Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Day 2 of the 2017 Benefits Enrollment Conference

The following are presentations and resources from the second day of the 2017 Benefits Enrollment Conference hosted by NCOA’s Center for Benefits Access.

(For sessions where presenters submitted their slides separately, click on the individual’s name to view presentation. Names/sessions without links did not include presentations. All files are PDF format unless otherwise noted.)

Breakfast Plenary

Update on LI NET

Early Morning Breakout Sessions

Late Morning Breakout Sessions

Lunch Plenary Session

State of the Union

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Afternoon Plenary Session

Getting the Message Right: Moving from Benefits Education to Enrollment

Sean Dryden, Perry-Undem
Becca Marcus, Katie Andriulli, and Kathryn Frazier, M+R
Dawn Kepler, Elder Law of Michigan
Elizabeth Levine, LiveOn NY
Vivian Barton, SARPC AAA

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