July 2017

Apply now for the evidence-based program review

Apply for inclusion on the Administration for Community Living (ACL) approved list of evidence-based health promotion programs. Approved programs satisfy criteria for Older Americans Act Title III-D support and funding opportunities through ACL.

Letters of intent due Aug. 18 

Explore and customize new CDSME marketing and recruitment templates

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View our ready-to-use marketing and recruitment materials, in English and Spanish, designed to promote the Chronic Disease Self-Management Education (CDSME) programs. The messages, photographs, and images were updated based on focus groups of professionals implementing evidence-based programs across the county, older adults, and adults with disabilities.


2017 Falls Free® Photo and Story Contest

Men and woman participating in a falls prevention workshop.

NCOA is looking for high quality, positive images of older adults engaged in a variety of falls prevention activities, such as evidence-based falls prevention classes. Each photo entry must be accompanied by a brief story that describes the photo and its falls prevention significance. The contest winners will be awarded prizes, and their photos and stories will be used to increase awareness about falls prevention.

Submit by Aug. 25

U.S. House of Representatives moving forward with FY18 funding

The House Appropriations Committee has approved all 12 annual appropriations bills for FY18. Four are slated for floor debate next week, but future action on the remaining bills, including the Labor-HHS-Education measure that funds healthy aging programs, is uncertain. The bill level-funds ACL falls prevention initiatives at $5 million and also level-funds Centers for Disease Control (CDC) falls prevention at $2.05 million, counter to the Administration’s proposal to eliminate funding. The bill does adopt the Administration proposal to cut ACL CDSME funding from $8 million to $5 million (37.5% cut). Watch upcoming NCOA Week editions for information on how you can help NCOA educate Congress about these important programs.

Review our CDSME and falls prevention toolkit for more information

New programs approved through the Falls Prevention Program Review Council

The National Falls Prevention Resource Center is pleased to announce that three programs were recently approved by the Evidenced-Based Falls Prevention Program Review Council for inclusion on the pre-approved list for future falls prevention discretionary funding opportunities through ACL. The programs include CAPABLE, Fit and Strong!, and EnhanceFitness. These programs meet the highest level criteria established by ACL for evidence-based programs funded through the Older Americans Act (OAA) Title III-D for Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Services.

CAPABLE | EnhanceFitness | Fit & Strong!

Dr. Kate Lorig discusses CDSME at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Listen to this recording of Dr. Kate Lorig’s director’s lecture at the NIH. She discusses the effectiveness of low cost self-management interventions for reducing symptoms and improving quality of life. The role of self-efficacy as a predictor and moderator of outcomes is also explored.


New! Falls prevention resources for older adults and caregivers

Explore this compilation of resources that can be shared with older adults and caregivers in your community to empower them to prevent falls. Resource links include educational brochures, tip sheets, videos, blogs, exercise and physical activity guidebooks, motivational flyers, success stories, and more.

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