

Find a State Falls Coalition
Contact your state coalition and get involved in falls prevention! Find information and contacts in our searchable map.