Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) & Medicare

This fact sheet explains the considerations that need to be made by people who contribute to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) prior to first enrolling in Medicare. These considerations are especially important in order to avoid penalties that incur if an individual contributes to an HSA during a time when he/she has retroactive Part A.

MAGI Medicaid to Medicare Q&A

This document highlights questions and answers that arose from the February 2016 webinar, Helping Your MAGI Medicaid Clients Transition to Medicare.

Helping Your MAGI Medicaid Clients Transition to Medicare

This February 2016 webinar from the Medicare Rights Center explains how to help those who received Medicaid expansion benefits transition to Medicare and identify whether they can get help paying for their Medicare costs.

Finding Medicare Answers When You Need Them

This webinar recording from January 2016 discusses the different Medicare authority resources, and how to search for answers to complex questions related to benefits coverage and payments.

La transición de MAGI Medicaid a Medicare

This Spanish flyer explains how people with Medicaid (especially those who receive it through the Marketplace) transition to Medicare when they turn 65, and what happens to assess their ongoing eligibility for Medicaid benefits.